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Jensen Ackles Height, Net Worth, Family, Kids, and Career 2023


Jansen Ackles

Jenson Ackles is a famous American Nationalist who got fame due to his acting career. He can also sing and play guitar well. Jensen started his acting career in 1998 and has done a lot of different roles in movies and TV shows. In the dark fantasy drama series “Supernatural,” he played Dean Winchester’s role. He is perhaps best known as “Dean Winchester. This serial was played on “The WB/CW” from 2005 to 2020. In this article, you will learn lots of exciting info about Jensen, including Jensen Ackles’s height, family, early life, age, movies & TV shows, and much more in a unique way.

So, stay connected to feed your memory cell by exploring Jensen Ackles’s life.

Jensen Ackles bio

Jensen Ross Ackles, famously known as Jensen Ackles, was born in Dallas, a city in the Texas State of USA. Ackles was born on March 1978, and he celebrated his birthday on the 1st of every year. After spending a few of his early life days in Dallas, he moved to Richardson, Dallas, where he spent all his childhood with his mother and other family members.

Jensen is a very handsome boy, and due to his fabulous looks, he started modeling at a young age when he was only four years old. He went to “Dartmouth Elementary School” to get an education. After completing his elementary education, Jensen went to “Apollo Junior High School.” He also got his high school education from “LV Berkner High School.” Along with formal education, Jenson also takes theater classes to learn acting.

During his student life, Jensen is very athletic, a part of the baseball and lacrosse team. He completed his education in 1996.

Jensen Ackles age

As of 2023, the age of famous actor Jenson is 45, and he is enjoying his life and a successful career. Jensen Ackles’s ethnicity consists of German, English, and Scottish. Most of his German ancestors lived in Russia for a long time.

Jensen Ackles haircut

Jensen Ackles haircut
Jensen Ackles haircut

Jensen Ackles is a handsome hero in Hollywood who cares a lot about his appearance. Throughout his career, Jensen Ackles’s hair got different types of hairstyles. Jensen Ackles’s long hair has some stunning styles you can imagine. Following is a list of some of the mostly adopted haircuts by Jensen.

  1. Long hair with bearded
  2. Spiky & Bald Fade side haircut
  3. Short haircut
  4. Soldier boy haircut
  5. Quiff haircut
  6. Sliked Dean Winchester hairstyle

Jensen’s hairstyle and trim beard are always the favorite of his fans. All these hairstyles with green eyes of Jensen add extra beauty to the overall appearance of Jensen Ackles.

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Jensen Ackles family

Jensen Ackles has a complete family, and his parents, siblings, wife, and kids are included in his family. Following is a short brief about his family:

Jensen Ackles parents

Jensen Ackles parents

The name of the father, Jensen, is “Alan Ackles.” Alan was born in 1948, and he is also a US citizen. Alan Ackles got married to Donna Joan in 1971. By profession, Alan was a well-known actor who has work as an actor in the following famously known movies and TV series:

  1. In 2005 he acted in “Supernatural.”
  2. In the same year, Alan also works in “Prison Break.”

The name of the mother of Jensen is “Donna Joan Shaffer Ackles,” and she is an ordinary US citizen. She loves to look after her house. First, she got famous as the wife of a renowned actor, and as of 2023, she is known as the “mother of superstars” Winger and Jensen.

Jensen Ackles’s brother and sister

Jensen Ackles's brother and sister

The name of the Jensen Ackles siblings is as follows:

  1. Joshua Ackles (Known for being the brother and son of famous actors)
  2. Mackenzie Ackles (She got married to Jeremy Stauffer)

Jensen Ackles’s wife and kids

Jensen Ackles's wife and kids

Jensen Ackles wife

Jensen Ackles is married to Danneel Ackles, who is also known for her successful acting career. She has appeared in several notable movies and TV series throughout her career. She had done some prominent acting work in the following movies and series.

  1. She performs the role of “Shannon McBain” in the daytime soap “Opera One Live to Live.”
  2. Danneel also acted in “One Tree Hill” as “Rachel Gatina.”

