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Stacie Zabka Biography: All Info About William Zabka’s Wife


Stacie Zabka is primarily known for being the wife of William Zabka, a well-known personality in the Hollywood industry. You can famously know William Zabka by his role in the popular movie The Karate Kids. Stacie Zabka is also a businesswoman who got attention when she married her Celebrity Husband.

She is protective and caring about her children, family, and personal life. Stacie loves her husband and is concerned about her children, as Stacie and William had two children together. Stacie maintains her privacy and does not have any public social media profiles.

Her secretive nature can be reflected in the fact that she is married to a celebrity, has no social media interest, and has no attention-seeking personality. When someone’s partner is famous, staying away from such things is not a piece of cake. But for the sake of their private life, she kept it a secret and maintained that value.

Stacie Zabka accepts the fact that she is married to a high figure in the acting industry. But she clearly said no to the media and attention. In this article, you will learn everything about Stacie Zabka. Keep reading to find out more.

Who is Stacie Zabka?

Stacie Layn Doss was her real name when she was born in 1974. It is easy to gain fame and be known by everyone. Getting to that high point is much easier when you are already related to a famous personality. There are numerous opportunities in this world to become famous.

She is 47, a 47-year-old dedicated female, a beautiful wife, and a delicate mother of two boys. Her husband’s fame does not affect her personal space at all. Stacie Zabka is a successful businesswoman. She is professional in her work, too.

Her last appearance in public was with her husband in 2010. After that, neither she was found on social media, nor was she found in public anymore. In 2010, she was seen for the important day of her husband’s life. She was out to see the premier of her husband’s movie, “The Karate Kids.”

As she wanted to maintain her private life, she and her husband exchanged their wedding rings at a gathering attended by only close friends and family. The couple decided to get married after several years of dating. Firstly, they understand each other and then, after a while, commit their marriage and decide to live together forever.

She is managing her business life and family in so much balance that her life is going nicely. William and Stacie support each other and respect each other’s personal space. You can see that William is a great husband; he never forced his wife to enter the public eye if she didn’t want to. William was like, this is her personal space. If she wants to be in the spotlight, then she can, but if she doesn’t, there is no way he can force her to come up.

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Stacie Zabka date of birth

Although there is no information about Stacie’s date or month of her birth, she was born in 1974 is only available information. As she was born in 1974, this makes her 47 years old. The interesting fact is that she is nine years younger than her husband because her husband is 57 years of age. She has stunning blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes. Stacie belongs to white ethnicity, and she is American.

Who is Stacie Zabka’s Husband?

Stacie Zabka married an American Screenwriter, producer, actor, and director, William Zabka. He was born on 20 October 1965 in the USA. In his career, he appeared in many movies and TV shows, which gave him popularity and helped him gain fame in this industry.

His family played a significant role in making him a great actor. His mother and father are great actors in Hollywood and support William in going on the same path. “Cobra Kai” is one of the known and most important TV shows in which William appeared and nailed his role.

He has noticeable acting skills, and because of that, he received many honors and awards. He got his most recent award in 2004. William Zabka won an Academy Award for the Short action film. This action film is best for his career because it takes him towards success, and he gets noticed by many others.

Stacie Zabka’s Career

Although there is not much information about her business life or career, it is known that she is a very dedicated businesswoman and wants to stay put in her personal life. She also doesn’t share any information about the nature of her business and runs it without any disgrace, as it is clear to you that she is a private person. That is why she does not share any information about her career either.

Stacie Zabka Height and weight

Stacie Zabka weighs approximately fifty-three kilograms. She got blonde as she is white in her ethnicity. Her height is 5 feet 3 inches. She has a business to run and a family to take care of. That’s why she must be in shape to care for them. She is a caring person who strives to balance her family and career. That’s why she works out daily and keeps her body in shape to be ready for her life challenges and stay dedicated.

Stacie Zabka’s Personal life

When Did Stacie Zabka Meet Her Husband

Stacie Zabka met her husband, William Zabka, in the early 2000s. At that time, William Zabka was famous for his role in the 1984 movie “The Karate Kid.”

When Did William Zabka and Stacie Zabka Get Married

After dating for a few years, they tied the knot in 2008. The wedding was an intimate affair with only close friends and family.

William Zabka and Stacie Zabka’s Red Carpet Appearances

William Zabka and Stacie Zabka have sometimes been spotted walking on the red carpet. However, they haven’t appeared on the red carpet together since 2010.

Do William Zabka and Stacie Zabka Have Children

Yes, they have two children, and all of them are boys. The names and ages of their children are not publicly known, as the family prefers to keep this information private.

Stacie Zabka’s Net Worth

Stacie Zabka, a businesswoman, is estimated to have a net worth of around $100,000, but note that this is not an official figure. William Zabka, her husband, is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million, primarily from his acting career.


Q: Who is Stacie Zabka?

A: Stacie Zabka is a public figure known for her connection to the entertainment industry, but her exact identity or contributions may vary. Multiple individuals share the name, Stacie Zabka.

Q: Is Stacie Zabka related to William Zabka, the actor from ‘The Karate Kid’?

A: There is no known relation between Stacie Zabka and William Zabka, the actor famous for his role as Johnny Lawrence in ‘The Karate Kid’ and its sequels.

Q: What is Stacie Zabka’s profession or claim to fame?

A: Stacie Zabka’s profession or claim to fame can differ depending on the person you ask. Some Stacie Zabkas may be well-known in the entertainment industry, while others may have different areas of expertise or recognition.

Q: Is there a public figure named Stacie Zabka, an activist or philanthropist?

A: Some Stacie Zabkas may indeed be involved in activism or philanthropy, but the extent and nature of their contributions can differ. To provide more accurate information, it’s important to specify which Stacie Zabka you are inquiring about.

Q: Can I find Stacie Zabka on social media or a personal website?

A: Depending on the individual, some Stacie Zabkas may be on social media platforms, while others may maintain personal websites or profiles. Be sure to specify which Stacie Zabka you want for more details.


Stacie Zabka is a name that is not exclusively associated with one particular person or profession. The identity and claim to fame of Stacie Zabka can vary from one individual to another. Some individuals may be recognized in entertainment, while others may be in different fields. 

When seeking information about Stacie Zabka, it’s crucial to specify the context or individual you are interested in to obtain accurate and relevant information. Additionally, due to the possibility of multiple individuals with this name, understanding their specific contributions and involvement is essential for a more comprehensive understanding.

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