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What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading From Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?


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Being competitive requires staying current with advancements in business technology. For companies aiming to streamline operations, expand scalability, and improve overall efficiency, moving from legacy systems to cloud infrastructure has changed the game. One of the most widely used options is switching from Oracle EBS (Enterprise Business Suite) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This blog post examines the main advantages of switching from Oracle EBS to OCI, emphasizing the gains that companies can realize as a result of this change.

  • Enhanced Scalability: Moving from EBS to cloud migration gives companies the chance to take advantage of the cloud’s capability. Organizations can simply modify their infrastructure resources based on demand because of OCI’s elastic scalability. Businesses may easily scale their operations up or down using cloud infrastructure, resulting in maximum performance and resource utilization. Enterprises can fulfill their changing needs, support growth, and quickly adjust to market changes because of this flexibility.
  • Greater Performance: The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was designed to provide outstanding performance. Businesses may take advantage of high-speed networks, low-latency storage, and cutting-edge processing power by switching from EBS to OCI. The superior processing power provided by OCI’s contemporary infrastructure architecture ensures quicker application response times and improved user experiences. OCI’s worldwide reach enables businesses to deploy applications nearer to their intended users, cutting down on latency and boosting overall performance across geographically distributed processes.
  • Increased Security and Compliance: In the digital age, organizations place high importance on security. The transition to OCI strengthens data security and privacy. OCI offers a wide range of security features, such as strong access controls, advanced threat detection, and data encryption both in transit and at rest. Additionally, OCI abides by compliance certifications and standards that are industry-leading, guaranteeing that organizations may easily meet regulatory obligations. Enterprises can improve their security posture and protect sensitive data by switching from EBS to OCI.
  • Cost optimization: The Oracle EBS to OCI conversion gives companies the chance to reduce costs. Traditional on-premises infrastructure demands are hefty outlays for hardware, upkeep, and continuing administration. By offering a pay-as-you-go pricing model that enables businesses to only pay for the resources they use, OCI removes these capital expenses. Businesses may optimize resource allocation and cut wasteful expenditures associated with over-provisioning thanks to OCI’s auto-scaling features. Enterprises may strategically plan their budgets and spend money on innovation thanks to this economical technique.
  • Innovation and Seamless connection: OCI offers a large ecosystem of third-party tools and apps, as well as seamless connection with other Oracle Cloud services. Businesses can use this expansive ecosystem to integrate their current systems and open up new doors for innovation by switching from EBS to OCI. Organizations can design unique solutions, automate procedures, and accelerate digital transformation thanks to OCI’s comprehensive APIs and developer-friendly environment. Businesses may improve cooperation, reduce procedures, and provide excellent client experiences thanks to this integration feature.


There are many advantages to switching from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. These benefits are further enhanced by Opkey’s strong enterprise test automation capabilities, which guarantee seamless testing and high-quality software deployments. Opkey is a dependable partner in facilitating successful EBS to cloud migrations, with over 500,000 test cases automated and a huge reduction in test cycle time.

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