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Cole Bennett: Cole Bennett Net Worth, Early Life, Parents, Girlfriend, Career And Other Info


Who is Cole Bennett?

Cole Bennett is an American citizen. He became famous due to his multiple professions. Cole Bennett is known to be a music and video director. Along with these professions, he is also a well-known business executive and filmmaker. Cole Bennett earned much fame, respect, and wealth throughout his career. Cole Bennett’s net worth is estimated to exceed two million US dollars by 2023.

Cole Bennett is one of your favorite personalities, and you will learn more about him in this article. So, without wasting further time, let us explore the life of Cole Bennett.

Early Life

The date of birth of Cole Bennett is 14th of May 1996. He was born in Plano, Illinois, USA. Cole spent most of his early life days at Plano and got his early life education from “Plano High School, Plano.” After completing his school and college education, Cole Bennett got admission to “DePaul University” for higher education.

But unfortunately, he left the university without completing his education. The main reason behind his dropout from DePaul University is his passion for videography and music video direction. From childhood, Cole Bennett always wanted to be a videographer and music director.

Family of Cole Bennett

Cole Bennett’s family consists of Cole Bennett’s parents and a brother. It is unclear who his family members are and what their professions are. Keep visiting this blog because this blog will be frequently updated as new information surfaces about the family of Cole Bennett.

Cole Bennett girlfriend

As of 2023, Cole Bennett is living his life as single and is not involved in any relationship. However, in the past, Cole Bennett announced through Instagram that he was in a romantic relationship with a famous social media personality and superb model named “Sommer Ray.”

Sommer Ray was known as Cole Bennett’s GF in 2021, but there is no evidence that this couple remains together. The Insta story Cole published to announce his relationship with Sommer Ray consists of multiple photos. In the last picture of this story, Cole is seen kissing his girlfriend, Sommer Ray.

This story disappeared after 24 hours of publishing, but this will mark the history of the one and only known girlfriend of Cole Bennett.

Cole Bennett age

Cole Bennett was born on the 14th of May 1996, and as of 2023, his age is 27 years. According to the date of birth of Cole Bennett, his zodiac sign is “Taurus.” The Taurus sign is associated with artistic ability, intellectual accomplishment, and greatness. Those who are born under the Taurus sign have a big heart and a great sense of empathy for others. If you look at Cole Bennett’s life, you can easily determine that Taurus deeply impacts his life.

Cole Bennett’s height and weight

Music video director Cole Bennett is well-known in hip-hop for his creative and unique visual style. But do you know how tall and heavy he is? As of 2023, Cole Bennett stands 5 feet 1 inches tall and weighs 154 pounds, which is neither too heavy nor too light for someone his height. Though Cole Bennett’s average height and weight, his talent and passion for music videos make him stand out.

Cole Bennett House

As a young videographer, Cole Bennett has become one of the most successful in the entertainment industry. He is only 27 years of age.

Having such a large net worth, he has spared no expense investing in property. You can see one of his houses on his Instagram account called “Lyrical Lemonade’s headquarters.”

The property has a screening room, filming equipment, offices, an indoor basketball court, a fully equipped kitchen, and custom-painted walls.

Cole Bennet on social media

Cole Bennet is quite active on social media. Although he has many social media accounts. However, Cole gives mostly active on

•             YouTube

•             Instagram

•             Facebook

Cole Bennet has most of his followers on his YouTube Channel. The name of his YouTube channel is “Lyrical Lemonade”. As of 2023, he has more than 21 million YouTube followers.

After YouTube, most of his followers are present on Instagram. Cole Bennet’s Instagram has more than 3.7 million followers. His Instagram handle is “Colebennett.”

Cole Bennet also has a Facebook account; however, he is not quite active on this account. He has only 20 thousand followers on his Facebook account. His Facebook account’ name is also “Lyrical Lemonade.”


Cole Bennett’s career consists of multiple fields. He started his career at the age of 13 years when he was a school-going kid by making a YouTube channel, “Lyrical Lemonade.” In the beginning, Cole’s mother helped him a lot in selecting the right name for his channel. She also financially supported his channel by giving him a video camera for videography.

When he started his career as a videographer, he only made videos of local rappers in Chicago. The names of local rappers are as follows:

  • Taylor Bennett
  • Ridgio
  • King Louie

Alongside the music video, Cole also uploads the following videos on his channel:

  • Documentaries
  • Cyphers
  • Live show recaps
  • Interviews

By watching the popularity of his YouTube channel, Cole decided to expand his channel to other genres of music, like hip-hop alongside rap music. This is the right decision because, after that, Lyrical Lemonade starts climbing the new heights of success. His channel started gaining popularity at the end of 2016.

Cole Bennett started working with well-known artists such as:

  • Lil Pump
  • Famous Dex
  • Ski Mask: The Slump God

Till April 2017, Cole’s main focus was on music videos. In April 2017, Cole uploaded his first-ever short film, “Lone Springs.” After that, he worked on multiple music and film videos. He has produced a number of videos on YouTube that have been very popular:

  • Music Video        Betrayed (For Lil Xan)
  • Music Video        BabyWipe (For  Skil Mask)
  • Music Video        Lil Skies (For  Skil Mask)
  • Music Video        Red Rosses (For  Skil Mask)
  • Music Video        Nowadays (For  Skil Mask)
  • Music Video        Bounce Out With That (For YBN Nahmir)

In 2018, Cole directed a popular video of his career named “Lucid Dreams.” He produced this video for a band, “Chicago Rapper.” This video gained more than 900 million views on YouTube. Lucid Dream song also ranked second on the “Billboard Hot 100” chart.

After the success of Lucid Dream, Cole Bennett mostly worked with popular singers like:

  • J. Cole
  • Kanye West
  • Eminem
  • Wiz Khalifa

In 2020, Cole directed a video with Eminem’s single song “Godzilla.” This video got a lot of popularity and crossed 12 million views within twenty-four hours of its release.

Other business venture of Cole Bennett

Apart from being a videographer, Cole Bennett also invests in other businesses. Following are the details of his business:

  • Cole Bennett started his beverages production unit as “Lyrical Lemonade.”
  • He also collaborated with the following brands in 2020:
  • Jordan
  • FTP
  • In 2021, Cole Bennett also launched an online store named “By Cole Bennett.” Under the umbrella of this online store, he sells classified soft goods that Cole himself especially makes.

Cole Bennett’s net worth

Cole Bennett is a young, talented guy doing business in multiple fields. However, his main income comes from his YouTube channel, “Lyrical Lemonade.” Cole Bennett earns a lot of money throughout his business ventures, and his net worth is estimated at more than $2 million as of 2023. He is just 27 years old, and his net worth continuously increases.


Cole Bennett is a very dedicated and passionate person towards his goals. It was his interest in video production that eventually led to him becoming a highly paid videographer and a famous YouTuber in 2023.

Currently, Cole Bennett makes videos only of prominent entertainment industry figures. His life is full of lessons as at the very young age of 27 years he got the success which is the dream of so many people. His success comes with much fortune, as his net worth is two million US dollars. Cole has a long career and success in his path.

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