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Kailua Beach: A Guide to Hawaii’s Best Beach


If you are planning to spend your vacations or want to go out to enjoy for weekends, then Kailua Beach Park can be the right choice for you. Kailua Beach is a very nice and largest beach on Oahu’s windward side. Clear blue water, crystal clear white sand, and a long bay make it preferable to other beaches. You can also enjoy the charming beauty of the mountains at sunrise and sunset.

In this article, you learn all the necessary information you need to know about Kailua Beach and Kailua Beach Park. So, without wasting any further time, let’s start exploring Kailua Beach.

Location of Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach is located in easy to access location. The borders of Kailua Beach start from Kailua Bay, and from there, you can access the location by separating it into three parts. The names of these parts are as follows:

  • Kailua Beach Park
  • Kalama Beach Park
  • Castles Beach

If you are coming from the southeastern part of Kailua Beach, first of all, you will reach Kailua Beach Park. Right after crossing this park, you will reach Kalama Beach Park, which is also located on the boundaries of Kailua Beach. This beach has ended up when you reach Castles Beach.

If you want to get a proper assessment of Kailua Beach, first, you must learn about the three key locations on Kailua Beach. The following section with shed informative light on these locations:

Kailua Beach Park

Kailua Beach is one of the largest and main Beach parks located within the boundaries of Kailua Beach. This beach park consists of approximately thirty-five acres of green sites. If you don’t want to face sunlight directly, this place is for you because you can enjoy the calmness of the beach under sitting shades, which are available in Kailua Beach Park in many numbers.

The dunes in the park also give you a special kind of refreshment. Kailua Beach’s dunes are so high that if you stand on the top of a dune, you can easily see a lot of activities happening on the bank of Kailua Beach. For example, you can see people sunbathing, doing kayaks, sailing boats, enthusiast paddlers, kite flyers, and other activities. You will enjoy these sceneries and spend your time according to the best value.

What are the facilities that you can enjoy at Kailua Beach Park?

Even though Kailua Beach Park is not completely developed yet, it does have all the necessary facilities that you can think off:

  • General store
  • No Frills Boat Launch
  • Water Sports Rental Center
  • Shopping Mall
  • State-of-the-art free parking
  • Shave Ice Shop
  • Restaurant
  • BBQ pits
  • Restrooms
  • Swimming areas
  • Special picnic points
  • Showers
  • Picnic Tables and shelters

All these facilities make Kailua Beach Park a center of activity in the area. Apart from the facilities mentioned above, a function also takes place in this park annually. This function took place on the 4th of July every year. You can also join and enjoy an amazing firework display over the bay at this function at Kailua Beach Park.

Castles Beach

Kailua Beach has a long strip of 2.5 miles. The last spot of Kailua is called Castles Beach. Because this beach part is at the end of the Kailua, you can’t see many people over there. At this point, you can find a small surf break offshore. That is why you can find only surfers most of the time at Castles Beach. Castles Beach is also a great place to visit, full of sceneries.

Kalama Beach Park

The story of Kailua Beach can’t be completed without the discussion of Kalama Beach Park. This park is in the middle of Kailua Beach Park and Castles Beach. To reach Kalama Beach Park, you have to take a walk to your right-hand from Kailua Beach Park.

The specialty of Kalama Beach Park includes the following things:

  • Beach Front Cottages
  • Residential of locals
  • Cinematic off-sand greenery

However, as a tourist, you could also encounter some difficulties here. For example, in this area of Kailua Beach, finding proper parking is very tough. Kalama Beach Park is made for local persons of Kailua Beach. So, finding beach activity at Kalama Beach Park is not a good option. However, if you want to relax in residential areas, this point is a good option for you.

What can you do at Kailua Beach to get maximum benefits from your spare time?

There are a lot of activities that you can perform at Kailua Beach. Some of these activities with details are as follows:


Kayaking is the most popular activity that you can do at Kailua Beach. After one mile of kayaking, you will find beautiful Mokulua Island. This island’s white sandy beach is the favorite destination of most kayakers. When you reach Mokulua Island, then you can enjoy the following things over there:

  • You can enjoy it by seeing the tide pulling.
  • If you are lucky, then you can also see sea turtles here.
  • Bird watching is also a good activity you can do to spend your time.
  • You can also swim and take a bath at “Queen’s Bath”. The specialty of this place is that old Hawaiian Royal members used to take baths at this place.
  • So, overall you can enjoy plenty of your time by swimming, kayaking, and getting relaxed on Kailua Beach.

Feel relaxed at Kailua Beach Park.

You can also enjoy the beauty of 2.5 miles long Kailua Beach Park with your family. At this park, you can get all the modern-day facilities that a beach must-have. For example, you can find the following facilities over there:

  • Picnic tables.
  • Beach showers
  • Bathroom
  • Swimming in calm waters
  • Boogies Boarding
  • Surfing
  • Parking lots

Visit Kalama Beach

Visiting Kalama Beach Park can be another interesting spot on Kailua Beach. This beach is near Kailua Beach. The sand of Kalama Beach Park is whiter than that of Kailua Beach Park. One new to surfing must visit this point because the tides at Kalama Beach Park are easier to surf on.

If you are a fan of kite flying, then you must visit this beach park because you can do kiteboarding with a lot of other families and children.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lanikai Beach.

Oahu has so many beautiful beaches. There is no doubt that Kailua Beach has very amazing sceneries. But if you visit Lanikai Beach, you will forget the beauty of Kailua Beach. The water at Lanikai Beach is very peaceful, with blue color and white sandy beach.  

Hiking on Kailua Beach trails

Hiking is another healthy activity that you can perform on Kailua Beach. The name of famous hiking trails is as follows:

  • Lulumahu Falls trail
  • Lanikai Pillbox
  • Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden nature trail.

See the Kawainui Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Kawainui Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary has a vast land comprising approximately eight hundred thirty acres of area. In 2005 this area was recognized as a wildlife sanctuary. The importance of this area is also included, as this is one of the largest wetlands in Hawaii. You can’t directly enter the Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary. But you can see this sanctuary from the following points:

  • From Ulupo Heiau State Historic Site
  • If you start walking on a trail from Kaha Park towards the eastern border of the marsh, you can also see the beauty of the Marsh wildlife sanctuary.

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So, here is all the information you need to know about Kailua Beach and Kailua Beach Park alongside another beach park of Kailua Beach. Visiting these areas is a great option if you want to enjoy your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the name of the city in which Kailua Beach is situated?

Kailua Beach is situated in Oahu. Oahu is a city in Hawaii State. You can enjoy your time over there with multiple beach activities.

Can you safely swim at Kailua Beach?

Safety is the first concern of anybody if he wants to visit any beach. Swimming at Kailua Beach is completely safe. The safest area of Kailua Beach for swimming is “Buoys along the park’s shore”.  

What is the name of the island on which Kailua Beach is located?

Kailua Beach is located on the western coast of “Big Island”.

Is drinking alcohol on Kailua Beach allowed?

According to the Oahu laws, you can’t drink alcohol on any beach of its jurisdiction, including Kailua Beach.

Is there any airport near Kailua Beach?

Honolulu Airport is the nearest airport to Kailua Beach. Hoolehu Molokai is the second nearest airport to Kailua Beach.

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