Jensen and Danneel first time they met in 2006. After the first meeting, the couple dated for nearly three years. After their engagement in November 2009, they made the decision to take the next step and get married. In May 2010, they officially tied the knot. Jensen Ackles’s wedding ceremony took place in Dallas, USA. After the marriage, both are living a happy life.

Jensen Ackles children

Jensen and Danneel are blessed with three kids. His kids got fame as celebrity children. The name of Jensen Ackles’s children is as follows:

  1. Justice Jay Ackles is known as “JJ.”

(Justice was born on 13th May 2013, nearly three years after Jensen’s marriage. )

2. Zeppelin Bram Ackles

3. Arrow Rhodes Ackles

(Zeppelin and Arrow were twin kids of Jensen, who was born on 2nd December 2016)

Jensen Ackles’s height and weight

Jensen Ackles stands at an impressive height of 6 feet and 1 inch, which is above average for an American celebrity. Despite his tall stature, he maintains a healthy weight of 82 kilograms or 181 pounds, showcasing his commitment to maintaining good health even at the age of 46.

Social Media

Jensen Ackles frequently engages with his fans and shares updates on social media platforms. Jensen has following social media accounts.

Jensen Ackles Instagram

Jensen Ackles twitter

Jensen Ackles tattoos

Jensen Ackles has four tattoos on his body. He made most of the tattoos along with “Supernatural” co-stars. Jensen especially made tattoos on the wedding ceremonies of his colleagues to show his love and care for his friends.

Jensen Ackles movies and tv shows

Jensen Ackles movies and tv shows

Throughout his career, Jensen Ackles has done a lot of work in modeling and acting. He manages to get several central roles in different tv shows and movies. The details of his television shows and films in which he got massive acceptance are as follows:

Jensen Ackles’s TV shows

Jensen Ackles embarked on his acting journey in 1996, marking the beginning of his successful career in the entertainment industry. Before beginning an official acting career got enough fame due to his modeling career at a young age. That is why Jensen was called a celebrity guest on different TV shows. The name of the shows in which Jensen appears as a guest is as follows:

  1. Sweet Valley High
  2. Mr. Rhodes
  3. Cybill

After that, Jensen got an offer as “Eric Brady” in 1997. The name of the NBC TV show is “Days of Our Lives.” This was the first show of Jensen. “Days of Our Lives” shows run on NBC for almost four years. After that, Jensen left the display in 2000.

The second TV project that Jensen got is a short series named “Blond” as “Eddie G. Robinson.” After these projects, Jensen has never looked back and has done a lot of successful television shows. Following are the names of TV shows in which Jensen has done work.

  • Jensen Ackles as “Ben” in “Dark Angel,” 2001 to 2002.
  • As “C.J. Braxton” in “Dawson’s Creek,” 2002 to 2003.
  • As “Max Morgan” in “Still Life,” 2003.
  • As “Jason Teague” in “Smallville,” 2004 to 2005.
  • As “Dean Winchester” in “Supernatural,” 2005 to 2020. (Jensen Ackles’s wife also played a role in the Supernatural tv show.  
  • He also worked in the TV serial “The Walker” as “Miles Vyas” in 2022.
  • “Big Sky” is another super hit serial in which Jensen Ackles worked as “Beau Arlen” in 2022-2023. It is a Jensen Ackles new TV show.
  • In the new TV shows in which Jensen Ackles has done work, the name “The Winchesters” is also quite popular. In this serial, Jensen acted as “Dean Winchester.” This show started in 2022 and ended in 2023.
  • The latest show by Jensen Ackles is “The Boys” in which he is doing actings as “Ben.” Ben plays a central role in “The Boys” TV show. This show also started in 2022 and is still live on Television screens.

Jensen Ackles movies

Although Television shows are the main reason for Jensen Ackles’s fame, alongside the movies, Jensen has done incredible work in different movies too. He started his movie career in 2004 with his debut movie, “The Plight of Clownana” is a film released in 2004, in which he portrays the character of “Jensen.” In the same film, Jensen was also an “executive producer” and “First assistance director.”

