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Mary Joan Martelly: From Waitress to Wife of George Forman


Mary Joan Martelly gets into the news when she becomes the fifth wife of former boxer and winner of the gold medal in the Olympic games “George Forman.” George married Mary Joan in 1985, and as of 2023, they are living a happy life together. The couple has five kids together, and additionally, George and Mary also have two adopted children. 

One interesting fact that you must know about the George kids is that all of his children have the same name as his father, which is “George Edward Foreman.” Many of George’s followers have seen George and Mary in an exclusive reality show. This show is only made to interview the life of a great boxer. Among other promising cause ventures, George Foreman and Mary Joan are very active in an awareness campaign that educates people about the danger of AIDS. 

Mary Joan Martelly 

Mary Joan’s date of birth is May 17, 1963, and as of 2023, she is 64. Mary Joan’s place of birth is St. Lucia, United States of America. In her early years, she spent most of her time in St. Lucia. She got into the limelight by becoming George Forman’s wife. 

The famous marriage of Mary and George took place on the 37th of March 1985. She is George Foreman’s fifth wife. However, George’s previous relationship ended in separation. Mary Joan proved herself a loyal wife and stood behind his husband in all situations. 

Mary Joan has 6 siblings, and her number among her siblings is 3rd. She is an active woman and took part in several physical games during her school days. Mary also faces a lot of troubles in her life right after the death of her father. When her father died, Mary became the only breadwinner for her family. Before marrying George, she has done the following jobs to get a livelihood.

  • Waitress: in a Chinese restaurant.
  • Work in a clothing factory as a worker.
  • Have done work as a Nanny (Babysitter) in the USA.

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Husband of Mary Joan Martelly: George Edward Forman

George Foreman is a well-known athlete from the United States of America. He is famous for his multi-directional talents. George has performed the following professions:

  • Boxing
  • Author
  • Minister 
  • Entrepreneur


Start of boxing career and initial retirement

From 1967 to 1997, he competed as a boxer named “Big George”. He earned a lot of titles during his boxing career. Most notable accomplishments of George are as follows:

World Heavyweight Champion: 2 times

Olympic Gold Medal: 1 time

George Foreman won his Olympic gold medal during the Summer Olympics in 1968.

After a difficult childhood, Foreman turned to amateur boxing. In 1973, after turning professional the following year, Foreman won the heavyweight world title by knocking out undefeated Joe Frazier. He won the title twice but lost it to Muhammad Ali at the legendary Rumble in the Jungle in 1975. After failing to Ali, George Forman fights with Jimmy Young. Unfortunately, he lost the boxing competition with Jummy, too. After this defeat, George Foreman said goodbye to boxing and retired in 1977. 

Comeback to boxing

He announced his comeback ten years later. In 1994, he knocked out Michael Moorer, 26, to win the WBA, IBF, and lineal pounding titles. 

Rather than face his mandatory title defense shortly after, he dropped the WBA belt. Foreman renounced his IBF title after successfully defending it against Axel Schulz on June 28, 1995. 

As world heavyweight champion for 46 years and 169 days, he held the record for the longest reign. Foreman was the oldest boxer to win a significant world heavyweight championship. He is also the second-oldest boxer at any weight after Bernard Hopkins, who won the light heavyweight title. 

After a successful second boxing career, George Forman again announced his retirement In 1997. At the time of retirement, George was only 48 years old. Throughout his career, George Forman concluded 76 victories from all his accomplishments, and sixty-eight were knockout victories for him. He loses only 5 boxing competitions. 

It was noteworthy that he was inducted into the following hall of fame:

  • The World Boxing Hall of Fame.
  • The International Boxing Hall of Fame

Foreman is ranked eighth in heavyweights by the International Boxing Research Organization. In 2002, The Ring named him one of the top 25 fighters in 80 years. The Ring says he is the ninth greatest puncher in history. 

George Foreman also performs his duties as a boxing analyst for HBO. He had done ringside analysis for nearly twelve years and retired in 2004. 

He is also a successful businessman and promotes George Foreman Grill. Over 100,000,000 grills have been sold worldwide. In 1999, the commercial rights to this grill were sold for $138,000,000.


Along with an exceptional boxing career, George is also a successful entrepreneur.


Foreman became an ordained Christian minister after experiencing a religious epiphany.

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Previous marriages of Mary Joan Mrtelly’s husband

Adrienne Calhoun (1971-1974): Adrienne Calhoun is the first wife of George Forman. They got married in 1971. Both have lived together for nearly three years. During this time, they welcome two children. The first child of George and Adrienne is “Mixhi”. As of 2023, the age of Michi is 49 years. The name of their second child is Freeda George, and her age is 45 years. After living briefly, they decided to separate their ways due to differences. Finally, George and Adrienne separated in 1974. Adrienne died in 2016. 

Cynthia Lewis (1977-1979): After the divorce from Adrienne, George lived as single for nearly three years. Until he met with Cynthia Lewis, Cynthia Lewis is a famous former beauty queen. After dating for a brief period, both decided to tie the knot. Cynthia and George got married in 1977. They lived a happy life for one year, and they separated after their first year of marriage. It was the year 1979 when George finalized his second divorce with Cynthia. They do not have kids together. 

Sharon Goodson (1981-1982): After the second divorce, George decided to stay single and not marry again. But after two years of his divorce, he met with the third love of his life “Sharon Goodson.” After meeting with Sharon, George decided to marry her, and they got married in 1981. Unfortunately, they separated from each other after one year. George gave divorce to Goodson in 1981. During the period of marriage, they don’t have any kids together. 

Andrea Skeete (1982-1985): Soon after the divorce from Sharon, George married his fourth wife “Andrea Skeete.” This marriage occurred in 1982, and they lived together for nearly three years. They welcome two children during the marriage period. George and Andrea separated in 1985. 

Mary Joan Martelly’s kids

Following are the names of Mary Joan Martelly’s kids

  • George Foreman IV 
  • Leola Foreman
  • Natalie Foeman
  • George Foreman V
  • George Foreman VI

George Foreman named all his sons in his name. Forman explains the reason behind this is that his children live a united life as their names represent the unity between them. However, each of his sons has a nickname for easy differentiation. For example, George Foreman IV has the nickname “Big Wheel.” Similarly, George Foreman V’s nickname is “Red,” and George Foreman VI’s nickname is “Little Joey.”

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