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Exploring the Best Hotels in Milos, Greece


When people think about traveling to Greece, they think of big cities with lots of nightlife and flashy attractions. However, that’s not all that the country has to offer. More and more tourists are discovering a slice of paradise in Greece’s Mediterranean neighbor, Milos.

If you want to book a relaxing and affordable vacation to Greece, Milos is the perfect place. There are tons of things to do and see. 

But should you say? You have plenty of hotel options!

Here are the best hotels in Milos Greece, you can check out:

Milos Breeze

Milos Breeze is located in the heart of Adamas, providing its guests with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Guests at this hotel are welcomed to a modern yet cozy atmosphere, with a refreshing pool and a broad selection of quality room options.

Not only are guests provided with luxury amenities, but they are also treated to the most romantic sunsets in the world. Milos Breeze boasts a range of services. It has complete amenities, from a wide selection of traditional Greek cuisine to unrivaled beach services you are sure to enjoy.

White Pebble Suites

The Aegean Sea and its surrounding islands can be seen from White Pebble Suites in the Klima village. Guests can stay in uniquely decorated, colorful suites and enjoy the hotel’s many amenities and activities.

The property provides an outdoor swimming pool with a sun deck and a private beach, terrace, and patio dining. Guests can enjoy traditional local cuisine in the restaurant and unwind in the spa after a full day of exploring the sights of Milos. 

Terra Oliva

Terra Oliva offers stunning sea views, great hospitality, and cozy rooms with modern amenities. Whether traveling for business or leisure, it’s perfect for you. Its attentive staff ensures all your needs are met with great attention to detail.

Guests can enjoy beautiful sunsets on the restaurant’s terrace with a fine Greek wine. They can also take advantage of the spa and sauna facilities or relax in one of the comfortable lounges. 

Santa Maria

Closely situated in the city center and within walking distance of the local attractions, Santa Maria is a great place to explore the best of Milos. Guests can enjoy spacious rooms with all the modern furnishings they need and spectacular Mediterranean sea views.


While more of a luxury yacht cruise experience than a hotel, Helm provides one of the best ways to explore Milos. You can choose from a fleet of luxurious yachts to get a first-class vacation and hop between quiet anchorages at the same time.

The level of hospitality is unparalleled and offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience of exploring the beautiful Greek islands. There’s something for everyone, from all-inclusive packages to preferential treatment to on-board activities and events.

Check Out These Best Hotels in Milos Greece, Before Booking Your Vacation

The best hotels in Milos, Greece, offer something for everyone. You can have various options, from luxurious beachfront accommodations to yacht experiences. You can explore the island’s beauty knowing you have a great bed to sleep in after your adventures.

So what are you waiting for? Book your Greece vacation with any of these hotels today and start exploring the wonders of Milos!

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