Clevo NH70 Gaming Laptop 2023: Specs, Features, and Performance

clevo nh70

Today no one can succeed if he refuses to adopt the latest technology. Software Developers, Designers, and especially gamers can’t survive without the latest laptop or computers. This article provides an inclusive overview of the Clevo NH70, a cutting-edge gaming laptop incorporating the latest technology. So, Without further due let’s start exploring Clevo NH70

Clevo NH70

Overall, the Clevo NH70 is a powerful gaming laptop that can easily be used for video editing or software development. It is a 9th generation laptop with a powerful processor, ample SSD, good display unit, high-performance GPU, pleasing sound system, and average battery life.

Clevo NH70 gaming laptops pros and cons

Clevo NH70 gaming laptops pros and cons

Before purchasing any laptop, knowing its pros and cons will help you a lot in the future. Here, you will learn about this gaming laptop’s merits and demerits.


  • It has a full High-definition display with a 17.3 inches size, giving you a good visual experience. The display of this laptop has a 127.3 PPI ratio, which gives you a vibrant display.
  • It also has an additional feature, a tempting and smooth keypad, which is variable backlit. Backlit colors can be changed based on the mode you’re playing.
  • This laptop includes an 8 Giga Byte of RAM, which is enough for an intense gaming experience.
  • One thing you will like in Clevo NH70 is its extraordinary speaker base. You can then blast the sound of music, movies, and games without headphones.


  • Frame rate performance on the higher graphic setting is not up to the mark. That means you can’t play AAA title games on these gaming machines.
  • This laptop also has connectivity issues because it doesn’t have a thunderbolt of type C posts.
  • The weight of this laptop is almost 2.7 kilograms which feels heavy, and you can face trouble carrying this laptop with you.
  • It is also unjustifiable to charge this much for Clevo NH70. You can purchase better laptops in the same price range.
  • Despite gaming-dominant features, Clevo NH70 got hot during the high-intensity games.
  • You can also feel comfort due to the noisy behavior of its heat exhaustion fan.
  • Additionally, Clevo NH70 didn’t have a webcam in it.
  • If you want to use this laptop remotely, you must know it doesn’t have enough battery time. You will get only three hours of battery backup from Clevo NH 70.

Clevo laptop review

Clevo NH 70 is a good product from a Taiwanese computer manufacturing company. This laptop is made under the Clevo gaming laptop manufacturing unit. And focuses more on high-end gaming performance.

Clevo NH70 has a very modern and sleek design with other qualities, attracting many gamers and high-end computer professionals. The laptop made by Clevo company also has a great reputation in the USA.

Clevo NH70 Features

The main features of Clevo NH70 are as follows:

Clevo NH70 Features


  • Model: INTEL i7-9750H
  • Processing speed: 2.60 GHz
  • Cache: 12MB
  • Generation: 9th

Any gaming laptop is powered by its processor or CPU. Clevo NH70 has a high-performance intel processor, “Inter core i7-9750H”. With high processing speed and an excellent amount of cache memory, it can handle many high-end gaming and tasks easily. Due to its heavy processing speed, gamers consider this laptop a performance benchmark. While playing multiple games, it is noticed that its processor is not down its performance despite extra heat generation.

Graphics Processor:

Alongside the powerful processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics make this laptop stand above many gaming laptops. Due to this graphic card, you can avail yourself of the option to customize the ultra-graphic setting of your modern-day high-end games.


The sleek design of the Clevo NH70 gives him a very appealing look. This laptop is made by keeping simplicity and aesthetics panels in mind. Unlike many laptops on the market, this is made of high-quality plastic. Despite of plastic material, the durability is not compromised.

In the ergonomic design of this laptop, special arrangements are made for heat ventilation. The keyboard of Clevo NH70 is the most impressive part, which is very smooth in operation. Its keypad also has RGB light that fulfils the environmental requirements of a gaming laptop.


If you are a traveller who loves to carry his laptop for work and entertainment, then Clevo NH70 must not be your first choice because this laptop weighs 2.5 kilograms. Additionally, along with its power adapter, the weight reaches almost 5 kilograms. So, it is not a device that can fulfil your portability requirements.

Battery life:

This laptop comes with an average battery. The battery of Clevo NH70 is 14.4 Volts with a capacity of 3275mAh (Milli Ampere Hours). The estimated Battery Life of this laptop is only 3 to 4 hours in its new condition. Most of the time, the battery of Clevo drained after a maximum of 3.5 hours, which is not justifiable in this price range. You have many options regarding battery life with spending the same amount of money.


The Price range of this range is coming under average to moderate level. Depending on the market, the price of this laptop may vary. However, the average price of this laptop is around $1000.


The basic variant of Clevo NH70 comes with an 8 Giga Byte of RAM (Random Access Memory). For playing most of games, this storage capacity of RAM is enough. But to experience smoother functioning during multitasking, you must upgrade your RAM to 16 GB. This laptop allows RAM upgradation.


The LCD of Clevo NH70 also gives you above average visual experience. The Clevo NH70 features a large 17.3-inch Full HD display, allowing for high-quality video playback with a resolution of up to 1080p. The frame refreshing rate of this laptop is 90 HZ. Due to the high refreshing rate, you can watch movies or play games in a smooth visual manner. The brightness of the LCD of this laptop is also above average.  


Clevo NH70 features an excellent pixel density of 127.3 pixels per inch, which results in sharper picture and text quality. There is a very high price for Clevo NH70. The Clevo NH70 weighs more than its competitors. When running memory-intensive applications, the Clevo NH70 may have slow performance due to its 8 GB of memory.

The storage space of 256 must be increased to install multiple modern games. High-demanding games are unsuitable for a frame rate of 39.9 frames per second. Normal usage only results in 3.5 hours of battery life. Long gaming sessions may require you to have the charger connected to the Clevo NH70 because of its short battery life.

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Clevo NH70 – Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Clevo computers made?

Clevo is a great computer manufacturing company which was established in 1990. The origin of this company is Taiwan. Now, Clevo’s laptops are in demand all around the world.

Does Clevo Company have other tech business other than laptop manufacturing?

Initially, Clevo started as solely a laptop and computer manufacturing company. Bust with time, it also starts making exclusive laptop chassis for other companies.

Is Clevo NH 70 upgradeable?

Yes, you can upgrade the processor and RAM in Clevo NH70. However, the graphic card is the component that you can’t upgrade. It is soldered with the laptop chassis.

How does the Frame per Second behave on different video resolutions in Clevo NH70?

On average, if you play a 1080p game on a Clevo laptop, the frame-per-second speed is almost 40fps. However, if you play a 4K video on this laptop, its frame per second reduces to approx. 14 fps. 


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