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Milly Alcock Height, Age, Career, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth And Other Info


Milly Alcock

Milly Alcock, famously known as Rhaenyra Targaryen, is an Australian nationalist who got fame due to her acting career. She has the nationality of an “Australian” by birth since she was born in Australia. Through her acting journey, she made her name in Australian media.

Now, she is recognized internationally for her superb acting role in “Game of Thrones” as young Rhaenyra Targaryen, “Janet King”, and other roles in famous movies and television series. There are a lot of fun facts about Milly Alcock revealed in this article, like Milly Alcock height, age, family, and birthday. Get to know your favorite actress in the following posts.

Who is Milly Alcock?

“Amelia May Alcock,” famously known as Milly Alcock, is a beautiful girl from Australia. Her hometown is Sydney, a famous city in New South Wales, Australia. Milly Alcock’s ethnicity is White Australian. The date of birth of Milly Alcock is 11th April 2000. She spent her childhood in Sydney along with her two brothers and parents.

As a student, Milly showed a lot of interest in acting. As she plays her first acting role in “Taverners Hill Infants School”. The name of the play in which she officially debuted is “Little Red Rocking Hood”.

She continued her education in Sydney and got admission to Stanmore Public School. She studied in this school for a few years and then got admission to a new school, “Newtown High School of Performing Arts,” to polish her acting skills.

She got a lot of acting knowledge from this school. She got an offer from the famous T.V. serial “Upright” during their studies. Due to her busy schedule, she left the Performing Arts school and put all her focus on her acting career.

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Milly Alcock family

In the family of Milly Alcock, her parent and two brothers are included.

Milli Alcock’s parents and siblings

Her father’s name is Alcock, and her mother’s is Emma Alcock. Emma and Alcock both come from Christian families. Milly spent most of her time with her parents and brothers. The name of her brother is as follows:

  • Eddy Alcock
  • Berth Alcock

How old is Milly Alcock?

The birth date of Milly Alcock was 11th April 2000, so it is very easy to calculate her age. The age of Milly Alcock as of 2023 is 23. And she is continuing to rise and shine on television and cinema screens.

Milly Alcock height

Milly Alcock, with a height of 5 feet and 5 inches, possesses an elegant presence in the entertainment industry. Despite her average height, she mesmerizes audiences with her talent and charisma. Milly’s height enhances her on-screen performances, allowing her to effortlessly command attention and portray diverse characters with depth and authenticity.

Her height perfectly complements her thin body, highlighting her graceful movements and showcasing her versatility as an actress. Milly’s ability to represent different roles goes beyond physicality and attracts viewers with her magnetic presence and memorable performances. She proves that talent knows no bounds, regardless of height.

In addition to her acting skill, Milly Alcock’s height adds to her overall charm and appeal. She is an entertainment industry standout because of her confidence and poise. Milly’s achievements inspire, proving that success is not limited by one’s physical attributes but rather by dedication, talent, and passion for their craft.

Milly Alcock weight

With a decent height, the weight of Milly Alcock is only fifty-one kilograms as she is now 23 years old. According to her height and age, she has a perfect and healthy weight. Milly give special attention to her diet, and she exercises regularly. This is the main reason behind her decade-long healthy acting career.

Milly Alcock’s hair, eyes, and teeth

 There is no doubt that Millie Alcock is the most beautiful actress of the current era. The dark blond hair color with gray eyes adds extra beauty and cuteness to her overall personality. So far, Milly has achieved many achievements in her career, and she is still rising as a talented actress. Alongside Milly’s other physical attributes, many of her fans on social media talk about her teeth. Although Milly Alcock’s teeth are special, some of her fans thought they were pointy and other things. Her teeth are at a 45-degree angle.

Milly Alcock illness

Milly’s illness is being rumored on social media. All those fans worried about Milly Alcock’s illness have good news: Milly didn’t have any Down syndrome or other kinds of disease. She is a 23-year-old healthy girl who is enjoying her life very well.

Milly Alcock boyfriend

At the start of 2019 and later on, Milly posted two photos on the internet with two different boys. The name of these boys is as follows:

  • Ari Kwasner-Catsi
  • Luca Ward

After these photos on Instagram, showbiz media start gossiping about the relationship status of Milly. But neither Milly nor not any independent media has confirmed about relationship partner Milly Alcock. As of 2023 is enjoying her life as a single, and more importantly, she is focusing on her career. Milly Alcock is not dating anyone. So far there is not a single controversy has been made which is related to Milly Alcock.

Milly Alcock gender

Milly Alcock is a versatile actor who loves to work with any condition. Due to her roles in different serials, often her fans got confusion about her gender. For all those fans who are still confused about the gender of Milly, it is stated that Milly Alcock is female by her gender. But she is also interested in women.

Milly Alcock’s social media

Milly Alcock is a very social girl, continuously updating her fans about her personal and career life. Currently, Milli is present on almost all popular social media. Social media links of different plate forms are as follows:

Social Media Plate FormSocial media HandleSocial Media link
Milly Alcock InstagramMilly Alcock
Milly Alcock FacebookMilly
Milli Alcock Twitter@MillyAlcock
Milly Alcock TikTokNAShe is currently not present on TikTok
Milly Alcock YouTubeNAshe is currently not present on YouTube

Milly Alcock movies and tv show

The parents of Milly want that Milly should become a sportswoman. It is Milly’s dream to become an actor someday. So, she pursues her ambition and become a successful actress. In this section, you will learn about Milly Alcock’s acting career.

