Clevo PA71 Gaming Laptop Review 2023: Power and Performance

Clevo pa71

Clevo PA71 is a perfect gaming laptop with exceptional performance and excellent display properties. This laptop has a high processing speed RGB keyboard with average battery life. The following review of Clevo PA 71 will guide you through this laptop’s important aspects. After knowing this information, you can easily decide whether this is a perfect match for you. Without further ado, let’s start exploring the features of the Clevo PA71 gaming laptop.

Pros and cons of Clevo PA71

Pros and cons of Clevo PA71

Knowing about the pros and cons of Clevo PA71 is very helpful. It will make you able to determine the basics of this laptop quickly.


  • Powerful processors make your daily intensive gaming and working experience easy.
  • If you have to work with multitasking, then 32 G.B. of RAM with utmost speed fulfills your requirement.
  • Display of every laptop plays an important role, and you will get an exceptional 4K display in Clevo PA 71, which is more than enough. You can’t get a better display than this one.
  • The sleek design with aluminum chassis makes this laptop elegant and durable.
  • Due to the high-end graphics card, you will get very high graphic performance on this laptop.
  • The keyboard and touchpad functionality is very smooth and easy to use.


  • The battery life of this laptop is not up to the mark.
  • The size of the track could be better.
  • Although this laptop has a high-resolution display, the PPI (Pixel per Inch) is not as great as it should be.
  • The price of the Clevo PA71 is also a problem with this laptop. You have other good options in this price range.
  • High weight also made this laptop less portable.

Specification and features of Clevo PA71 laptop

Specification and features of Clevo PA71 laptop

Wonderful design with high-end durability

The slim and sleek design made this laptop aesthetically pleasing. It has only a 0.98-inch thin body made with aluminum alloy. These qualities provide this laptop with a higher edge against its competitors. So, this is the best machine with beauty the beast in design and performance.

Its design also gives you an extra bit of machine durability. You can use this laptop without any hassle in your routine work. The sleek design also allows you to carry Clevo PA 71 with ease.

Lightning fast Solid State Drive (S.S.D.) & RAM

SSD and RAM are considered very important parts of any laptop or P.C., Thanks to the developers of Clevo PA71, who give 32 G.B. of RAM with 512 GB of S.S.D. (High performance PCIe Gen3 x 4 Storage) to make this laptop a perfect gaming companion and best buddy for high-end computer professionals.

You can multitask with 32 GB RAM powered by DD4 technology. A High-speed S.S.D. drive can also help you complete your tasks with lightning-fast speed. So, overall Clevo PA71 has full points for its design, speed, and storage capacity.

Excellent Processor performance: Made to manage almost everything

Design can please your eyes, and storage will allow you to multitask. But almost everything can go in vain if the brain behind the machine can’t handle tasks efficiently. However, in the case of Clevo NA71, the makers also don’t make any loopholes incorporating the processor in this machine.

Clevo NA71 gives your ultimate processing speed with the help of the 8th generation Core i7-7700HQ processor. This processor gives you smooth performance in the toughest gaming or video editing environment with the help of S.S.D. and RAM.

Thanks to this highly equipped laptop, you can get a seamless gaming experience even with A.A.A. category games. You can play the latest-gen games on their 1080P resolution without lagging. So far, design, processor, and storage are the strong side of Clevo PA71.

Immersive view 4K display

Clevo PA71 is made for a top-class gaming experience. That is why the display of this laptop is made with a 17.3-inch screen with a max resolution of 3840×2160 (4K). This laptop also offers a wide-angle display, which means you can enjoy watching movies on Clevo PA71 with your friends and family.

With an amazing 144Hz frame refresh rate, visuals become so real that you can even feel them while watching on the screen. Additionally, vibrant colors, high contrast, and natural deep black colors give you a feel of a real-world gaming experience with highly possible detail.

The display’s brightness level allows you to operate this machine in bright daylight. So, you can use this laptop indoors or outdoors without limitations. With the latest technology in mind, PA71 is also a “Virtual Reality Ready” laptop. The V.R. of PA 71 is equipped with “NVIDIA VRWorks” virtual reality technology. All you have to do is plug a V.R. headset into the laptop and enjoy watching movies or playing games in virtual reality.

