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Who is Niall Matter’s Wife? All Info About Sara Matter


Sara Matter is one of the best-leading businesswomen. Who owns a business in her own hands and runs it very safely. Alongside, she married a very handsome TV actor. She even had two children with him and lived a peaceful life as she desired. To know more about Sara Matter and her husband’s name and other things, you should keep up with this article and read it till the end.

Sarah Matter Biography

Sara Matter gained attention due to her husband, who is a very famous actor. Sara Matter is also known as Sarah Bradley. Her husband is a Canadian-American actor.

His name is Niall Matter. His career started when he got a role in a drama series, “The Best Years.” Since then, he began to work in many other series. Some of them are “Remedy” and “Watchmen”. With two children by their side, Sara and Niall have been married for many years. Niall is 40 years of age.

Sara Matter Family and Siblings

As discussed earlier, Sara is a very private person. That’s why there is no information about her personal life. But if we talk about her husband, his information can be found on social media because he is a famous actor. Everybody knows him.

Obviously, if somebody had as much fame as Niall, everyone who liked him wanted to know about his personal life and who he married to. But if we talk about her family and siblings, she does not share information about her private matters online.

Sara Matter’s age, height, and weight

Sara Matter was born on May 6, 1986, making her 37 years old now as of 2023. Sara kept her personal information to herself. Sara is not interested in sharing her knowledge with anyone. Her height is average 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m). Her weight is 61 kg.

Sara Matter’s Husband – Niall Matter

Sara Matter’s Husband - Niall Matter

Niall Matter is older than Sara. They do not have a high age gap. He is not an actor by birth. Before joining the acting industry or pursuing acting as his career, he worked at Oil Rings in North Alberta.

There is no intention for him to enter this field. But after his teacher suggested him, he tried to take acting classes. His interest in acting began to develop as time passed.

The popularity of Sara Matter’s Husband

The popularity of Sara Matter’s Husband

The year 1980 marked the birth of Niall Matter. His first debut was in 2007 in Loch Ness Terror, where he plays the bait shop owner role. From here onward, he also worked with Brian Kranse and Don S David.

His high point came when he acted in a sci-fi movie named “Eureka.” In the years that followed, he appeared in many other films, including:

  • Loch Ness Terror
  • Ware house 13
  • 90210
  • Primaeval: New World

Television Shows

Niall appeared in many TV shows, just like in the movies. The most highlighted TV shows of his life are:

  • Arctic Air
  • Motive
  • Constantine

But in 2017 and 2018, he appeared in very few projects. The projects are:

  • The Good Doctor
  • Engaging Father Christmas

Niall Matter was not focused on TV shows but loved to do movies. It’s like he had more interest in films than TV shows.

He debuted in a comedy movie in 2008. The film’s main theme is that you try harder when you fail and can’t see anything further. Consider trying something else if what you are doing is not working.

You probably have to see things around and find your own unique way. The name of this movie is “Dr. Dolittle’s Tail to the Chief.”

A surgeon role was played by him in the 2016 film “Stop the Wedding. Niall Matter has appeared in numerous Hallmark movies, including:

  • Finding Father Christmas
  • When Calls the Heart
  • Love at First Dance” 

Sara Matter and Niall Matter’s Marriage

Sara Matter and Niall Matter’s Marriage

2016, this beautiful couple exchanged rings and accepted themselves as their lifetime partner. They kept their marriage private. Only a few of their family members joined their marriage. This is obvious because Sara stays private about her life.

Sara Matter Children

Sara Matter Children

A fact about Sara and Niall is that they had their first daughter the same year they married. After their firstborn in 2016, they had another beautiful daughter after two years in 2018. Sara and Niall are very happy about this gorgeous gift from God. They are living a very happy life now. Their small family is everything that they are pleased about.

Niall was born in a Christian household and has a religious factor in his nature. This is the same thing he wants to build in his own children and his own house. Kate and Betsy, both of their daughters, live in a very safe place, adhering to their beliefs.

Sarah Matter and her Husband’s Net Worth

Sara Matter is a very successful businesswoman. There is, however, no indication of how much she earns each month and annually. Her net worth is not confirmed at all. If we talk about her husband, her husband has a really high net of $4 Million.

From this fact, one can see that Sara is well known just because of her famous husband. She does not have that much fame, or maybe she is not interested in such stuff. It’s her way of thinking.

But for the fact that we could see how well she handled her private life even with her highly famous husband. The support of her husband is also the key factor in this matter.

Because if he forced her to do anything besides her will, it would be a disaster for their married life. Anyhow, this support of her husband also shows how nice and considerate he is.

Where did Niall share the News of His Big day?

Niall shared his big day news on Facebook and a lovely picture with his wife. They looked really happy with their decision, as seen in their marriage picture. They arranged an outdoor wedding reception with only a few of their close friends or some family members. They held their marriage in Hawaii.


Sara Matter, also known as Sara Bradley, is the lovely wife of famous actor Niall Matter. They have been happily married since 2016. Even though her husband had a relationship with an actress before marriage, it is not worth discussing when they are happy with each other.

Sara lived her whole life privately with very little social media appearance. She had two children with Niall Matter, whom she cherished a lot. Their children live with the same faith as their father. Overall, Sara Matter is a successful entrepreneur living with her husband happily.

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Q: Does Sara Matter have any tattoos on her body?

A: Sara matters like tattoos a lot. She even had tattoos on both arms, which shows that she is very interested in tattoos.

Q: Is there any precious lover of Sara Matter’s husband?

A: Yes, Niall Matter had a nice relationship with an actress, Serinda Swan, before he got married. But it is no use to discuss what is left in the past.

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