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Meet Seven Sirius Benjamin: Son of The Music Legends “Andree 3000” & “Erykah Badu”



Seven Sirius Benjamin is an American Nationalist who got fame due to his parents. He is the son of Andre Benjamin and Erica Wright. The father of Seven Sirius is one of the most famous rappers and musicians of his time.

On the other hand, his mother earns much respect due to his beautiful voice. So, if you want to know about the son of your favorite musicians, you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn every tiny detail about Seven Sirius Benjamin, including his net worth, siblings,  early life, etc. So, stay tuned to feed your information buds about the info of Seven Sirius Benjamin.

Early life

Seven Sirius Benjamin has inherently got the gift of music from his parents. Even when his music career is going well, he decides to put his focus on his studies. Luckily his family is also supportive of this concern. Seven Sirius Benjamin was born into a supportive family.

 Seven Sirius Benjamin’s date of birth is November 18, 1997, which means every year, Seven Sirius Benjamin’s birthday is celebrated on the same date, November 18. His birth date is lucky for her mother because she released Badu her second LP, “Live in the US,” which got so popular that it reached the Top of the US billboard. Now as of 2023, Seven Sirius’s age is 26. The city in which Seven Sirius Benjamin was born in Dallas, Texas, USA. Seven Sirius Benjamin holds the nationality of America.


Andre 3000: Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Father

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s father’s name is Andre Lauren Benjamin, also known by his professional name of “Andre 3000”. Andre was born on May 27, 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia. Andre 3000 is known for his ultimate rapping skills and is also a member of the “OutKast,” a Hip Hop group.

He also wrote a song inspired by his relationship with Erykah Badu, “Ms. Jackson, ” released in 2000. This song brings a Grammy for the best rapping duo or group category.

Both of the Seven’s parents like the same career passion, and there’s a fact about them that they are “Vegan.” They also work for the authority of the Vegan world. But Seven’s father left being Vegan and started to live everyday and happy life. Andre 3000 said that he stayed Vegan for 15 years of his life. He gets bored of just sitting in his home and eating salad. Andre has an excellent relationship with his son. That shows how strong his family stayed for the growing stage of Seven.

Erykah Badu: Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Mom

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s mother’s name is “Erykah Badu.” She is a songwriter, singer, producer, and also an actress. Seven Sirius Benjamin’s mother, Erykah Badu, is an iconic and multifaceted figure in the kingdom of music and culture.

Renowned for her soulful voice and distinctive sense of style, Erykah Badu has permanently marked the “neo-soul” genre. Beyond her musical talents, Badu is also celebrated for her activism, spirituality, and artistic quality. As a mother, her influence extends to her children, including Seven Sirius Benjamin. Badu’s holistic approach to parenting, which blends creativity, and awareness, is reflected in her son’s unique name.

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Relationship with His Parents

Seven has an excellent and healthy relationship with his parents. As Erykah Badu says in an interview, “She wanted to raise Seven Sirius to the best of their abilities.” But unfortunately, she gets separated from Seven’s father and gets involved with the other two men. From them, she had two other daughters. His parents’ separation affects Seven, but he can’t do anything about it because he is too young to do anything anyway.


Seven Sirius Benjamin’s grandparents significantly shaped his future and gave him a good heritage. Their unique stories and experiences gave him great cultural traditions and values that continue to resonate.

From tales of resilience to the wisdom garnered from overcoming challenges. Seven Sirius Benjamin’s grandparents taught him a deep appreciation for his roots. Their collective influence of his grandparents serves as a guiding light, inspiring him to navigate life’s journey. He had a profound sense of connection to his family’s past and a firm commitment to forging his path forward.


Seven Sirius Benjamin is the only child of his parents. However, he got two other siblings, his step-sisters, because of her mother’s relationship with two other men.

The second child of Erykah is Puma Sabti Curry Seven’s step-sister. Erykah gave birth to her after six years of Seven Sirius. From a small amount of social media interaction, we can see the bond between the two of them. This one time, Erykah posted a video of Puma singing at a school function that got so much attention from many people. We can easily say that talent runs in their blood.

Erykah Badu gave birth to another step-sister of Seven named Mars-Mars,born in 2009. You could not see her on electronic media platforms because she is less known than her other two siblings. But there are some posts on Erykah’s social media where you can see Mars-Mars’s looks and learn a little about Seven Sirius’s step-sister.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Education

Seven Sirius Benjamin takes his studies more seriously than his music career. But he is very private, and there isn’t much detail about his school or college name. Seven is still pursuing his studies, and he is majoring in Botany. Sirius has the full support of his family in his studies, and no one is implementing his decision on Sirius.

He is following his heart according to what is his priority. Seven Sirius Benjamin gets into four colleges and offers from prestigious universities due to his undeniable educational skills.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Net Worth

Seven Sirius prioritizes his studies over his career, so no Seven Sirius net worth details are present as of 2023. But indeed, his parents are highly paid and highly successful artists. They provide him with every luxury in his life. His parent’s Net Worth is $5 million, proving he got every luxury he requires.


Here is all the information you need about Seven Sirius Benjamin. He is a diligent child with extraordinary educational skills that make him stand out. But from his parent’s side, they made the wrong decision of separating, which is unsuitable for them. Overall, Seven is no longer pursuing his career because of his studies and his parents providing him with every luxury he can ever demand from them. The Seven Sirius Benjamin’s net worth is currently not going to grow due to his dependency on his parents.


Q: What is the meaning of Seven Serious Benjamin’s name?

A: Seven Sirius Benjamin’s name meaning is the brightest star.

Q: Why were Seven Sirius’s parents separated?

A: In an interview, Seven’s Mother revealed they separated because their relationship was not working out.

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