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8 Main Reasons Why You Should Start Using Tracking Devices For Vehicles



As the number of automobiles has increased, so too have the incidents of road accidents and vehicle theft. According to recent statistics, close to 90% of households in the US have a vehicle, with 58% having two or more. Vehicles are an expensive investment that one needs to take good care of. 

Technological advancement has led to the emergence of devices to help protect your vehicle from theft, help reduce accidents and ensure proper use. One such device is the vehicle tracker. 

In this article, we will be explaining some of the reasons why you should start using tracking devices for vehicles. 

What is a Vehicle Tracker?

A vehicle tracker is a compact device that utilizes GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to assist in identifying the precise location of your vehicle. There are different tracking devices for vehicles, with some features that can monitor your vehicle’s overall performance and health, monitor its speed, and send you alerts in case of unexpected movement. 

1. Helps in Tracking the Vehicle’s Location

You can track your vehicle’s location by installing a tracking device. With the rate of care theft rising, it is difficult to tell when you will be a victim. A GPS tracker will help locate your vehicle whenever it goes missing. If you give your car to someone, you’ll know where it is.

Teens are notorious for getting away with their parent’s vehicles for leisure. A vehicle tracker lets you know your car’s movement if your child or spouse gets away with it. 

2. Enables You to Get Help In case of an Emergency 

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During an emergency, it is possible to be in a location far away from home. What would you do if you were stranded or injured during a journey? With a GPS vehicle tracker, it will be easy to tell where you are and receive help quickly. A vehicle tracker is helpful if you are in an unfamiliar area. 

3. Helps in Monitoring your Teens 

Most parents of teen drivers are always worried about their kid’s safety when they are behind the wheel. Higher chances of speeding and lack of experience are some of the leading causes of death of teens on the road in the US. 

You will also want to know their every movement when out with the car and in case they are late on their way home. Having a GPS tracker will provide statistics of every trip to help you monitor their driving and address any careless or reckless driving issues with them. 

4. Reduces Costs

Using a GPS vehicle tracker can greatly reduce business costs, making it one of the most significant benefits. You will be able to reduce fuel costs as they are one of the most significant expenses any transportation company encounters. 

A GPS vehicle tracker allows you to monitor how a company vehicle is used. You will get reports on poor driving habits that lead to excess fuel use. A vehicle tracker will also enable you to spot any unauthorized vehicle usage that increases fuel costs. 

5. Quick Resolution of Disputes

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Disputes will always arise, especially in business environments. There can be a dispute between the staff members or between the customer and a staff member. When you have a vehicle tracking system, there will be a record of the time, date, location, and duration of every job attended. 

It will help speed up the resolution of any dispute that may arise, especially regarding promptness and location. It will also help balance the staff members’ jobs to ensure no one is overworked. 

6. Ensures there is Better Customer Service

If you have a business, using a vehicle tracker will enable you to improve the service your customers receive. With a GPS vehicle tracker, you can communicate accurately and quickly to the customers, informing them when to expect their orders. 

When you are in a business that involves sending goods, live updates are essential to its success. In case of any delay or emergency, you will get updates in real-time and be able to pass the same to your customer. 

7. Increases Productivity 

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Employers are known to waste lots of time, especially when not tracked. Having a vehicle tracker installed in your vehicles will help increase productivity as the drivers will know you will be monitoring their performance. A tracking system will also prevent them from doing side businesses using your vehicles, forcing them to focus on your job. 

8. Leads to a Reduction in Insurance Rates

Since vehicle tracking enables you to monitor the drivers’ behavior, there is less chance of accidents occurring due to careless driving. Tracking the vehicle’s location should it be stolen is also easy. Most insurance companies tend to offer a reduction in insurance rates for these two main reasons. 


Advancements in technology have made vehicle tracking an affordable adventure, unlike in the past when it used to cost a fortune. Its affordability means preventing major losses to your car, business, or family members when traveling, transporting goods, or offering services. 

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