Monoprice 110010 Headphone Review: Affordable and High-Quality

monoprice 110010


Monoprice 110010 is a headphone that is made to use casually. This headphone is very useful for those who want to do podcasts or play games without interruption. Overall, this headphone provides a total noise cancellation property, which helps eliminate any noise from surroundings. 

Monoprice 110010 also helps you focus on something significant, like listening to music to get a break from your daily routine. These headphones could also help you concentrate on your study if you listen to music and focus well.

Also, if you want low-price headphones with the best quality, this is the best option. If you want to have fun in your daily life with portable headphones, then Monoprice headphones are here with less amount and high-quality sound.

Monoprice company

Monoprice gained a lot of good reputation in customers’ minds as a business. Its products are pretty reasonable and easy to afford. They have more than 70,000 products from which customers worldwide can buy according to their demand. Many electronic products and gadgets are available in their store and online site. Monoprice110010 is also one of their best-selling product.

In this article, you will learn detail about Monoprice 110010. So, let’s first explore the main features of these headphones.

Features of Monoprice 110010

 High-quality sound:

Monoprice 110010 has high-quality sound, providing you with the best experience of your life whether you want to play a game or listen to music.

Undoubtedly, it has the best sound quality, but if you are in some high pitch environment, you might feel a little difficulty listening. It provides you with sound-canceling capabilities. When nobody is home, it’s the best time to enjoy whatever you listen to with Monoprice 110010.

Can Gamers Use These Headphones?

If you are a gamer and always need the best microphone to communicate with your friends while playing, then the Monoprice 110010 must be your priority. It is worth buying because it can also help you record your voice. Monoprice microphone is high in quality and very nice if you want to talk to your friends or family on a phone call.


It also has one more quality: it is wireless, and you can move in while putting your headphones on your ears. Its maximum range while attached with Bluetooth is 10 feet. Wireless headphones are in demand, and people love to use them because they are easy to handle and you don’t have to use them anywhere. You can roam around your house with your headphones on and do your chores with fun.

Material of this headphone

The material of these headphones is not good. They are so lightweight, but at the same time, they could break easily. The upper part is made of rubber which does not put any pressure on your head so that you can concentrate easily. The quality of the sound is pretty excellent. You can have high base sound and a perfect microphone at such a low price. There is a little flaw that could have a place. You can’t throw them like any other rigid headphones. Monoprice 110010 should be kept with light hands so that no damage is caused.


Some people think Monoprice is not easy to wear, but it’s untrue. They are adjustable and can be worn with or without a wire. You can connect them to your devices through the help of Bluetooth if you prefer to wear them without wire. Adjustability is the most enhanced headphone feature and is also very important.

Low Budget Product

If you have a high budget, you can go for heavier products. But if you are only starting your career and have money issues, you can have Monoprice 110010 at a lower price. After getting a little stable, you can get as many high-quality products as possible, but for a start, these are good-to-go headphones.

Charging time

Monoprice110010 takes three hours to charge fully, but once charged, it lasts about 14 hours, which is good if you think from a certain point of view. It’s a pretty long battery time at this price, which can help you focus more than worrying about charging the headphones.


If you cannot want to wear Monoprice 110010 headphones while running or doing gym, this product is not for you because they are not waterproof. It would help if you had to take care of them and put them away from the water. 

Monoprice110010 Price

When it comes to low-budget headphones, then Monoprice is the best option. But its model Monoprice110010 is no exception for low-price headphones. Its price is under $50, which is quite reasonable, with high-quality sound and a mic. At such a low price, they provide your noise-canceling headphones, not made with the best quality but are adjustable and affordable.


Weight is a very important factor in any electronic device. Especially the weight of any headphone matter a lot for comfort level. Considering this factor, the manufactured Monoprice 110010 made this headphone very lightweight. The overall weight of this headset is less than 6.3 oz, equal to 170 grams.


Monoprice is affordable yet not very best to avail at every circumstance. They are not waterproof, which lessens their ability, but you can use such headphones for casual use. They can’t be used in wet areas like a pool or scuba diving. But these headphones are budget-friendly.

Its noise canceling makes it a better product because if you can hear better, you can convert the best voice to the next person talking to you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the price of Monoprice 110010?

The price of Monoprice110010 is about $50. Or it may vary from the place where you buy it from.

Is Monoprice110010 wireless or not?

A: Monoprice110010 headphones are wireless and also can be used with wire. If you are doing something important, you don’t have to wait for it to get charged. You can plug it into your computer and use it.

Does it comfortable to wear these headphones?

The headphone model, 110010 of Monoprice company, is very comfortable. The comfort level is enhanced by its adjustable feature. You can adjust these headphones according to your head size.

What is the frequency range of Monoprice 110010?

This headphone has excellent audible frequencies. The design of this headphone makes it responsive from 20Hz to 20K Hz frequencies. This means that you can hear very low-level sounds quite decently.

Which type of headphone jack is used with the 110010 models?

Although this headphone is made for wireless usage, for certain reasons, it also allows you to connect it to your device through the wire. For this purpose, this headphone comes with a 3.5mm jack.

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