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Ronan Anthony Villency: Meet With Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Son



Ronan Anthony Villency is the child of well-known business personalities. He got famous due to his parent’s names because his parents are known personalities. His mother’s name is Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle. She is a prosecutor, while his father is the CEO of Villency Design Group, Eric Villency. Ronan is also one famous kid. As of 2023, he is the number one kid on “favorite Kids lists.”

Ronan Anthony Villency’s Biography

Ronan Anthony Villency was born on 4 October 2006. As of 2023, he is 16 years old, and his zodiac sign is Libra. Ronan holds American citizenship because he was born in the United States of America in New York City. His ethnicity and religion are Christian, and he follows Christian teachings with Caucasian ethnicity. He was born to wealthy parents and adopted the luxurious lifestyle of his parents.


If we talk about Ronan’s education, he is in middle school right now, according to his age, because all the children related to Ronan’s age group are in middle school. Because his parents had given them a luxurious life, he is going to a very high-rated school for a better education.

However, the information about his educational Institute is unavailable due to some privacy issues because of his parents. There must be some chances to know about the place where he gets an education, but right now, it’s unknown.

Ronan Anthony Height, Weight

Ronan Anthony Villency is 5 feet and 1 inch tall with 45kg of weight. He has a nice brown hair color and brown eyes, adding depth to his beautiful look.

Ronan Anthony’s Parents

Unfortunately, Ronan’s parents got separated from each other after just three years of their marriage. Ronan’s parents started dating in 2005 when Kimberly divorced her first husband, Gavin Newsom. Afterward, they wanted to make things official. Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Villency were united in marriage on 27 May 2006 and exchanged rings. At that time, Kimberly Ronan’s mother was five months pregnant.

They just invited close family and friends to their wedding ceremony. Their wedding was held at Sandy Lane Resort in St James, Barbados. Both of them started their new journey happily.

After some time, they decided to get a divorce, which was confirmed on 23 June 2009. Everything between them remains normal because of the child that was born. Even though they got divorced, it did not affect their relationship with Ronan. They tried their best to keep Ronan happy, and both got full custody of Ronan from the court.

Kimberly Guilfoyle (Ronan’s Mother)

Kimberly Guilfoyle (Ronan's Mother)

Kimberly Guilfoyle is famous because she is Donald Trump’s advisor and former Fox News Host. She is also a prosecutor; now, she is dating Donald Jr after divorcing her two husbands, Eric Villency and Gavin Newsom. Kimberly started dating Donald Jr two years after divorcing Ronan’s dad, Eric.

She also dated Anthony Scaramucci, a former White House Communications director. There is no severe relationship between them, and they get separated quickly.

Eric Villency’s Company Background

The Villency Design Group was founded by Maurice Villency in 1932. It is an interior and product design firm that Roberts’s Grandson, Eric Villency, runs. He is serving as a CEO in the industry now. In addition, they work with some of the most well-known companies, including:

  • The Ritz Carlton.
  • Bergdorf Goodman
  • Saks Fifth Avenue

They work in residential and commercial spaces and design furniture and products. This company has a unique design approach, and they fulfill each client’s needs and make products according to their choices. They also receive many awards for their flawless work and satisfying their customers.

Eric Villency (Ronan’s Father)

Eric Villency (Ronan's Father)

Ronan’s father, Eric Villency, is a successful businessman and the CEO of the company his grandfather founded. When his father passed away, he took over his father’s business and quickly established himself in the field. His inventions are also noticeable to others. Ronan’s father made a Peloton indoor cycle and many other training equipment. He celebrates his birthday every 10 June; he is 46.

The founder of Eric Villency’s grandfather’s furniture company in New York City was Maurice Villency in 1932. Villency Design Group evolved from his grandfather’s business. As CEO of the company, Eric Villency assumed responsibility in 1998.

Eric Villency has received recognition for his work in the design industry:

  • According to Well + Good, he was named “The Wizard of Wellness” in 2003.
  • Among the most influential designers to watch in 2016, Inc. Magazine recognized him as one of the most influential designers of all time.
  • It was in 2001 that he was honored with the FIT “All-Star Salute” award, which is given to designers and fashion leaders.
  • A flagship store of Maurice Villency, located on 57th Street in midtown Manhattan, was opened in 2002 by Eric Villency.
  • His first workshop was launched in 2006, entitled “Villency Atelier,” which specializes in custom design and fabrication for designers.
  • Awarded the IFDA’s “Design Industry” award in 2007, he has received numerous honors over the years.
  • As part of his business initiative, Villency Pure Design, he launched a collection of environmentally friendly and domestically produced furniture collections in 2008.
  • Eric Villency has also lectured at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

Additionally, Eric Villency has been involved in boutique fitness and has designed various fitness equipment, including the Peloton indoor bike, the SoulCycle indoor fitness bike, and fitness equipment for Rumble.

Where does Ronan Villency live?

Ronan Anthony Villency lives with his mother in a $9.7 million home in Admirals Cove. As the court gives full custody to both parents of Ronan, he sometimes visits his dad in California.

In contrast, Ronan Anthony Villency’s mother was born in San Francisco, and his father was born in New York. Before his parents divorced, he lived with both of them together.

Is there any Social media account for Ronan Anthony?

Currently, there is no social media account of Ronan. His parents think he is very young regarding having a social media account. Instead, his parents are active on social media, where they put posts along with Ronan while enjoying or having their time.

He has two accounts on Instagram and Twitter that he uses to keep in touch with his parents. In the future, he will be active on most of his social media accounts when he reaches the desired age.


Q: What is Ronan Anthony Villency’s ethnicity and religion?

A: He is of Caucasian ethnicity and follows the Christian religion.

Q: What is Ronan’s current education status?

A: Ronan is in middle school, receiving a high-quality education due to his parents’ resources. However, details about his educational institution are unavailable due to privacy concerns.

Q: What are Ronan’s height and weight?

A: Ronan stands 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 45 kilograms. He has brown hair and brown eyes.


Ronan Anthony Villency is a 16-year-old known for his famous parents, Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle and Eric Villency. The author was born in New York City, is a citizen of the United States, and is a Christian. The Villency family has undeniably made a significant and enduring mark on design, fashion, and philanthropy. With Eric Villency as a trailblazing figure in the industry and his son, Ronan Anthony Villency, successfully continuing the family legacy, their story exemplifies a rare blend of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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