After his first movie, he acted in “Devour” as “Jake Gray” in 2005. His movie career started making success, and Jensen got more movie offers, too, after the success of his two movies. Apart from his first two movies, he has worked in the following seven movies:

  • My Bloody Valentine
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood (In this movie, he has performed voice-over acting of “Jason Todd” and “Red Hood.”)
  • Buddy games
  • Batman: The Long Halloween, part I
  • Batman: The Long Halloween, Part II
  • Captain America
  • Legion of Superhero
  • Justice League: Werworld
  • Buddy Games: Spring Awakening

2021 and 2023 remain excellent years for Jensen as he has done work in multiple movies. The latest film is still waiting for release, “Rust.” In this movie, Jensen Ackles played the role of “Wood Helm.”

Jensen Ackles brewery

In his career, Jensen Ackles also has a handful of shares in the “Dripping Springs” company, a brewery company based in Texas. Jensen started this company along with his in-laws and wife. The tagline of “Dripping Springs” is “Family Business.”

Jensen Ackles singing

Along with other business and showbiz adventures, Jensen also has a keen interest in singing. “Sounds of Someday” is the title of Jensen’s first song. A lot of his followers like this song.

After releasing his first song, “Radio Company,” he contacted him in 2018, and Jensen started collaborating with the famous singer “Steve Carlson.” In 2019, Jensen and Steve released their first album, “Vol.1”. After the first album, Jensen and Steve released their second album, “Vol. 2,” in May 2021. Jensen Ackles never made his band in a singing career. He is just working on collaborative singing.

Jensen Ackles house

The house of Jensen Ackles is situated in Austin, Texas, USA. The area of his home is approximately 7500 square feet. This beautiful wood-framed house is located next to a lake. In this house, Jensen is living with his wife and kids. In his home, he has the following prominent places:

  • Music room
  • Master suite
  • Kick-Ass bar

Jensen Ackles car

Jensen Ackles has gained a lot of fame from his acting career. Due to his success in the showbiz industry, he makes a lot of money. He also spends his money on worthy things. Jensen has a beautiful car collection. Mainly he has the following antique pieces of cars:

  • Ford Mustang
  • Ram 1500 TRX
  • Chevrolet Impala

Jensen Ackles net worth

In addition to acting and singing, Jensen Ackles is a producer and voice artist. From all these professions, Jensen made a lot of money. There is an estimate that Jensen’s net worth is 14 million dollars in 2023. The career of Jensen Ackles is still at its peak. Due to their successful ongoing career, it is estimated that the total net worth of Jensen Ackles is increasing daily.


So here is all the information you are interested in for your superhero Jensen Ackles. Jensen Ackles is a self-made hero in the Hollywood industry. His career began with modeling, then he became a successful actor. Jensen Ackles’s height also gives him the unique advantage of his superb personality.

Jensen Ackles- Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jensen Ackles have a twin brother?

Jensen Ackles does have a brother but doesn’t have any twin brothers.

Does Jensen Ackles divorce?

No, Jensen has married his love “Danneel Ackles,” and he is spending a happy life with his spouse in Texas.

Who is Jensen Ackles’s wife?

Danneel Ackles is the name of Jensen’s wife. The real name of Danneel Ackles is “Danneel Haris”. She is a well-known actress who got famous due to her work in “One Life to Live” and “One Tree Hill.” She got married to Jensen in 2010 and has three kids. She is currently 44 years old.

Is Jensen Ackles gay?

No, Jensen Ackles is not gay.

Where does Jensen Ackles Live?

Jensen lives in Taxes, USA.

How old is Jensen Ackles?

As of 2023, Jensen Ackles is 43 years old and healthy.

Is Jensen Ackles Married?

Jensen is married, and he has three children.

How tall is Jensen Ackles?

In terms of height, Jensen stands at six feet tall.

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