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Marjorie Harvey Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Philanthropy Work, and More


Marjorie Harvey’s net worth ($55 million) tells a story rich with style, business savvy, and heart. Behind the glittering net worth is a fashion finesse woman with a boutique and brands that reflect her luxury-loving spirit. Yet, her wealth isn’t just about the glam. Strategic real estate investments showcase her analytical mind, and her philanthropy efforts reveal a deep commitment to the community. This multifaceted entrepreneur thrives as a family matriarch, mixing business with an underscoring of family values. Dive into the layers that make up Marjorie Harvey’s impressive net worth and see how she balances it all with elegance.

Marjorie Harvey Net Worth

Marjorie Harvey has successfully etched her name in the realms of fashion and philanthropy. The fashion icon’s financial acumen shines through, with an estimated net worth standing tall at $50 million to $55 million. Unlike many who gain attention solely through association with famous partners, Marjorie has crafted a legacy in her own right.

  • Fashion Entrepreneurship: As the fashion world knows well, a successful line is no small feat. Marjorie’s foray into this competitive industry with her clothing line, Marjorie Harvey’s Closet, demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit.
  • A Keen Eye for Real Estate: Making intelligent investments in real estate has bolstered her financial portfolio, displaying her strategic investment decisions.
  • Philanthropic Endeavors: Contributing significantly to society, her work with The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation speaks volumes about her dedication to giving back.

Born in October 1964, Marjorie’s journey is one of ambition and influence. As Steve Harvey’s partner, her impact extends beyond her personal career, having played a crucial role in shaping Steve’s life after their union in 2007.

Marjorie’s net worth reflects more than just her professional undertakings. It encapsulates her journey as a mother, a stepmother, and a grandmother, balancing her family life with business ventures and commitments to philanthropic causes—a true embodiment of dedication and versatility.

Marjorie Harvey’s Career

Marjorie Harvey is a testament to what happens when fashion smarts meet business acumen. Her considerable net worth spirals from a blend of savvy entrepreneurship and fashion finesse.

Fashion and Style Influence

  • High-End Fashion Boutique: Owns the upscale “The Lady Loves Couture” in Atlanta.
  • Exclusive Lifestyle Products: Offers luxury items to those with a taste for elegance.

Fashion Ventures

  • The Lady Loves Couture Blog: Shares tips, influencing fashion enthusiasts globally.
  • MH Closet: A fashion brand capturing Marjorie’s style for luxury lovers.
  • MH Handbags: Combines affordability with upscale design for budget-conscious fashionistas.

Career Pathways

Marjorie Harvey steps beyond just fashion; her real estate savvy turns heads, too. She strategically invests in exclusive locations, with properties in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and more. Every asset, every brand partnership, speaks to her keen eye for lucrative business moves, ever-expanding her professional journey. Her career is as varied as it is successful, mixing style, substance, and real estate with a golden touch.

Marjorie Harvey’s Impact Through Philanthropy

Empowering Future Generations

Marjorie’s heart for philanthropy beats strong, with a spotlight on fostering the leaders of tomorrow. The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation ignites this mission through diverse initiatives:

  • Mentoring: Offers young minds someone to look up to and receive wisdom from.
  • Educational Enrichment: Provides scholarships and learning resources to eager students.
  • Mental Wellness: Raises awareness and shares support for mental health, a crucial pillar of holistic well-being.
  • Global Service: Encourages hands-on aid to tackle challenges and bring about worldwide change.

Unveiling Opportunities

Deeply rooted in Marjorie’s belief in the power of generosity and opportunity, her philanthropy shapes futures. It’s about giving a chance to those who dare to dream and providing pathways for them to soar.

Each step she takes in the world of philanthropy carries the hope of stamping out inequality. Her commitment has a ripple effect, spreading far and wide, from students clutching onto newfound opportunities to individuals finding solace through mental wellness programs. These focused efforts paint a picture of a woman who doesn’t just write checks but spins a web of meaningful influence – one that catches and supports the aspirations of many.

Marjorie Harvey: At the Heart of Family and Love

Marjorie Harvey’s personal life is the foundation from which her public persona blooms. It is marked by love, resilience, and a blended family that is a testament to her strong character.

Family and Unity

  • Blended Family Bonds: Marjorie and Steve Harvey have successfully blended their family, which includes seven children, demonstrating the power of love and understanding.
  • Decades of Devotion: Their relationship spans over decades, filled with shared dreams, laughter, and unwavering support for one another.

Partnership and Support

  • Loyal Companion: In the face of challenges and fame, Marjorie remains Steve’s steadfast partner, often cited as the key to his personal transformation.
  • Shared Wisdom: Together, they’ve created a partnership where deep conversations and advice are shared freely, shaping a marriage that thrives on mutual respect and open communication.

Celebrating Milestones

  • Anniversary Joy: Through social media, they share glimpses of their milestones, like heartfelt anniversary celebrations, allowing the world a peek into their enduring love affair.
  • Grandparent Bliss: Their roles as grandparents add another layer of joy to their lives, reinforcing the importance of family ties.

Marjorie Harvey embraces every aspect of her personal life with a grace that seamlessly weaves into her various roles—wife, mother, and entrepreneur. She finds balance in the complexities of a public life while nurturing the genuine connections that form the core of her identity.


Marjorie Harvey’s net worth is much more than a figure; it tells a story of aspiration and impact. Her diverse roles as a fashion icon, entrepreneur, and philanthropist weave together to form a tapestry of success. Each thread represents her commitment to family, business, and bettering the world. Far from just a monetary value, Marjorie Harvey’s net worth mirrors her true wealth—the strength of her character and the depth of her influence. Her journey shows us that with a dedicated spirit, one can achieve personal success and create waves of positive change in society. Through fashion, mentorship, and unwavering support for her family, Marjorie Harvey stands as an emblem of what it means to lead a rich, fulfilling life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did Marjorie Harvey make her money?

Marjorie Harvey has accumulated her wealth through various entrepreneurial endeavors and investments. She owns the high-end fashion boutique “The Lady Loves Couture” in Atlanta and has launched several other ventures, including “MH Closet” and “MH Handbags,” which both resonate with her sense of luxury and style. Additionally, Marjorie has a sharp eye for real estate investments, owning properties in several exclusive locations.

What did Marjorie Harvey do for a living?

Marjorie Harvey is a businesswoman and fashion icon. She operates “The Lady Loves Couture” boutique and manages her own brands, such as “MH Closet” for high-end fashion and “MH Handbags,” which offers affordable luxury. Her blog, “The Lady Loves Couture,” shares fashion tips and influences a global audience. Besides fashion, Marjorie also invests in real estate, adding to her diverse career portfolio.

What is Steve Harvey’s salary?

Steve Harvey’s salary is not publicly disclosed in full detail, as it likely varies yearly and depends on his current projects and contracts. He earns income through his work as a television host, producer, radio personality, actor, and author. His salary information could potentially be gleaned from media reports but would be speculation without direct disclosure from Harvey himself or reliable financial documentation.

How does Lori Harvey make money?

Lori Harvey, the stepdaughter of Marjorie and Steve Harvey, has made her mark primarily in the modeling industry. She has secured lucrative modeling contracts and walked the runways for various high-fashion brands. Additionally, Lori is an entrepreneur, having launched her own skincare line, and has leveraged her popularity and influence through brand endorsements and partnerships via her social media presence.

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