Unleashing the Power of Bass: A Review of the Skullcandy Crusher 2014

skull candy crusher 2014

If you are a person who is looking for a mediocre headphone that has a comfortable design, then Skullcandy Crusher 2014 is the best option for you. The bass controller capability of these headphones makes this model unique, and it is quite popular among listeners who love high bass. You can easily access this bass controller, which is a slider present on the left ear cup of the headphones.

However, you must keep one thing in mind: due to the bass controller, you might also face issues with sound balancing. If you are not a mediocre listener and more or less a critical listener, then these headphones are not for you. There is a plastic component in the construction of these headphones. That is why Skullcandy Crusher 2014 is not a durable headphone.

Check out this headphone’s in-depth review below.

Pros and cons of Skullcandy Crusher 2014

Before purchasing anything, knowing about the advantages and disadvantages is very important. By learning about the pros and cons, you can quickly decide whether the product suits you. Following are the main pros and cons of this headset.


  • The first advantage of this headphone is for the bass lover. Which is “Adjustable bass response”. A listener can adjust the base of this headset according to his mode or situation.
  • The weight of these headphones is also quite low.
  • Due to their lightweight, you can also get a good comfort level when using these headphones.


  • As this headphone comes at a low price due to this reason, it doesn’t have an advanced option like active noise cancellation. Due to this reason, you will almost get very poor noise isolation. During the listening period, you can easily hear the outside noise. If you use these headphones in quiet places like offices, your colleagues can be easily disturbed by leaky sound from your headphones.
  • Secondly, the built quality of this headset is very low. You have to use these headphones with extra care. Otherwise, these headphones are prone to breaking.
  • Sound leakage at high volume is another disadvantage of this headphone.

Feature and specification of Skullcandy Crusher 2014 headphone

Design and build quality

The design of these headphones is not so fascinating. Rather, it has a very boring over-ear design. The design quality of these headphones is also very cheap.

Large square ear cups and headbands are made of plastic material. Despite its low build-quality design, one thing that makes this headphone stand out is that it has a wide range of color schemes. Some fascinating color schemes are as follows:

  • Bright Red
  • Military-camo green
  • Black
  • Leopard
  • Gray
  • Cyan

Comfort level

The comfort level of any headphones is a very important factor. Because a premium sound quality headphone cannot fulfill your requirements if it has a low comfort level. The following factors directly impact the comfort level of any headphones:

  • Weight
  • Clamping force

 So, the weight of Skullcandy Crusher is only 0.55 pounds, which is quite lightweight. Due to its lightweight, this headphone is quite comfortable.

The clamping force, which is the tightness of the headband, is 1.1 pounds. This clamping force is higher than the normal clamping force. You will feel uncomfortable if you use these headphones for longer periods.

Additionally, the padding is large enough to easily cover your ears. However, the padding is not so soft, which again can cause trouble during long listening.


In the area of body control, Skullcandy Crusher will not get a lot of marks. It has only two types of mechanical controls, which are as follows:

  • Bass controller slider
  • Tactile button for play pause and skip the songs

Heat response or breathability

Breathability is another important specification of any headphone. This factor determines the change in heat during a specific time of listening.

Skullcandy crusher has an average breathability score. Because you will feel an average 6-degree centigrade change of temperatures after several hours of listening, that means you can easily get sweat around and inside of your ears during the intensive use of these headphones.

Their slightly perforated pads on the ear cups make them marginally better than other closed-back over-ears. However, they will not be suitable for energetic exercise.

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A headphone’s stability determines whether it may be used during exercise activities like jogging or running. Due to the high clamping force, Skullcandy Crusher gives you stability during normal exercise like walking.

However, the bulky design will not allow you to use these headphones during intense exercise if you are using these headphones with wire during any activity. Worrying if your wire hooks on an object are unnecessary because it will be detachable from your headphones. You will be able to avoid having your headphones yanked off by others.

The size and portability

The Skullcandy Crusher are large headphones in size. It has the dimensions of Length x Width x Height (5 inches x 6.5 inches x 2.88 inches). However, if you want to travel with these headphones, you can easily fold them more compactly. That means these headphones are good for portability score. You can easily carry these headphones with you during travels in a bag.

Noise Isolation

Skullcandy Crusher 2014 has very poor noise isolation characteristics. The noise isolation of any headphone describes the amount of noise that is blocked by the headset during the listening period. Poor noise isolation means you can still hear different outside noises while your headphone is on.

Skullcandy Crusher can’t block the noise of vehicles or airplane engines rumbling. However, this headset can block a minor amount of other people’s chatting voices at high volumes. So, overall, you can’t benefit from noise isolation from these headphones.

Leakage sound

Leakage sound is another property of a headset, which describes the amount of sound that leaks during ‘ON’ time. Skullcandy Crusher 2014 got good scores in this property as the leakage sound is around 39dB while listening to music at 100 dBm volume. The sound level of 39 dBm should be acceptable for any headset since this is the average level of noise produced in an office.


Skullcandy Crusher 2014 comes with an in-line microphone. This microphone provides good-quality sound for recording and transmitting voice during gaming sessions in a quiet atmosphere. However, the pitch of the voice recorded by the crusher’s microphone is thin compared to real voices.

For example, if you try to record with headphones or talk to someone, the results will not be satisfactory, as the ability to separate background noise from real voice is very poor in Skullcandy Crusher 2014.

Battery life

Although Skullcandy Crusher is a wired headset, it still uses an AA-size battery. The purpose of the battery in this headset is to provide extra bass functionality. The battery life is approximately 38 hours if you continuously use this headphone with up to 70 percent bass selection. The battery of this headset can drain faster if you select the bass slider more than 70%.

One thing you must note is that the battery of this headphone only affects the extra bass of this headset. The normal sound of the headset is not affected due to battery drainage.

Wire of Skullcandy Crusher 2014

Skullcandy Crusher is a wired headset. In the headset package, you will receive a non-os-specific wire, which can be used as an in-line remote. The microphone of this headset is also present on the audio cable of this headset.

The following devices are fully compatible with the wire of this headset:

  • PS4
  • Xbox One controller

You can get audio and voice support from the original audio cable. However, in some previous PC versions, you must use a converter to split the microphone and speaker signal according to PC configuration.


You can enjoy all the features of Skullcandy Crusher at the rate of 89.6 US dollars on Amazon. The price is reasonable when you look at the features of this headset.


So, here is all the information you must know about Skullcandy Crusher 2014. These headphones give you mediocre results if you want to use them as regular usage. The sound of this headphone is good, and the base slider adds more value to the sound of this headphone.

These headphones do not have good noise-cancellation properties. That is why you can’t use them during the compute where the noise is high.

Although this headphone has a head grip, due to its bulky design, you can use it during sports or fitness activities. You can use these headphones in the office with some compromise on leaky noise and poor noise isolation.

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