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What are corner protector types, and how do you select a suitable corner protector?


Corner protectors, also known as edge protectors or V boards, are mainly used to secure goods from damage during transportation. They can also provide safety to goods in storage facilities. Corner protectors are also designed to reinforce the damageable edges of products and ensure their safe transit until they arrive at the destination. A good corner protector must be flexible, lightweight, weather-resistant, and stackable. There are many types of plastic corner protector available in the market.

What Is a Plastic Corner or Edge Protector?

Edge protectors are the best and most effective way to protect the corners of the products during the storage or transportation process. It is a surface protector made with durable and weather-resistant material like plastic. On the market, foam and cardboard corner protectors are also available. In simple terms, a corner guard is a surface protector that is shaped at an angle of 90 degrees in order to facilitate easy installation on corners. The design of the corner protector allows the corner of your product to easily handle the impact of transportation by reducing pressure. As well as distributing the product’s weight evenly, it contributes to the safety and security of its transportation. There are multiple types of corner protectors available in the market. Some of the significant kinds of corner protectors are as follows:

Types of Corner Protector

  1. Cardboard Corner Protector
  2. Plastic Corner Protectors
  3. Foam Corner Protectors
  4. V-Boards Corner Protectors
  5. Steel Corner Protectors
  6. Flexible Rubber Corner Protector
  7. Wear Sleeves
  8. Friction Pads

 The details of each type of corner protector are as follows:

1. Cardboard Corner Protector

This is the most common type of corner protector that is used for products during transportation. Cardboard protectors are helpful for fragile loads and can also be used to balance pallet loads. These corner protectors are popular due to the following reasons:

  • Versatility
  • Recyclability
  • Affordability
  • Cheap price
  • Flexibility

You can find different sizes of cardboard edge protectors that fit your requirements. These protectors are also very flexible, as you can easily change their shapes according to your product dimensions and size.

2. Plastic Corner Protector

If you require a highly durable and moisture-resistant corner protector for outdoor use, then plastic corner protectors are the best choice. They are also available in different sizes, allowing you to choose according to your products. You can also save lots of money by using plastic corner protectors because they are cheap and can be used for a long time. 

3. Foam Corner Protector

If you want to move fragile and sensitive product that requires high-end cushioning and shock absorption, then a foam corner protector must be the first choice for you. You can save your load/ products from the following damages:

  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Other minor damages

These types of protectors also give you ease in moulding and cutting, making sure you can get high protection around the edges. 

4. V-Boards Corner Protector

V-Boards edge protectors are made with two plastic surface joints at a 90-degree angle. Other materials can also be used to make these protectors. This type of edge protection is used to protect loads against straps. You can install these types of protectors very quickly, and they are available at a cheap price. 

5. Steel Corner Protector

Steel corner protectors are the most rigid protectors used to tackle heavy chains. You can’t use any other type of protector when chains are involved in securing the load during transportation. 

6. Flexible Rubber Corner Protector

In this type of corner protector, small rubber patches are used to protect different products. These protectors are not made at a standard 90-degree angle. You can’t use these protectors with chains. 

7. Wear Sleeve edge protectors.

Protecting webbing on trailers and reducing wear and tear are two of the benefits of wearing sleeves. Rubber wear sleeves protect ratchet straps from excessive wear. Wearing sleeves is also recommended for your webbing straps. Abrasion resistance is provided by wearing sleeves over the webbing. In addition, they are easily adjustable on the fly.

Truckers can keep plenty of corner protectors on hand at all times since they are inexpensive. Also, they contribute to the protection of cargo, tarps, straps, and chains on trucks. A trucker can’t do their job without them.

8. Friction Pads

A friction pad serves as a type of corner protector used between a coil and a tarp in order to reduce stress and abrasion. Additionally, steel tarps can be extended in their practical life by using them. Load shifting during transit can be reduced by using friction pads for coil loads.

In the case of coil loads, a friction pad is the ideal solution. The material is positioned between the coil and the tarp in order to minimize abrasion and stress. Friction pads can significantly extend steel tarps.

How To Choose the Right Corner Protector For Your Loads?

You can choose the suitable corner protector for your loads by keeping in mind the following points:

  1. First of all, you must know about the weight and fragility level of the products that need to be transported. If the load to be transported is heavier, then you must select robust and thicker corner protection like plastic or steel corner protectors.
  2. The transportation process also dramatically impacts the selection of edge protectors. 
  3. Last but not least, the measurement and the size of your load are also essential factors in selecting the suitable corner protector. 

Final Words

Corner protectors are the most essential things in the safe transportation of your goods and products. You must select appropriate corner protectors by keeping in mind the size, weight, and transportation process. It is essential to save your money and time during the transportation process.

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