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Jamie Hartwright: Wiki, Personal Life, Age, Siblings, and Parents


Judith Susan Sheindlin is the mother of Jamie Hartwright. Although she had a lawyer background, she didn’t pursue the same career as her mother. She is not interested in this profession and is seeking something else. Jamie also had four other siblings. One of them was just like Jamie because that child was not following in their mother’s footsteps. At the same time, three of them are just like their mother and follow in their father’s footsteps.

The eldest child of a very famous show host, Jamie maintained a personal life. It is not expected that having famous parents will let you have your privacy on social media. But Jamie proved that this could also happen in some instances. Just like her mother, all of the other family members of Jamie are also really famous.

There is a lot of other information about this not-really popular girl despite being the eldest of a famous Judy’s children. What are the height and weight of Hartwright? You will learn more about her parents, siblings, and their profession.

In this article, you will learn many things about Jamie.

What is the age of Jamie Hartwright?

During the second year of her parent’s marriage, Jamie was born. Her parents married in 1964, and after that, they welcomed Jamie as their first daughter on February 2, 1966. Ronald studied law and became a successful prosecutor.

After that, Jamie’s parents decided to move to New York, where they planned for the family to grow and have other children. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t stay long together and divorced after 12 years when Jamie was only ten. They got divorced in 1976.

Jamie Hart Wright’s family

Jamie Hart Wright's family

Jamie Hartwright, the least famous among her siblings, maintains a notably private life, with details about her personal life and career shrouded in secrecy. Despite her reserved nature, it is apparent that she is married, having transitioned from her maiden name, Gail Levy, to Hartwright. Reports suggest that her mother, the renowned ‘Judge Judy,’ and her husband, Jerry, officiated over their children’s marriages.

Mother’s Footsteps

Of the five children born to Jerry and Judge Judy, three are connected to the legal profession, following in the footsteps of their famous parents. Adam Scott Levy, Jamie’s younger biological brother, established himself as a district attorney in Putnam County, New York. He garnered media attention for his courtroom prowess and legal achievements.

Gregory Sheindlin and Nicole Sheindlin

Gregory Sheindlin and Nicole Sheindlin, also successful lawyers, are part of this legal trio. Nicole, in particular, has actively sought opportunities to broaden her impact. She collaborated with her stepmother, Judith Sheindlin, to establish the ‘Her Honor Mentoring Program 2005 alongside the ‘Judge Judy’ host.

Nicole Sheindlin’s advocacy extends to human rights and gender equality, having traveled to approximately 40 countries on seven continents. She is deeply involved in various organizations empowering young girls and women.


Jonathan Sheindlin, like Jamie Gail Hartwright, pursued a different path, opting for a medical career. After graduating from New York Medical College, he specialized in ophthalmology. A fellowship at Harvard University Medical School in Vitreo-Retinal Surgery further enhanced his expertise. He is recognized as an Eye and Ear doctor affiliated with several prestigious medical institutions and actively participates in numerous medical organizations.

The research of Jonathan Sheindlin, including studies on the changes in the posterior segment of the aging eye, complicated diabetic retinal detachments, and long-term strategies to mitigate the effects of retinal vascular diseases, is also noteworthy.

Collectively, the Levy-Sheindlin children have welcomed 13 kids as of 2022. Yet, the private nature of Jamie Hartwright makes it challenging to ascertain if she has children who contribute to this substantial number. One of the 13 grandchildren, Sarah Rose, has followed in the family’s legal footsteps and teamed up with Judith Susan Sheindlin on her new show, ‘Judy Justice.’

Why Jamie Harwright’s Parents Get Divorce?

When two children were born to Ronald and Judith, she decided to take care of her children and quit her career. Taking care of her children is also a priority for her. According to Judy, she always wanted to be a mother and spend time with her children. That’s why she is happy with the decision of the extensive family system.

They have other children together also. When they grow to a certain age, Judge Judy becomes less interested in coming to his own house. His family began to be ignored, and he did not give much attention to his home. Because of this, Judith returned to school and got her degree in Family Law. After the Master’s degree, she became much better and focused on her career. The career she quit for her family continued again afterwards.

Jamie’s father did accept her mother’s decision.

