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Leslie Knipfing: Bio, Height, Weight, Family, Relationship


Leslie Knipfing is mostly known as the sister of two famous brothers. There are two brothers in her family named Kevin James and Gary Valentine. Both of them have only one sister, Leslie. They are mostly known to be on American Television and films. Kevin worked on several movie projects and comedies. The movies in which he is involved are named:

  • Grown Ups
  • Zookeeper

Aside from this, Gary is among the most famous actors because of the roles he has played:

  • Here comes the Boom
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

While her brothers are busy making their careers and earning bread out of it, Leslie Knipfing helps her brother Kevin collect money for the charity to support the problem of retinitis pigmentosa.

You are going to know more about Leslie Knipfing in this article. Stay connected with this article and read it all through; then, you will come to learn more about Leslie Knipfing’s siblings, parents, and her own life.

leslie knipfing Biography

Leslie Kniping Biography

A native of New York City, United States of America, Leslie knipfing was born on 17 November 1947. As of 2023, she is only 23 years old. She is a Scorpio by zodiac sign. Her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. She is Christian by religion. Sara is a professional charity event manager.

Leslie Knipfing’s height and weight and marital status

Sara Matter had very beautiful blonde hair and brown eyes. In terms of her height, she stands at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 65 kilograms. Currently, she is unmarried.

Leslie knipfing and Leslie Bibb

Most people mistook Leslie Kniphing for Leslie Bibb. Why? Because their first names are the same, it is very easy to create confusion. Another reason is that Leslie Kniphing is the sister of two actor brothers, who mistook other people that she is also an actress.

On the other hand, Leslie Bib is a really famous model and actress who appeared in cinematic movies, but Leslie Kniphing has no career in acting.

Leslie Knipfing Net Worth

There are two famous people in Leslie Knipfing’s family. If we look at that point of view, we can clearly say that she had a very high-end net worth, which is 1.4 million dollars.


Following are the details about the parents of Leslie:

Janet Knipfing

Janet Knipfing

Janet Knipifing is Leslie Knipfing’s mother. She is very talented and has 20 years of experience as a commercial real estate lender. Jenet also worked in many banks, including American Community Bank, the Greater New York Savings Bank, and many others. Knipfing is also a former President.

Joseph Valentine Knipfing

Joseph Valentine Knipfing

Joseph Valentine is known for his famous child, Kevin. Kevin is a Comedian, Screenwriter, and actor. Most notably, he played the role of Doug Heffernan in Doug Heffernan. This popularity of his son gives people curiosity to learn about his father so that they would know what they are or their parents before they become an actor themselves.


Leslie knipfing has two brothers. Both of them are actors, which made others curious about Leslie because she is the only sibling of those two celebrity brothers. Her brother’s names are Kevin James and Gary Valentine.

Kevin James

Kevin James

The popularity of Kevin James goes up high when he becomes famous due to a meme. What is so special about that meme? It can’t be clear why his memes go viral without any specialty. You could say that it is because of his expression in the memes related to reality that made him famous. But the hype of this actor’s meme is really something else.

 Nobody would be able to say why it takes 25 years for a meme to go viral. Maybe it is because of the slow internet working. The meme goes viral due to the confident and cheeky smirk on Kevin’s face. It shows many captions with an officer asking have you had something to drink tonight? Afterward, I added the photo of Kevin with a cheeky smirk.

Gary Valentine

Gary Valentine

Montreal Comedy Festival was the first where he performed his standup comedy. Gary Valentine chose Valentine as his stage surname to give tribute to his father. He is older than Kevin James and also performed along with him in the movie The King of Queens and many other films as well.

Gary had a standup comedy career for up to 15 years, which is a very long time for any actor to stick with. No one was able to stick with something which is out of their league. This thing shows that he really loves his work.


As you can say, Leslie Knipfing had no career in acting, or she had no background in acting. She just got attention due to her famous brothers. Otherwise, she is a very normal living person with very little social media appearance. She is not currently married or not having an affair.

But maybe in the future, she will find a match for her lifetime and live according to that. At this time, she is just an ordinary person living a life while doing her job and staying healthy.


Q: What kind of agency entrepreneur is Leslie Knipfing?

A: Leslie Knipfing is a German-American insurance agency entrepreneur. She had a very nice job according to her temperament and also according to her medical condition.

Q: Has Kevin James ever been nominated for anything?

A: Kevin James, who is related to Leslie as her brother, has been nominated for many accolades. Because he had a successful acting career and also enjoyed his work, he put his whole heart into it.

Q: What kind of ethnicity does Leslie have?

A: Leslie is related to a white ethnic background and American Nationality. Because she was born in America United States, and got her ethnicity from her parents.

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