Graphic Processing Unit A.K.A. Graphic Card

Handling high-end 4K visuals during intensive game playing is not easy. Clevo PA 71 is equipped with GeForce GTC 1070 GPU to tackle 4K resolution with ease. This is one of the best GPUs in the market, designed to give you full control of power and performance.

PA 71 also has an Intel GPU, which comes into play when your gaming battle is over. This GPU helps in the extension of battery life. Additionally, in PA 71, NVIDIA G-Sync display technology is also present, further enhancing the smoothest and fastest gaming experience.

Best gaming keyboard and touchpad

Like other exceptional specs of Clevo PA 71, the touchpad of this machine works smoothly. With this laptop, you can use trackpad shortcuts like double-finger scrolling, pinch to zoom, etc.  

Its keyboard has customizable keys, RGB lights per key backlit, and ample space between keys. All these features give you the liberty of smooth typing and gaming experience.

Sound Blaster of PA71

The makers of PA71 give attention to every tiny part of the laptop. For this laptop “Sound BlasterX Pro-Gaming” Acoustic Engine is used. This engine ensures you high-quality audio output. The speakers of this laptop give you real voice output for an immersive gaming experience.

Its audio system also gives a very powerful base along with surround sound. All these audio qualities will take Your gaming journey to the next level. Along with excellent speaker sounds, an extra pair of amplifiers is also embedded in this laptop to give you maximum headphone sound fidelity. 

Battery with 4 hours of backup time

After studying many good things about his laptop, it’s time to visit its shortcoming, which is present in his battery. Although this is a perfect laptop for thousands of works, it has a battery that lasts only four hours after full charging.

It is quite understandable that Clevo PA71 is a very big machine with a sleek design. So, it is tough to power this mighty tech gadget with an extended battery life span. However, it is recommended that to get full benefits from PA71, you must use this machine plugged in during high-end graphics tasks or intensive gaming sessions.

Weight and dimensions

For portability purposes, you must keep this factor in mind. The weight of the Clevo PA71 is only 3.1 kilograms, which is quite impressive with all high-end gaming laptop specs. You can easily carry this laptop where ever you go.

This laptop has the following dimensions:

  • Width 16.85 inches
  • Depth 11.73 inches
  • Height 1.61 inches

Ports in Clevo PA71

As this laptop is made to fulfill all your modern-day requirements. Thus, it contains all the latest ports.    Following are the main ports that are present in this laptop:

  • Display port
  • Headphone Jack
  • A pair of USB 3.0 Ports
  • Thunder Bolt 3 (Which is a Super Speed USB port with the latest version, USB 3.1)

With the help of the Thunder Bolt three port, you can transfer any data with 8X speed compared to the 3.0 USB Port. This advanced port gives you a 40 G.B. per second data transfer rate, which is exceptional.


After learning about the Clevo PA71 gaming laptop, it is clear that you can’t get a better gaming machine instead of this beast. The processing speed, RAM, GPU, S.S.D. and all other features of this laptop are amazing. The only thing you should consider as not good in PA 71 is its battery backup capability. Otherwise, it is the best device whether you use it in one place or want to travel with it. PA 71 is a highly portable device equipped with cutting-edge technology. You will never disappoint after purchasing this laptop.

Clevo PA 71- Frequently Asked Questions

Which operating system is present in this laptop by default?

This gaming beast comes with a Windows 10 Home version.                    

What is the price of Clevo PA 71?

The price of this laptop is only two thousand USD.

Does the fingerprint scanner present in Clevo mode PA71?

Yes, you can get the latest fingerprint scanner on this laptop. This scanner helps you easy access to log in to your laptop.

Why should you buy Clevo PA 71?

This pc has all the necessary things that you can imagine. It has the best processor with advanced GPU and 32 G.B. of RAM. You can easily play almost any kind of game on this laptop.

Why should you not buy PA71?

The masterpiece was not designed for budget gaming laptops. Because the price of this elegant laptop is very high, Battery backup is not adequate, but you can use this laptop with an adapter plugged inefficiently.


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