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Meet Shannon Sharpe’s Wife & Family: A Fascinating Insight


Shanon Sharpe is an American nationanlist. He is famous for his soccer career and is a sports media enthusiast. Shannon played for the National Football League of the USA for more than fourteen years. The first team he played for in the National Football League was the Denver Broncos.” He played the position of “tight end,” and his name is counted among the greatest tight end players of all time. As of 2023, he is fifty-five years old and enjoying his life and career in sports media. If you are the one who wants to know about Shannon Sharpe’s wife, kids, career, and other interesting facts about him, Then you are at the right place. 

Shannon Sharpe Wife

Despite a lot of fame and media inaction, Shannon Sharpe successfully hid his marital status. The reason he hides his personal life is that he does not wish it to be discussed publicly. His fans are still in search of information about his wife, and they want to know if Shannon got married. Does he have a wife? If so, what is her name? 

As of 2023, Shannon hasn’t gotten married. However, he is allegedly linked with multiple women. Following are the details about his girlfriends.

Erika Evans

Ericak Evans is the first lady who is known to be the wife of Shannon Sharpe. An unpleasant event occurred when Shannon and Erika Evans were involved in an altercation in 2014, bringing their relationship to the public’s attention. After this incident, Erika also sued Shannon in the battery case. Shannon and Erika got married in 1992. 

The couple also has a child. The name of Shannon and Ericka’s child is “Kiari.” Shannon doesn’t want to disclose his relationship, which is why the exact date of this couple’s marriage and separation is not known.

Michelle Bundy

Michelle Bundy is the second woman who is related to Shannon. However, in this case, Shannon is not involved in this relationship. It was in 2010 when Michelle Bundy accused Shannon of assaulting her. Not only was Shannon assaulted, but also threatened her life. 

The case was presented in front of a court, and Shannon successfully won the case and was acquitted of all the allegations. 

Katy Kellner

Katy Kellner is a famous fitness coach and also helps people in their nutrition planning. It was 2013 when the news surfaced about the relationship between Shannon and Katy Kellner. The couple was rumoured to have been married in 2016 shortly after this news. However, later on, it is confirmed that Shannon and Katy never married. The event that took place in 2016 is only the engagement of Shannon and Katy. 

Shannon and Katy start dating each other after they meet at Katy’s gym. The name of the gym is “Thousand Oaks Gym” and is situated in California. Shannon is pretty much interested in this relationship and has great affection for Katy Kellner. However, this relationship came to an end when Shannon Sharpe found out about pregnancy with former baseball player “Marlon Byrd.” Shannon and Katy separated in 2018 after nearly five years of relationship. 

After the end of a relationship with Shannon, Katy married Luis Castillo.

Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy is the latest woman who came into the limelight with the rumours of a relationship with Shannon Sharpe in 2017. As of 2023, Nicole will be 55 years old, having been born in 1968. She is famous for being the ex-wife of U.S. actor Eddie Murphy. Nicole is also the mother of 5 children with Eddie. 

Nicole is a very talented lady who has done a lot of work as an actress, model, businesswoman, and television personality. 

The fan Shannon came to know about his relationship with Nicole when his NFL friend posted Shannon’s gym photo with Nicole. Also, the belief is stronger because Shannon Sharpe’s Twitter account tweets several times that show his love for Nicole. 

Despite all these rumours, neither Shannon nor Nicole publicly admit or even talk about this relationship.

Shannon Sharpe Bio

The date of birth of Shannon is the 26th of June 1968, and he was born in Chicago, Illinois. The name of his father is Pete Sharpe. The profession of Pete is unknown. Mary Alice Dixon is the name of Sharpe’s mother. As of 2023, the age of Shannon Sharpe is 55 years. Shannon Sharpe is six feet and two inches. 

He spent most of his childhood days in a suburb of Atlanta called “Glenville.” Shannon was raised by his grandmother following his parents’ divorce at the age of three months. The name of Shannon’s grandmother is Mary Porter. The grandmother of Shannon also raised his elder brother Sterling Sharpe and his sister. 


