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Ms. Rachel Net Worth, Early Life, Family, Personal Life, Career



Known for her YouTube channel, Rachel is an American nationalist. On this channel, she made music videos for kids and infants. Alongside her YouTube channel, Rachel is a speech therapist and social media personality and works in the education department. She also has very good skills in songwriting. Approximately ten million US dollars are estimated to be Ms. Rachel’s net worth as of 2023. Thanks to millions of YouTube subscribers contributing to making the wealth from YouTube.

In this article, you will learn all the important information about Ms. Rachel, including her early life, age, height, personal life, husband, kids, and much more.

Early Life

The parents of Ms. Rachel are the residents of Biddeford, Maine, and Ms. Rachel’s real name is Rachel Griffin-Accurso, whose parents gave her Rachel Griffin Accurso’s date of birth is 8th November 1980. Ms. Rachel spent most of her early lifetime in Sanford, Maine.


For her early education, she attended Sanford High School in the neighbourhood of her residence. Following the completion of her secondary education at Sanford High School, she was accepted into the University of Southern Maine.

She got a degree in “Theater” from this university. She never stopped learning after getting a degree in “Theater”, and she went to New York and was admitted to “New York City” to learn about music. She completed her education and got the ” Music ” degree from New York University. In her education journey, Ms. Rachel’s father supports him in each step.  


Ms. Rachel was born into a very rich and loving family. Her father’s name is John Accurso. John Accurso is a successful businessman. Due to her father’s business, Ms. Rachel’s family got enough wealth to live a prosperous and positive life.

Rachel’s mother, Mary Griffin, is a housewife. In the family of Ms. Rachel, she stands in the middle number. In addition to herself, she has two siblings. Among them, one is older and younger than Ms. Rachel. The following names are known as the Rachel Brothers:

  • John (Elder)
  • Joseph (Younger)

The family of Ms. Rachel follows the religion of Christianity. So, Ms. Rachel also practices Christian teaching. Throughout her life, Ms. Rachel received much love and support from all her family members.

Personal Life

Ms Rachel Husband, Aron Accurso

To pursue a career, Ms. Rachel Griffin moved to New York City in 2009, and Aron Accurso is a famous music director and singer by profession. It was during a church service that they first met.

After that, they started working in music and song composition. They worked to gather for a very long time. They realized their love for each other, and Rachel Griffin Accurso’s wedding with Aron took place on 23rd July 2016. Aron Accurso has been Mrs. Rachel’s husband since then. As of 2023, Ms. Rachel’s husband’s age is only 44 years, and he was born on 26th February 1979.  

Ms. Rachel kids

Ms. Rachel kids, Thomas

Their first child was born in 2018 after a two-year marriage for Rachel and Aron Accurso. The name of MsRRRachel’s first baby is ”’‘ Thomas””. After one year of his first child, Ms. Rachel noticed that Thomas encountered difficulty in speech and could not easily speak the words that a one-year-old could due to her child’s problem Ms. Rachel has done a lot of research on kids’ speaking learning. She started making videos of songs and word punctuations for her child. Later on, she posted these videos on her YouTube channel.

Rachel’s age, height, and weight

Rachel's age, height, and weight

Ms. Rachel was born in 1980; as of August 2023, she is only a 42-year-old woman. She takes a lot of care of her health. Being a media personality demands a healthy life.

That is why she also maintained her weight at this stage of life. Her weight is only 55 kilos grams with a height of 5.2 inches. This is a perfect balance between weight and height.

Miss Rachel YouTube Age

Miss Rachel’s YouTube channel has been online for approximately three years. She published her first video in February 2019 and has consistently posted videos. She has a wide selection of content for children.

She is unique among YouTubers because she is willing to experiment with her appearance and try new things. As a result, Miss Rachel has become a trendsetter in the field of kids teaching, and many of her fans have followed in her footsteps.

Social media

Ms. Rachel is very social and loves sharing her and her kid’s pictures on social media platforms. Especially Ms. Rachel’s Instagram account is very popular as a YouTube channel host. Her Instagram account shows she has over one million followers as of 2023. Ms. Rachel also promotes her YouTube Channel with the help of the Insta platform.

The second social media platform on which Rachel has millions of followers is TikTok. She has almost 3.3 million TikTok followers. You can watch different cute baby videos on her TikTok channel.

Alongside Instagram, Rachel also has an active Facebook account with 744k followers. Like Instagram, she shares short videos of kids Rhym and her photos.



Ms. Rachel started her career after she moved to New York City in 2009. At first, she had two very small jobs like “Naany” and other same-like jobs. But after a few months of moving to New York, Rachel starts collaborating with his future husband, Aron “Song Writ.”

During this period, she also completed her music degree, and due to the completion of her education, she got a song teacher job “At Bedford Park Elementary School. This school is located in Broxn.

She left the teaching job in 2018 when Thomas was born. She leaves the job because she wants to give her son her full-time. Because Rachel’s son is facing difficulty speaking, she starts making speaking videos for her child.

Soon, she realized that if her son could benefit from my videos, then why don’t other kids learn from my videos? She put all her videos on YouTube by making her own YouTube channel in 2019. In the first year, her YouTube showed a lot of progress, but after one year during covid 19, her channel grew drastically. As of 2023, she works hard to make kids’ videos for her channel.

Her hard work helped her get more than 5 million subscribers. Now, Ms. Rachel and her husband are working full time in making kid’s videos and have chosen YouTube as their career.

Ms. Rachel net worth is 2023

Ms. Rachel is a very hardworking woman. She lives in a one-bedroom apartment and makes her kids videos in front of a green screen on the wall. Her main source of income is YouTube, and as of 2023, it is estimated that Ms. Rachel’s YouTube net worth is approximately more than 10 million US dollars.

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Frequently asked questions

How old is Mrs. Rachel from YouTube?

Ms. Rachel is only 42 years old as of 2023.

Who is Ms. Rachel, and what is her story?

As a result of the lack of media resources for her son, who was born with a speech delay and was unable to speak his first words until the age of two, she started her YouTube channel in 2019 under the name Ms. Rachel with her husband, Broadway music director, and composer Aron Accurso.

Is Mrs. Rachel married?

Yes. Mrs. Rachel married Aron in 2018.

Where does Mrs. Rachel live?

 She lives in New York City, USA.

How tall is Mrs. Rachel?

Ms. Rachel is 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

How to watch Miss Rachel on TV?

You can watch Ms. Rachel on Smart TV with the help of YouTube.

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