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Mathew Thomas Clemence: Early Life, Age, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth


Mathew Thomas Clemence

Mathew Thomas Clemence is the youngest son of famous musician and drummer Phil Colin. Phil Colin became famous for his drummer position in the renowned band “Genesis.” He also had remarkable success as a solo performer.

A lot of people want to know about the family of Phil Colin. The audience is more interested in learning more about the last son of Mathew Thomas Clemence. Due to his priorities and young age, Mathew’s major part of the information has not surfaced yet in the media. However, in this article, you will learn all the information about Mathew Thomas Clemence.

The early life of Mathew Thomas Clemence

The date of birth of Mathew Thomas Clemence is 1st of December 2004. He was born in London, England. Mathew spent most of his early life days in England, where he completed his school education. Currently, he is a university student.

From his childhood, Mathew didn’t show any interest in music like his father. Instead, some of his social media posts suggest that he is more interested in soccer.

Parents of Mathew Thomas Clemence

Parents of Mathew Thomas Clemence

Phil Colin is the name of Mathew Thomas Clemence’s father, and he is a famous drummer from the United States of America. Alongside the drummer role, he is a well-known musician, songwriter, and record producer. Phil Colin’s full name is “Philip David Charles Collins LVO. Most of his songs are written in the English language.

Phil Colin started his music career as a drummer. After a long time, he decided to try his luck at singing, too. He got lucky enough to get famous as a singer, too. He sang many songs for his music group “Genesis,” and later on, he also sang many solo songs. The most successful pieces of Collin are from 1982 to 1990. Phil was born on January 30 1951, and as of 2023, he is 72 years old and a healthy man. He was born in Cheswick, London, UK.

Marriage of Phil Collin

First marriage:

First marriage:

Phil Collin married three times in his entire life. The first time he married was in 1975 with “Andrea Bertorelli.” Andrea is a Canadian nationalist and was born in 1951. She is currently 72 years old. Andrea was an actress by profession. From his first marriage, Phil Collin has two children. The name of the children of his first marriage children are as follow:

  • Joely Collins
  • Simon Collins

After the birth of their child, Collins and Andrea divorced in 1980 and started living as single.

Second marriage:

Second marriage:

 Phil Collins lived his life as single for almost four years. He married again with “Jill Tavelman” in 1984. A native of the United States, Jill was born on April 9, 1956. She holds American citizenship and is 67 years old. The wife of Phil is a famous American actress who became famous due to her acting in “Extra” movie. This movie was released in 1994. From Pill’s marriage with Lil Tavelman, he has one child, and her name is Lily Collins. Unfortunately, Phil Collins’s second marriage failed after nearly 12 years, and they separated in 1996.

Third marriage:

Phil Collins stayed single till 1999 from 1996. Phil had tied the knot with “Orianne Cevey” in 1999. As of the present, Orianne is 49 years old. She was born on March 24 1974. She has dual nationality. By nationality, she is an American and Switzerland citizen.

Although, by profession, she is a renowned designer from Switzerland. Orianne has jewelry designing skills, and very few people have this skill. When Orianne married Collins, she was only 25 years old. At the time, Collins’s age was 48 years.

Despite the age difference, both live happily married to gather and have two children. The names of children from Phil’s third and last marriage are as follows:

  • Nicholas Collins
  • Matthew Thomas Clemence

Phil Collins and Orianne Happy lived together for nearly nine years. After that, both got separated in 2008. After the divorce, Orianne and Phil married Charles Fouad Mejjati. Charles is an investment banker by profession. Orianne and Charles both have a daughter whose name is Andrea Ryan Mejjati.

Mathew Thomas Clemence’s siblings

There is one full sister and three half-sisters in Mathew’s family. These are the details about his siblings:

Joely Collins

Joely Collins

Joely Collins is the eldest first half-sibling of Mathew Thomas and also the eldest daughter of Phil Collins. Her date of birth is August 8, 1972. She was born in Canada. Her mother’s name is Andrea. Joely is not the real daughter of Phil Collins. Despite this, she was from a previous relationship with Andrea.

A professional actress, Joely has starred in the following films:

  • Madison 1997
  • Dead Zone 2005
  • Becoming Redwood 2012
  • Brahms: The Boy II 2020

Simon Collins

Simon Collins

The full name of Simon Collins is Simon Philip Nando Collins. He was born on September 14, 1976, and as of 2023, he is 74. The place of his birth is Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom. As a professional singer, he has performed with the famous group “Sound of Contact.” He served this band from 2009 to 2018. Simon has dual nationalities of British and Canadian.

Nicholas Collins

Nicholas Collins

Nicholas Collins is the one and only full brother of Mathew Thomas. His date of birth was April 21 2001, making him 22 years old as of 2023. Nicholas was born in Geneva, Switzerland. Nic joins his father’s band “Genesis” as drummer after his father’s retirement. He has also made his band called “Better Strangers.” Some famous songs are as follows: Nicholas Collins shows his musical abilities.

  • But I Don’t Know Your Name
  • Nicotine Dreams               2022
  • Lies                                      2020
  • No One                               2019
  • Rest Your Bones 2019

Lily Jane Collins

Lily Jane Collins

Lily Collins is the half-sister of Mathew Thomas, and she was born on March 18, 1989. As of 2023, she is 34 years old. She was born in Guildford, United Kingdom. She and her parents relocated to Los Angeles as soon as she was born.

Actress by profession, she has worked extensively in the United States and the United Kingdom. She began her career at the age of two.

 Her first project is with BBC’s sitcom named “Growing Pains.” Currently, she is enjoying married life. Her husband’s name is Charlie McDowell. Lily got married in 2021. Lily Jane has appeared in several movies and television shows including:

  • Emily In Paris      2020
  • Mirror Mirror      2012
  • Love, Rosie         2014
  • To The Bone       2017
  • Abduction            2011

What does Mathew Thomas Clemence do?

Although most of his family members are connected with the entertainment industry, Mathew is not interested in acting or music. On the other hand, he loved playing soccer and aspired to become a professional soccer player.

Along with playing football, he has a keen interest in the Visual Artistic field and takes time to nourish his visual artistic skills.

Mathew Thomas Clemence’s net worth

As of 2023, there is no known net worth. Because he is still not doing any professional work. However, his father’s net worth is more than 350 million US dollars.


Mathew Thomas Clemence is the son of renowned musician Phil Collins. His other family members also are part of the entertainment industry. Some are professional actors, and others are musicians. Matthew has no interest in working in the entertainment industry. Instead, he loves to play soccer and has visual and artistic skills. As of 2023, he is 18 years old and enjoying his life as a single.

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