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Taelyn Dobson: Everything You Need to Know About Taelyn Dobson


Who is Taelyn Dobson?      

Taelyn Dobson is an American nationalist known for her step-brothers, Aron Carter (Late) and Nick Carter. Both brothers of Taelyn are well-known singers. Nick Carter is the central part and vocalist of a music group called “Backstreet Boys.” Similar to her brothers, other family members of Taelyn Dobson are also prominent figures in the entertainment industry. Despite being a famous family member, Taelyn chose her life to be far from the limelight of media popularity.

After the death of her brother Aron Carter, many people are interested to know more about a silent member of Aron’s family, Taelyn Dobson. That is why this article will explain all the information about Taelyn Dobson that is related to her. Let us now begin to explore the life of Taelyn Dobson without further ado.

Early Life

Taelyn Carter was born in 1988, and the place of her birth is “Jamestown, New York, United States of America. According to some prominent resources, the star sign of Taelyn is “Scorpio.” Taelyn Dobson was raised by her mother and stepfather in Westfield, USA.

The name of her stepfather is “Robert Gene Carter.” By profession, Robert was a businessman who ran “The Yankee Rebel Bar.” The mother’s name, Taelyn, is “Jane Elizabeth Carter,” and she also helps Robert in his business to grow.

Throughout their life, the parents of Taelyn Dobson have done a lot of hard work. Their hard work results in Taelyn and his sibling getting a quality lifestyle and education.

Since her early life days, Taelyn has been a bright and active student. Her involvement with her high school’s volleyball and basketball teams extends beyond her studies.

Taelyn is also an art-loving girl. To pursue her art ambitions, she joined “The Drama Club”. Her acting skills have been displayed in several plays performed by the drama club.

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Taelyn Dobson’s family and siblings 

Taelyn Dobson's family and siblings

Taelyn Dobson is a member of the Carter family. She became part of Carter’s family due to her stepfather, Robert Carter. Throughout his life, Robert has had three marriages.

The name of Robert’s first wife is now known. However, from his first marriage, he has only one child. The name of his only child from his first marriage is “Ginger.”

Following the separation from his first wife, Carter married “Jane Elizabeth.” From his second wife, Carter has five children. The names of Robert Carter and Jane Elizabeth’s children are as follows:

  • Nick Carter
  • Bobbie Jean Carter
  • Aaron Carter
  • Angel Carter
  • Leslie Carter

Robert and Elizabeth had a very good time to gather. But after the birth of so many children, both decided to get divorced.

After the separation from Elizabeth, Robert got married to his third wife. The name of his third wife is “Ginger Eroled.” Her previous relationship with Robert was also terminated before she got married to him. Taelyn Dobson was the name of the girl who was from Ginger’s previous relationship. In this way, Taelyn enters into Carter’s family.

After the marriage with Ginger Eroled, Robert and Ginger also have a child, and the name of their child is “Kaden Brent Carter.” After so many children and multiple marriages, Robert suddenly died at the age of sixty-five years.

So, overall, Taelyn had six siblings, including step-siblings. Carter’s family has produced significant names that got a lot of fame due to their talents. Following are the details about the fields and work of the siblings of Taelyn Dobson.

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Nick Carter

Nick Carter

Nick Carter is the most famous member of Carter’s family. He was born in 1980 and became famous for his part in Lou Pearlman’s “Back Streets Boy.” He joined this music group in 1993 at the age of 13 years. He performs the role of singer in this music group. Due to his voice and stage presence, Back Street Boy gained a lot of popularity. The first album that Backstreet Boys released with Nick’s Voice was released in 1996. The name of their first album is “Backstreet Boys.”

This album instantly gained immense popularity. Following the success of their first album, Backstreets Boy released multiple albums. Following are the titles of some of the famous albums released by “The Backstreet Boys.”

  • Backstreets Back
  • Millennium
  • Black & Blue

Alongside group songs, Nick also sings solo songs. His debut album was released in 2002 with the name “Now or Never.” Here are a few of his most well-known solo albums:

  • I’m taking off
  • All American

In 1998, Nick Carter also did a collaborative music job with the “NKOTBSB” band and “Bravo All Stars” music group.

I Aside from his professional activities, Nick was married to “Lauren Kitt” in 2014. He has one child from this marriage. His son’s name is Pearl Carter. He is living a happy life with his family, and his music career is still on the path to success.

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter

Aron Carter is the second stepbrother of Taelyn Dobson. He was born in 1997. He is also a well-known singer. Carter started singing when he was just nine years old. Aron released multiple albums throughout his career. Following are the names of albums in which Aron Carter showcased his singing skills:

  • Aron Carter 1997
  • Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) 2000
  • EP Title (Love) 2019

Along with their successful music career, Aaron also fought a lot of financial and relationship setbacks. Due to this issue, he has got a lot of stress. During the successful journey of his music career, on the 5th of November 2022, Aaron was found dead in his house, which is located in California. According to the results of medical reports, the death of Aaron was diagnosed as an accidental death. He unconsciously drowned in the bathtub due to drugs.


Taelyn Dobson is the stepdaughter of Robert Carter. She is known as a member of Carter’s family. Taelyn kept her private life out of the sight of the media. That is why no significant information resource is available about his personal life, career, and net worth.  

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