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Meet Tia Hernlen: The Story of Bravery and Courage


You probably have a lot of scenes in the movies about how cute little children saw their parents dead. They keep calm and do what their parents taught them to do in such situations. Tia Hernlen is one of those children, but in real life.

She saw her parents covered in blood all over their faces and bed. As a five-year-old, Hernlen was a very young child. But still, she kept her calm and called 911. She explained all the situation that was in front of her at that time.

That is the reason when you come to know about her Tia Hernlen, you belong her to the bravery. Her strength is awesome, and she acted according to the situation. Otherwise, any other child would get scared and have no clue what to do. That’s why parents must teach their children what is wrong and what is right and how to handle a certain situation so they don’t panic.

Well, overall, you will be able to know more about this little hero who suffered from an incident but still went through the trauma well.

Tia Hernlen Biography

Aeneas Hernlen and Julie Hernlen had a daughter called Tia Hernlen. Originally from the United States, she was born in 1988. More details about her birth were not shared on social media, but she means the world to her parents.

Julie Hernlen, the mother of Tia Hernlen, had an ambition of becoming a Lawyer one day. She is even enrolled in Daytona Beach Community College and preparing for her graduation.

Tia’s father was also very loving towards her daughter. There is a lot of peace and happiness in their lives. They are very loving and affectionate towards each other.

Both of her parents are Surfers. Their love for sports is something else; they put their hearts into sports. They not only enjoy it by themselves, but they enjoy it with their daughter, too. Julie and Aeneas choose a movie to watch with their daughter when they go for an outing. All these happy memories made their bond even stronger, which is an affectionate thing in a family.

 If a family tries to make their bond together and give their full efforts, then it’s the best way to bond even stronger rather than a family falling apart and having no time for each other.

The tragic incident

The tragic incident

Sadly, in 2005, a really sad incident happened, and they lost every happiness. Tia heard a gunshot and immediately ran to see what it was. The next thing she watches is that her parents are in their room covered in blood, and when she calls them to wake them, they won’t answer and stay still.

That’s when Tia Hernlen panicked and, at the same time, kept her calm. She called 911 and told them the incident she was seeing with her bare eyes. It is unimaginable for any parent to see their child go through such a situation. This is a really heat-melting situation handled by this little princess alone with no one by her side.

When Tia Hernlen called 911, the operator on the other side asked her what had happened and gave her time to explain what was happening. It is possible for the little girl to state, “I believe they are dead.” Then she is told to explain the whole situation; then she says that the blood is spread everywhere on the bed on the floor. Also, the blood is coming out of her father’s mouth. She is calmly telling everything to the operator.

The operator was amused by how she handled the situation and could call them by any means. She immediately assured her and told her to wait there where she was while the operator was sending help for them.

Tia’s mother, Julie, died on the spot while her father was sent to the hospital immediately. But shortly after, her father also passed away, leaving her an orphan. This incident evoked all the people, and they started to question the legal security system and why the security was so weak that they couldn’t stop such crimes. Along with that, there are a lot of other questions raised in their head, which left them stunned.

Why does such an incident Happen in Tia Herlen’s life?

This kind of incident happened because of a person named David Edward Johnson. He killed both of Tia Hernlen’s parents because, in his mind, he accused them of reporting his illegal actions. So, to kill them, he entered their house and took her parents’ lives with his own hands.

He shot both of them, Julie and Aeneas, with a 9mm pistol. Afterward, he goes to his own house and takes his own life. Maybe he resents killing them, or he does not want to get caught by the cops. Rather than getting caught, he feels it is easier to take his life by his own hands.

How’s Tia’s life after the incident?

After that incident, Tia Hernlen went with her grandparents to central California. She finds peace and solace with her grandparents because, after such type of trauma, it is necessary for one to stay with someone closer to their heart. Who can be more close to you after your parents? It’s your grandparents or your aunt.

There, she finds a stable and comforting environment to recover from all the negativity in her head. A trust fund is made in her name to keep any financial issues coming her way in the future. The main purpose of this fund, which is made in her name, is to ensure that she has a comfortable future and that all her necessities are fulfilled by it, from her education to any other thing she wants to spend money on.

All the public stayed on her side all this time with all the sympathy and support. They put their whole effort into making her peace and try to give her time to recover. All of these efforts ensure that she will recover from it peacefully.

Where is Tia Hernlen spending her life now?

Tia Hernlen was living a private life. She maintains a really low social media appearance. For her own good, she is staying away from all that attention which would bring her pain again. Tia is living with her relatives now. It can be easily said that she is getting higher education because of the fund made in her name.

In spite of the fact that people are interested in her life story and want to know more about her. How is she, and how is she living her life without her parents? What difficulties did she face during all this time without her parents? She still chose to stay away from all that effort and live a peaceful life without any distractions from the media’s eye.

Public Reaction to the tragic incident

The tragic incident involving Tia Hernlen and her parents is a heartbreaking and deeply troubling event that highlights the legal system’s shortcomings. Several important issues are raised by this case, which is why the public is outraged.

Julie Hernlen’s efforts to seek help from authorities and her predictions about David Edward Johnson’s violent tendencies should have been taken seriously.

The Hernlens’ attempts to obtain an injunction against Johnson, based on his threats and behavior, should have been given more consideration. The denial of their request by the judge highlights the challenge of proving stalking or potential violence. Still, it also raises questions about whether the legal system should have erred on the side of caution to protect the family.

The case illustrates the limitations of the legal system in preventing tragedies such as this. It demonstrates that the system may not always be equipped to handle situations where potential threats are not easily quantifiable, but it can still evoke risks.

In the wake of such a tragedy, communities, lawmakers, and advocates must come together to examine the weaknesses in the system and work towards implementing more effective measures for identifying potential threats. Such threats may involve improving the training of law enforcement and legal professionals, enhancing communication between agencies, and reassessing protective orders in cases where there are credible concerns about safety.

Ultimately, the goal should be to prevent such devastating incidents from happening in the future and to ensure the safety of everyone living in a place within our communities.


Q: Who is Tia Hernlen?

A: Tia Hernlen was a young individual who tragically died in a devastating incident. In her family, a horrendous experience was endured.

Q: What happened to Tia Hernlen and her parents?

A: Tia Hernlen and her parents were victims of a horrific incident involving David Edward Johnson. A great deal of public attention has been paid to the incident and its aftermath.

Q: Why did this incident spark public outrage?

A: The incident generated public outrage because it revealed several concerning aspects, including the failure of the legal system to respond adequately to warning signs and potential threats.

Q: What were the warning signs or concerns raised before the incident?

A: Julie Hernlen, Tia’s mother, had sought authorities’ help and reportedly predicted that David Edward Johnson might harm her family. There were allegations of threats and troubling behavior leading up to the tragedy.


In conclusion, the tragic incident involving Tia Hernlen and her parents serves as a stark and painful reminder of the vulnerabilities within our legal system when it comes to preventing potential threats and protecting families from harm. The public outrage surrounding this case is a testament to the deep concern for the safety of our communities. This heartbreaking event underscores the urgent need for reform and improved practices within our legal system.

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