MPOW H10 Wireless Headphone: A Comprehensive Review

MPOW H10 Wireless

If you need a headphone that can fulfil your casual needs and noise cancellation properties, then MPOW H10 wireless is best for you. You can also get maximum value for money because you will get excellent battery timing (30 hours) with high-end sound qualities at an affordable price. However, H10 headphones have plastic bodies with bulky designs. That is why you can’t use these headphones during sports activities. In this article, you will find a detailed review of this headset. So, let’s start exploring MPOW H10 headphones.

Pros and cons of MPOW H10

Knowing the pros and cons of headphone enable you to decide whether to buy it quickly. So, that is why the comprehensive pros and cons of MPOW H10 are enlisted below:


  • MPOW H10 has a 30-hour battery life, which is good enough to use for one week without charging.
  • The grip of this headset is very good. You can use this headset for long movie sessions or listen to music for hours with a comfortable grip.
  • The sound quality of H10 is superb, with a high-end detailed base. So, you can enjoy music with upgraded impressive sound.
  • Active Noise Cancellation is another big benefit of the MPOW H10 wireless headset. That means you can listen to music or enjoy movies while travelling from one place to another.
  • You can adjust the headphone with its flexible adjustable headband according to your head.
  • It has a good microphone, and you can use this headphone for hands-free calling.


  • If your head is small, then there is a problem that this headset is too big for smaller heads. You may face problems in adjusting this headset on your small head.
  • This headphone has very good ANC capacity. However, when you listen to music at high volume, these headphones leaks sound, and your office colleagues or roommates can listen to the high pitch sounds.
  • The microphone of this headset worked well with Bluetooth connectivity. However, with wire connectivity, the mic will not give you the desired output.
  • Another problem that may matter for you or not is that its build quality is very cheap. You can’t get fancy looks that are the top quality of various high-end gaming headsets.
  • Last but not least, H10 is made with a plastic body. That means it can be easily broken if not used with care.

Features of MPOW H10 headset

1. Superior Sound Quality

You will get superior sound quality in MPOW H10 while maintaining your budget. Although the H10’s sound is less impressive than yours, it should be. However, you can still enjoy hi-fi sound and a stronger deep base with MPOW’s H10 headphones. Normal users may not find any issues with these headphones, but if you are an audiophile, these wireless speakers are not for you.

2. Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation at 50$ is a great feature of the MPOW H10 wireless headset. With these headphones, you can enjoy music or watch movies without the disturbing noise of bus engines or aeroplane noises. And these headphones also mitigate the unwanted sound of chattering to a great instance. So, overall you will get very good noise isolation with the help of the MPOW H10 ANC feature.

In this headset, the ANC function is the one that uses the most battery power; for active ANC, you must have some battery power in your headphone because you can’t use H10 headphones without battery power (Via audio cable). The ANC feature is turned off automatically when you use headphones via an audio cable. There is a separate button to turn off the MPOW H10 wireless headset. You must turn it off when you want to switch off the power of H10. Otherwise, ANC can continuously use batter after turning off the blutooth headset.

3. Comfortable Design

MPOW H10 wireless are over-ear type Bluetooth headphones with closed back enclosure. The overall design of these headphones is not as classy as gaming headphones. Rather it has a typical simple look.

The main material of this headset is plastic. Due to this reason, you can’t expect a glossy look from MPOW’s H10 wireless headset. However, you can use these headphones longer because they have dense and soft padding.

With a weight of 0.53 pounds, you feel comfortable using these headphones for long travelling or movie watching. However, with its lightweight, it has an overall big frame. Due to the largeness of the headset, people with small heads may feel discomfort as the headphone can fall during usage. 

4. Long Battery Life

MPOW H10 is known for long battery timing. Ideally, its battery life is almost 30 hours once fully charged. However, practically you can easily get 23 hours of continuous usage time with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) enabled from a fully charged H10. MPOW H10 wireless headphones’ charging time is only 2.6 hours. That means you can fully charge H10 in almost two and a half hours. So, with H10, you can get rid of charging your Bluetooth headphone daily.