Milly Alcock’s T.V. show

Alcock officially started her acting career in 2014 with the famous Australian T.V. channel “Network Ten”. She had shown her acting skills in the rom-com drama “Wonderland”. After their appearance in this drama, Millie came into the limelight, and she got a lot of work in the T.V. ads of famous brands like:

  • NBN
  • Woolworths
  • Cadbury

Later, she got a role in “B.F. Chefs” and “Hanging With”. This program was telecasted on “Disney Channel” from 2015 to 2017. Her prominent are as follows:

  • As “Isabella Barrett” in “High Life”, 2017
  • As “Cindi Jackson” in “Janet King”
  • As “Maya Nordenfelt” in “Showcase Drama” Fighting King, 2018
  • As “Marissa Campbell” in “Pine Gap” by Netflix.
  • As “Sian Galese” in “Les Norton” by ABC.
  • As “Meg” in “Drama Upright” by Foxtel in 2019.
  • The young Princess “Rhaenyra Targaryen” in “House of the Dragon” by HBO in 2021, played by Milly Alcock. It is the prequel to the web series “Games of Thrones.” In the second part of House of the Dragon, Millie has left the tv series. “Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen” was played by Emma D’Arcy in 2022.

With her work in these T.V. series, Milly got many awards and nominations.

Milly Alcock movies

Alongside the T.V. series, Milly Alcock also worked in multiple movies. She started her movie career in 2018 when she got the role of “Jien” in “The School”.

After 2020, Milly appeared in multiple movies. She performs the role of “Alison” in the short movie “The Familiars”. A second short film, Milly, is in 2020, named “Furlogh”. She played the role of “Ella” in this movie.

Milly Alcock in the music video

Recently in 2023, Milly Alcock appeared in a music video named “Easy Track”. She got the main role in this video. The maker and artist of this music video are “Noel Gallagher”.

Milly Alcock also has done a photo shoot for the famous garments brand “Calvin Klein.”

Milly Alcock interview

Due to her exceptional acting performance, Milly always is in the spotlight. In Aug 2023 famous anchor of “MAX” T.V. interviewed Milly Alcock in his famous show “Matt Smith & Milly Alcock Get to Know Me”. This interview provides an overview of Milly’s career and personal life.

Milly Alcock Nominations and Awards

Milly Alcock has been nominated for different awards from 2020 to 2023. She was nominated for “The Casting Guild of Australia” during her television career. She is nominated under the “Rising Stars of 2018” category. And fortunately, she won her first award at the age of eighteen.

After that, in 2020, Milly was nominated for “AACTA Awards” under the category of “Best Comedy Performer” for her exceptional work in the T.V. drama “Upright. In 2022 Milly was nominated in “IGN Summer Movies Awards” for her work in “The House of Dragon” under the category of “Best supporting actress in a Drama Series”.

As a result of her outstanding work in “House of Dragon”, Milly has been nominated for a “The Critics Choice Award”. She was recently nominated for a Critics Choice Award under the “Best Actress in a Science Fiction/Fantasy Series” category in 2023.  

Milly Alcock Net worth

Milly has been active in the showbiz industry for almost one decade. Throughout these ten years, she has earned much fame, respect, and, of course, money. As of 2023, it is estimated that Milly Alcock’s net worth is between two million USD to four million USD.

Milly still has to go a long way in her career. As her career goes on, her net worth is soaring daily.


Milly Alcock has made a great emerging impact in the showbiz industry through his charismatic performance. She had worked in several TV shows and movies. Milly Alcock’s height also keeps her performance great, along with her extraordinary body. As of 2023,, she had earned a total of 2 million USD net worth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Milly Alcock leaving House of the Dragon?

Yes, in the latest “House of Dragon” television series Emma D’Arcy is playing the role of “Rhaenyra Targaryen” instead of Milly Alcock.

Who is replacing Milly Alcock?

Emma D’Arcy is replacing Milly Alcock in the House of Dragon T.V. show.

Does Milly Alcock smoke?

Yes, Milly is smoking regularly. Her critics called Milly as “Queen of Smoking”. In several social media posts, she has been seen with a cigarette.

How many episodes is Milly Alcock in “House of Dragon”?

Milly acted in five episodes of House of Dragon.

Why did Milly Alcock leave House of the Dragon?

Milly has left House of Dragon due to personal reasons. In several interviews, she expresses her unease with her role in the tv show.

Is Milly Alcock transgender?

No, Milly Alcock is not transgender. She is a proper female who loves her gender.

How tall is Milly Alcock?

Milly Alcock is 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

Does Milly Alcock have Down Syndrome?

No, Milly Alcock has no Down syndrome or other kinds of illness.

Where does Milly Alcock live?

As of 2023, Milly lives in Picturesque Primrose Hill, North London.

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