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5 Cool Modern Designs for a Small House Exterior


Did you know that the tiny home market is set to grow by 3.33 billion during 2021-2025? If you are working on your own tiny house and looking to make the home exterior more modern, you might feel overwhelmed.

In the world of architecture and design, size doesn’t dictate style. Even with a small house, you can create a striking contemporary exterior that reflects your taste and makes a lasting impression.

Here are five cool modern designs to inspire your small house exterior transformation.

1. Simple and Modern

Modern home looks do not mean that the home has to be extravagant. You can add simple cedar wood siding slabs as accents either around the door windows or both. If a few steps lead up to the door, we recommend adding cable and wood railing to tie in the wood elements and keep the modern yet simple look going.

A custom security door can also be added to your home to ensure your family and belongings are kept as secure as possible.

2. Chic and Minimalist

Many are embracing the beauty of simplicity, so why not add a chic look to your home style? The best way to make it chic and minimalistic at the same time is to use neutral colours and clean lines. The key is to use geometric shapes that help create an uncluttered yet sophisticated look.

You can also incorporate large windows, sleek finishes, and flat roofs. Some popular sleek finishes include metal siding or smooth stucco. Make sure the curb appeal is simple, and choose plants that keep a clean aesthetic.

Incorporate subtle and understated outdoor lighting to enhance the architectural features at night. Recessed lighting, linear LED fixtures, and hidden uplights can create a chic and inviting ambience.

Design an entryway that follows the minimalist theme. Keep the front door design simple and elegant. Consider a sleek, solid-colour door with minimal hardware for a refined touch.

3. Nature

Another way to have a cool modern design is to incorporate nature. You can blend your small house with nature by incorporating organic materials. Wood siding, large glass panels, and cladding will perfectly blend modern and nature.

We recommend choosing materials that harmonize with the environment. Green roofs and vertical gardens are also options. A green roof will help enhance your insulation and energy efficiency because you will plant vegetation on your roof.

Having a green roof will also give insects and birds a natural habitat. An exterior wall can be fitted with vertical gardens to improve the air quality in your home.

If you have the room, you can also integrate water features. Streams, small waterfalls, and small ponds will help create a soothing ambience to the outside of your home. Water features will also add to your curb appeal and attract wildlife.

4. Futuristic Flair

When you opt for a futuristic look, it will incorporate modern design elements, innovative tech, and cutting-edge materials. This blend will help create a distinct and sleek look to the exterior of your small home.

We highly recommend playing with unconventional shapes, lines, and angles. Using asymmetrical forms, you can create a dynamic and visually captivating exterior.

Opt for materials that give a sense of innovation as well. Materials that are sleek and reflective will give the house a futuristic aesthetic. For example, use steel, composite panels, aluminium, and glass.

Try to choose neutral colours as a base and then add pops of bold colours for more visual interest. Combine bright whites with deep blacks and metals for an instant futuristic look.

Something else that will add to the futuristic flair is LED lighting. You can use concealed lighting to help highlight pathways, landscape elements, and architectural features in your design. Colour-changing LED lights are another option for a futuristic effect.

Try to keep the exterior of your home as clutter-free as possible. Futuristic and modern styles thrive on clean lines and simplicity. Too many elements will overcrowd the outside of the house.

5. Scandinavian Charm

Start with a neutral palette of whites, soft pastels, and light greys for this modern look. As a result, Scandinavian design will have an airy and bright atmosphere.

You also want to incorporate natural wood elements for some texture and warmth. You can use shingles, panels, or wood sidings if you want a more rustic touch. The wood can be left untreated or just lightly stained for a more natural appearance.

If you are planning on changing out the windows or haven’t chosen windows yet, we recommend using large windows to maximize the natural light coming inside the home during the day. You can keep the airy feel by opting for white or light wood window frames. If possible, choose windows with no grid patterns or minimal grids to give it a more modern look.

Keep the landscaping simple and in harmony with nature. Use native plants that require minimal maintenance and create a serene atmosphere. Gravel pathways and stone accents can add to the Scandinavian charm.

Add functional outdoor furniture made from natural materials like wood or metal. Keep the design clean and uncluttered with cosy seating areas that invite relaxation.

Incorporate soft textures through textiles like cushions, outdoor rugs, and curtains. Remember to choose light, natural colours for these elements to maintain the Scandinavian aesthetic.

Ready to Design the Perfect Small House Exterior?

Incorporating these modern design ideas into your small house exterior can create a visually stunning and contemporary home that defies its size.

To find a style that expresses your personality and aligns with your overall aesthetic goals, it is important to remember that the key is to find one that reflects your personality. With creativity and a clear vision, you can transform your small house into an architectural masterpiece that stands out in the neighbourhood. If this article helps you, please keep browsing this section for our latest guides.

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