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Shari Jordan: The Woman Who Raised Jeffrey Dahmer


Shari Jordan was an American nationalist who came into the limelight due to famous and heinous serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. Jeffery was the stepson of Shari Jordan. She was the second wife of Lionel Dahmer and stayed in a marriage relationship till her death. In this article, you will learn different aspects of the life of Shari Dahmer. So, without wasting any time, let’s start exploring the life of Shari Jordan.

Quick Overview

Full NameShari Jordan
Date of Birth8th May 1953
Husband NameLionel Herbert Dahmer
Step Son NameJeffery Dahmer
Year of Death2012

Early Life

The date of birth of Shari Jordan is 8th May 1953. She was born in the northeastern state of the USA, Columbus, Ohio. The name of her father is Howard M.

The name of Shari’s mother is Olive Jean Miller. She lived a very happy life with her parents until she married Lionel Dahmer.

Who is the husband of Shari Jordan?

Who is the husband of Shari Jordan? lional dahmer

The name of the husband of Shari is Lionel Herbert Dahmer, also known as Lionel Dahmer. Because of the monstrous acts of her elder child Lionel also known as the “Father of a serial killer”. He was born on 29th July 1936. His father’s name is Herbert Walter Dahmer, and Catherine Jemima Hughes is his mother’s. Lionel was a student at Marquette University. At this university, he studied chemistry. After graduating from the university, Lionel became a full-time research chemist. The forefather of Lionel Dahmer belonged to German and Welsh ancestry.

In 2023, Lionel Dahmer is still alive with some ugly memories from his son Jeffery. As of 2023, the age of Lionel is 86 years. Presently, you can see him in some television interviews. In these interviews, he tells the public why they shouldn’t adopt the way of a serial killer, “Jeffery”.

First Marriage of Lionel Dahmer with Joyce Dahmer

First Marriage of Lionel Dahmer with Joyce Dahmer

After starting his professional life, Lionel got married to Joyce Annette Dahmer. The birth name of Joyce was Flint. She was a teletype machine instructor by her profession. The forefather of Joyce belonged to Norwegian and Irish ancestry.

After the marriage, Lionel and Joyce lived a happy life for many years. Joyce gave birth to her son on 21st, May 1960. The name of Lionel and Joyce’s first child is Jeffery Dahmer. Jeffery was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

The family of three members converted into four members on 18th December 1966 when Lionel and Joyce welcomed their second son. Lionel had chosen his second son’s name, “David Dahmer”. David was born in Doylestown, Ohio, USA.


After some years, Joyce starts experiencing depression. Due to depression, Lionel and Jeffery were engaged in a daily quarrel. This family situation had bad effects on the personality of their son, Jeffery. When Jeffery was only 18 and his brother David was 12, Lionel and Joyce decided to separate their ways. The divorce between Lionel and Joyce took place on 24th July 1978. During the divorce process, Joyce got the custody of his younger son David and Lionel got the custody of Jeffery Dahmer. After the divorce, Joyce also had her second marriage. Joyce died in 2000.

Second Marriage of Lionel Dahmer with Shari Jordan

Second Marriage of Lionel Dahmer with Shari Jordan

After the divorce from Joyce in 1978, Lionel Dahmer married Shari Jordan in the same year. Shari Jordan had changed her name after the marriage from Shari Jordan to Shari Dahmer. He wants to own the family of her husband.

Because the court had given the custody of Jeffery Dahmer (Elder son of Lionel and Joyce) to his father, Jeffery became step son of Shari Jordan. Lionel, Shari, and Jeffery used to live together after Lionel’s marriage to Shari. Shari will remain the wife of Lionel till her death. Lionel didn’t have any children from his second marriage.

Did Lionel Dahmer write books about his and Jeffey’s life?

Did Lionel Dahmer write books about his and Jeffey's life?