Though Shannon had a very difficult early life days due to his parents’ separation, he didn’t lose hope and took a keen interest in his education. Glenville High School was his first school. Following the completion of his early education, he attended Savannah State University. In addition to being located in Georgia, this university also offers a variety of programs. 

After completing his graduation, Shannon didn’t stop learning and joined an institute to get a Bachelor of Science Degree in “Criminal Justice.” He completed his criminal justice degree in 1989. 

Shannon Sharpe family

The family of Shannon Sharpe consists of his elder brother, parents, grandparents, and children. As of 2023, Shannon Sharpe hasn’t any wife, and he is spending his life as a single. The information about the parents and grandparents is described in Shannon Shparpe’s bio section. In this section, you will learn about the siblings and kids of Shannon Sharpe. 

Shannon Sharpe siblings

Shannon Sharpe has two siblings; one is his elder brother, and the other one is his sister. The names of Shannon’s Siblings are as follows:

  • Sterling Sharpe
  • Shera Sharpe

Sterling Sharpe

Sterling Sharpe was born in 1965, and the place of birth of Sterling is Chicago, IL, USA. He is 58 years old as of 2023. By his profession, Sterling is a well-known football player. He played most of his games for the “Green Bay Packer” franchise. When he was playing for the Green Bay Packers, his jersey number was 84. Sterling plays at the “Wide Reciever” position. After leaving his first football franchise, he joined “South Carolina Gamecocks Football and got jersey number “2.” 

He started his football career in 1988, which ended in 1994. Shannin’sNeck injury is the reason behind his retirement. Sterling got the honour of being a member of the “Hall of Fame”; he was included in the Hall of Fame on the 9th of December, 2014. After retiring from football as a player, he started working as a football analyst for the famous U.S. sports channel NFL Network.

Sherra Sharpe

Sherra Sharpe is the sister of Shannon Sharpe, and by profession, she is a well-known businesswoman and entrepreneur. She wanted to be a businesswoman from his childhood, and he had completed his education in the field of business. Her academic background is in graduate studies at the University of Georgia. As a result of her studies at this university, she obtained a degree in “Business Administration.” 

Right after the completion of his business degree, she began his career in the marketing area of the sports and entertainment industry. Serra Started his career after moving to Atlanta from Georgia.  

She had a lot of success in his profession and worked with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. Sherra has worked with the following famous sports channels. 

  • MLB
  • NFL
  • NBA

Along with these sports networks, Sherra also got a chance to work for some of the prominent names in the music industry like:

  • T.I.
  • Jay-Z
  • Usher

Along with the projects mentioned above, Sherra also gives her services in the production of several T.V. shows and movies. Sherra Sharpe is also the founder of “Sharpe Enterprise.” She provides marketing services in the sports and entertainment industry under the umbrella of Sherpe Enterprise. 

Shannon Sharpe kids

Shanno Shannon Sharpe has three children. The names of his children are as follows:

  • Kayla
  • Kaley 
  • Kiari

It must be noted that all the children of Shannon come from different previous relationships. 

Kayla is the name of the first daughter, Shannon, and she was born in 1992. The name of her mother is still known. Her age as of 2023 is 31. As a former student of Georgia Southern University, she earned a pre-law degree. 

Kayley is the younger daughter of Shannon Sharpe, and the name of her mom is also unknown so far. Similarly, she was born in 1992, and as of 2023, she has reached the age of 31. The majority of her education was completed at “Florida State University. 

Kiari is the only son of Shannon Sharpe, and he was also born in 1992. The age of Kiari Sharpe is 31 years in 2023. The name of Kiari’s mother is Erika Evans. In his academic career, Kiari has studied “Biology” and “Business Management” at the “Georgia Southern University.”  

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Does Shannon Sharpe have a wife?

In spite of Sharpe’s professional success, he is not married and maintains a private personal life.

What was Shannon Sharpe accused of in 2010?

In 2010, Shannon was accused of “Rap and Life Threatening” charges by Michelle Bundy. But fortunately, Shannon was found not guilty in this matter and released from all allegations. 

Is Shannon Sharpe still married?

Currently, Shannon Sharpe is unmarried. In his podcast, Club Shay Shay, the NFL Hall of Famer, indicated that he was so consumed with football that he did not find time to get married.

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