Additionally, you can also use the headphone during the charging period. For the charging purpose, MPOW H10 has a micro-USB port, which can easily be connected to an adapter or laptop’s charging port.

Along with long battery life and short charging time H10 also has a very handy feature called “Standby Mode.” Due to standby mode, you can save some extra battery power and easily enhance the battery life.

5. Bluetooth 4.1 Connectivity

MPOW H10 wireless headset equipped with 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity. That means you can watch movies or favourite television shows with minimum latency. Usually, H10’s latency with computers or laptops is less than 122 milliseconds. However, the iOS setup latency rate increased to 155 milliseconds.

So, overall you will get a very good latency rate compared to similar Bluetooth headset categories. Additionally, if you want to kill all the latency, then H10 gives you the option of wire connectivity.

6. Built-in Microphone

MPOW H10 wireless headset also has an integrated microphone. You can use this microphone for recording voices or calling. However, overall microphone performance is not so good or not so bad. If you record your voice using H10’s microphone, the recorded voice is considerably thin than the actual tone. The microphone does not have good calling efficiency in noisy environments. However, if you are in a quieter place, you can experience very good calling through this headset.

7. Foldable and Portable

The size of this headset is quite big. Its physical measurements are as follows:

  • Length 6.5 inches
  • Width 5.5 inches
  • Height 3.3 inches

So, this measurement shows that H10 is not a portable headphone because of its bulky design. However, its foldable features make it more compact, enhancing its portable feature. Additionally, you can also rotate the ear cups of this headset. By rotating the headphone, you can easily slide this headset into the bag or even carry H10 hang around your neck more easily and comfortably.

For the protection of H10 when these headphones are not used, MPOW provides you with a soft pouch. This pouch can provide you protection only against scratches or dust. However, you should not expect this pouch to protect you against physical damage.

8. Over-Ear Control

MPOQ H10 wireless has a very well-over-ear physical control button. These buttons are big enough that you can click them with ease. You can face a problem differentiating between multiple control buttons as the size & shape of all its control buttons are the same. The following things can be controlled from the buttons that are available on the left and right ear cups:

Left ear cup control buttons:

  • Active noise cancellation on and off button

Right ear cup control buttons:

  • Call management button
  • Music management button
  • Volume control button
  • Track skipping button

9. Breathability (Temperature rise under the ear cup during usage)

Breathability is another important factor you must consider before purchasing any headphones. If a headphone has a good breathability score, you will not feel any temperature difference during usage. However, bad scores mean temperature differences can go high during usage.

MPOW H10 wireless headphones have a bad breathability score, as you can feel an average temperature difference of 5 degrees centigrade after a short usage time. Due to bad breathability, you can’t use these headphones for sports or exercise. You can sweat more than normal because of the high temperature under cups.


MPOW H10 wireless headphone is very good for daily usage. The active noise cancellation feature with a decent price makes this headphone popular among its competitors. Due to the ANC feature, you can use these headphones in the office. You can also enjoy music during travelling, even in noisy environments. The body of these headphones is made of plastic, so you can’t get a classy look with these headphones.

You will get a flawless base in these headphones. The tightness of these headphones is very good. Due to their tightness, you can use them during jogging or even for different sports activities. However, you might notice an extra amount of sweat around your ear due to the less breathability of these headphones. The price of this headset is only 50$ which is quite impressive.

MPOW H10 wireless headphones-Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my MPOW H10?

Go to your Bluetooth settings and find the MPOWH10. The LED will flash blue, and an audible confirmation will occur once you have selected it. To reconnect the headphones with another device, turn off the power. Then press and hold the button for five seconds to start the pairing process.

What is present in MPOW H10 wireless headphone box?

In the MPOW H10 headphones box, you will get a headphone, Micro-USB charging cable, an Audio cable, a pouch, and some manuals.

Does this headphone have app support for extended features?

Unfortunately, MPOW H10 wireless headphone has no app support for customization features.


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