Judge Judy doesn’t consider her decision right because he wants her to be a housewife. Instead, she is going to work now, having job problems and spending time in her office, which offends her husband.

He said she just had to stay home and care for his children as she desired. In an interview, Judge noted that Judith saw her career as a hobby that doesn’t let her have time for the family and her children.

Both of them are stuck to their point, and Judith doesn’t like her husband’s view of her job. This attitude of Jamie’s Mother shows her stubbornness. Ronald is also insisting on his decision. Afterwards, when things were not working out, they decided to get a divorce. Later, Judith said she didn’t like her husband’s point of view on her job decision. Otherwise, he is a good man with a good reputation.

Jamie’s mother married three times

After staying single for a few months, Judith decided to marry a person who was a lawyer just like her, and they met at a bar. She doesn’t consider staying alone for a long time and puts things under the law to marry a man who is also a lawyer.

Judy’s second husband worked as an attorney while she worked as a prosecutor. As she finished her work, she saw him talking to a reporter in a bar. From an interview, you know that their first meeting could have been better. Judy walked up to him and put a finger on his face while asking who he was.

Jerry, her husband, told her to remove her hand from her face because he considers it a terrible and impolite manner. During their conversation, Judy noticed that Jerry wore a nice, shiny pair of shoes. His shining shoes are the finest impression on him compared to her former husband, which caught her eye immediately.

They saw each other for a few months and tried to build a bond between them even though their first impression was not so good. After a while, Judy offered Jerry to marry her because she wanted to. Even though Jerry didn’t bring up this point, he immediately agreed to her offer, and they married.

Second divorce

When she offered him marriage, it was her own decision, and when she gave him Jerry’s divorce, it was also her decision. When Judith’s father died as a dentist, she thought she did not get as much support as she deserved from her husband.

This realization made her to ask her husband about it. She said that if he did not treat her however she wanted, she would divorce him immediately. Judy followed through on her promise and divorced him within a day. Their marriage lasted 13 years before they got divorced in 1990.

Third Marriage

However, after being divorced, she again married her second husband, Jerry, and realized how much she missed him. She also gets that she can only take some things the way she wants. That’s why Judith let go of everything and remarried her second husband again.

Jamie Hartwright Siblings

Her biological sibling is one of four siblings who also live with her. Two years after her birth, on October 9, 1968, her younger brother, Adam Scott Levy, was born. Her mother’s three other siblings are the product of her marriage to Jerry. Jamie remains the oldest among all her siblings.

In September 1964, she gave birth to Gregory Everett Sheindlin, the first child of her stepfather, Jerry Sheindlin. In September 1967, Jonathan Sheindlin was born, and in November 1968, Nicole Sheindlin was born.


Q: Who is Jamie Hartwright, and why is she considered the least famous among her siblings?

A: Hartwright is one of the children of Judge Judy, but she is known to be a very private person, and details about her life and career are not publicly available.

Q: Is Jamie Hartwright married?

A: Yes, Hartwright is married, as she has changed her name from Gail Levy to Jamie Hartwright. Reports suggest that her Mother, Judge Judy, and her husband, Jerry, officiated over their children’s marriages.

Q: What is the profession of Hartwright’s younger brother, Adam Scott Levy?

A: Adam Scott Levy is a district attorney in Putnam County, New York, known for his courtroom expertise and legal achievements.

Q: Are there other siblings of Jamie Hartwright in the legal profession?

A: Yes, three of Hartwright’s siblings are in the legal profession: Adam Scott Levy, Gregory Sheindlin, and Nicole Sheindlin.

Q: What is the ‘Her Honor Mentoring’ program, and who created it?

A: The ‘Her Honor Mentoring’ program was created by Nicole Sheindlin in partnership with her stepmother, Judith Sheindlin (Judge Judy). It is a mentoring program to empower and guide young girls and women.


In conclusion, Jamie Hartwright emerges as a mysterious and enigmatic figure within the notable Sheindlin family, primarily recognized as the daughter of the famed Judge Judy. Her choice to lead a remarkably private life has left many personal and professional details hidden from the public eye, setting her apart as the least famous among her siblings.

While we may not have access to the intricacies of her life, her marriage and transition to the name Hartwright suggest that she has pursued her path, distinct from the legal careers several of her siblings embraced.

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