Since Lionel has experienced some horrific life incidents. That is why he decided to write books to give insights into his troubles throughout his life. Following are the names and details of two books that belong to Lionel Dahmer:

  1. A Father’s Story 1994
  2. Father’s Story a Pbp         2021

In the first book, “A Father’s Story”, Lionel described his incredible experiences. Through these experiences, Lionel explains his condition after hearing about Jeffery’s heinous crimes. Along with that, he also describes his entry into the world of complete denial. You can also learn about the feelings of Lionel during Jeffery’s trial.

Lionel’s second book is an updated version of his first book, published in 2021. In this book, he describes his experiences with “Raising a Serial Killer”.

Jeffery Dahmer: Stepson of Shari Jordan

Jeffery Dahmer: Stepson of Shari Jordan

After the marriage with Lionel Dahmer, Shari Dahmer became the stepmother of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. Shari Jordan lives with his husband and stepson till the arrest of Jeffery. The personality of Jeffery is developed in a very tough and tense domestic environment. He saw daily quarrels between his father and mother. Divorce and separation of his parents also negatively impact the overall personality of Jeffery.

Due to all of these conditions, Jeffery became a serial killer. He also involves in sex offenses. Today the world knows him as “Milwaukee Monster” and “Milwaukee Cannibal”. He started his crime in 1978 and never stopped doing the same crime till his arrest. He was arrested in 1991. Till 1991 he killed at least 17 men. And after the murder of these men, he dismembered them.

Eaten his victims after killing them and preserving their body parts, especially bones, is the ugliest crime of Jeffery Dahmer. After the arrest, Jeffery faced a complete trial. During the trial, Shari Jordan and Lionel Dahmer give complete support to Jeffery, and most often, they visit Jeffery in jail.

At the end of the trial, Jeffery was sentenced to sixteen-lifetime imprisonment without possibility of parole on 17th February 1992. The real punishment of imprisonment that Jeffery faced was for approximately 941 years. Jeffery was sent to Columbia Correctional Institute, Portage, Wisconsin, USA, to serve his punishment. Over there, his prison mate, Christopher Scarver, had killed him on 28th November 1994.

Is Shari Jordan still alive?

Undoubtedly Shari Jordan had spent a life full of tension due to his stepson Jeffery. However, after the death of Jeffery, she lived for approximately 20 years. She died in 2012. Shari had spent the last years of her life with her grandchildren.


So, here is all the information you must know about Shari Jordan. She was a very courageous woman from the USA. Shari got married to Lionel. After the marriage, she got into a lot of trouble due to her stepchild Jeffery. She died in 2012; as of 2023, her husband, Lionel Dahmer, is still alive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Shari Dahmer’s age at the time of her death?

Shari Jordan aka Shari Dahmer is a healthy woman. At the time of her death, she was 81 years old. Before her death, Shari had spent a brief period fighting with illness. She takes her last breath at a nursing home in Ohio.

Did Shari Jordan meet or talk to her stepson after Jeffery’s sentence?

Although Shari Jordan was the stepmother of Jeffery (Serial Killer of 17 men), she had a lot of affection towards Jeffery. Even when Jeffery had served his punishment in the Correctional Center, Shari had talked with Jeffery on the telephone. She had to call him once a week.

Why did Shari Jordan want to preserve the brain of her killer son Jeffery?

Jeffery had a very criminal mind, and he didn’t hesitate to kill and eat people. That is why Shari wanted to donate her brain to Jeffery for research. The wish of Shari Jordan has been accepted, and since 1994 the brain of Jeffery has been held by formaldehyde.
However, Lionel Dahmer didn’t want the same. He wanted to cremate Jeffery’s brain along with his body. The reason behind Lionel’s thoughts is Jeffery’s last words to his fathers, which he said to his father to cremate his full body.

Does information about Shari Dahmer is present on Wikipedia?

As of 2023, no complete information about Shari Dahmer is present on Wikipedia.

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