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How to Ship Your Car across the Country for the First Time


When shipping your car across the country for the first time, there are various factors to consider. Selecting a company offering quality services at an affordable cost is of utmost importance as well as factors like transparency and insurance.


On many occasions, vehicle owners find it necessary to ship their vehicles across the country. From relocation and moving for work or school purposes to heading south for winter or buying one from across the country – professional shipping companies provide excellent solutions that put your mind at ease that your vehicle will arrive safe and sound at its destination. In addition, many offer various insurance packages so that your peace of mind remains intact when transporting it with them.

When selecting a company to ship your car, request proof of insurance from them. A reputable firm should gladly provide this documentation, answering any queries about their coverage with ease; any hesitation could be seen as a red flag.

Once you’ve selected a company, arrange for its pickup date and prepare your vehicle by clearing away personal items. Also on pick-up day, have the driver inspect for any preexisting damage that needs addressing; take notes of what he sees written down in your contract. Bring along friends or family as support when doing this assessment of its condition – this could be your only chance!

Your next step should be to request the company’s motor carrier number and cross-verify it against the Department of Transportation website. Inquire as to whether they offer additional insurance options such as the uShip Protection Plan; finally read customer reviews so as to gain an understanding of their reliability and customer service capabilities.

Once your vehicle is in transit, you can track its location online using the carrier’s live GPS tracking system. Most companies will provide at least daily updates so that you are aware of its progress and any potential issues should they arise – be sure to notify them as quickly as possible so they can resolve them as soon as possible!


Finding transportation costs to get from point A to B can be costly, with gas, lodging, and repairs quickly adding up when driving across the country. With national auto transport companies’ nationwide car transport services available today, however, these hidden costs can be eliminated and peace of mind brought by knowing your vehicle is being delivered securely to its new destination.

Price for shipping your vehicle across the country varies based on several factors, including its weight and distance traveled. Certain car models such as SUVs are generally more costly to ship. Be mindful of fuel costs since truckers need to fill up multiple times during their journey.

After reviewing multiple quotes from different companies, select one with the best offer. When making your selection, book as far in advance as possible to save money and prepare yourself against potential delays or unexpected events that could increase costs when you ship your car across the country or simply move. Be sure to read customer reviews for your chosen service provider as well as ensure they provide adequate vehicle insurance.


When transporting a car across the country, several factors need to be taken into account. These include vehicle type, time of year and cost; for instance a luxury or classic car requires additional insurance coverage which increases cost as will transporting via enclosed trailer. Distance will have an effect on these costs as well.

Not only should you gather all the documents for your vehicle, but you should also know its dimensions to ensure it can fit on the transporter. This is especially essential if shipping a larger car. During pickup, make sure that you meet with your driver to inspect for preexisting damage as well as sign off on its Bill of Lading.

When choosing a car shipping company, customer reviews can give an accurate impression of its service quality and level of support. TrustPilot, BBB, Google Reviews, Facebook reviews and TransportReviews all provide great resources for researching companies’ past client feedback – it may help narrow your selection process! Ideally you should select one with multiple verified customer testimonials from previous clients.


Timelines for car shipping across the country vary significantly, depending on numerous factors including distance, route and season. Transport companies will typically give an estimated delivery timeline upon booking your car but it’s important to remember that unexpected issues could alter it significantly.

Planning car shipping involves carefully considering both pickup and delivery locations. For instance, this site says that major cities tend to create significant traffic jams that slow the process down significantly during busy seasons; by contrast, shipping your vehicle from or to remote destinations may take less time as truckers don’t spend so much time on the road.

Picking out the appropriate carrier type is key when planning car shipping. There are multiple carrier options, including open and enclosed carriers; open carriers tend to be less costly with reduced protection; enclosed carriers offer greater protection for a higher cost; depending on your needs and budget you can select an ideal type.

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