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Nantucket Beaches: Top 15 Beaches in Nantucket, Massachusetts



If you are a person who loves to spend a vacation at beaches, then you will not regret choosing Nantucket beaches as your destination. You will be amazed and enjoy visiting beautiful Nantucket beaches. Nantucket Island is so attractive that you can say it is a paradise on Earth. Exactly this Island is located on the strip of Nirvana, thirty miles from Cape Cod’s shores. 

This article provides a detailed description of the beautiful beaches in Nantucket. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Nantucket Beach

Nantucket was founded in the 1600s. Originally its status was a Whaling capital and a village for fishermen. However, time flies, and today, Nantucket is one of the best visitor locations. You can enjoy it on the Island for almost every season. The development of these islands enhances their popularity. Many shopping malls, high-end restaurants, and museums are the main attraction for tourists alongside the beaches. Grey-covered cottage with a view of fragrant flowers makes your trip memorable.

Except for Nantucket beaches’ natural beauty, other activities are worth exploring, like swimming, winter strolling, amazing sunrises and sunsets, sunbathing, and calm and soothing places.

Where is Nantucket Island located?

The location of Nantucket Island has garnered significant attention. The exact location of Nantucket Island is 30 miles from the famous coast of Cape Cod, which is in Massachusetts. The Atlantic Ocean surrounds this Island.

Nantucket beach map

Before visiting Nantucket, you must know about the geography of the Island. Following is the picture of the Nantucket tourist map:

Nantucket beach map

How to get to Nantucket?

After knowing many things about your vacation destination, you must know how to get to Nantucket beaches. There are various ways to reach Nantucket Beach, and you can opt for the one that suits you best.

If you want to go to Nantucket by Ferry, you must first go to Hyannis. Hyannis is a village in Massachusetts. From Hyannis, you can find Ferry to travel to Nantucket beaches.  

To get to Hyannis, you can use the following method of transportation:


If you’re travelling from Boston, taking the train is the most convenient transportation option. Its last station is Cape Flyer. After leaving the train, you can easily reach Hyannis, Massachusetts. If you travel from Boston to Nantucket by train and Ferry, reaching your destination will take almost 6 hours.  


Public Bus is the second mode of transportation you can use to go to Hyannis. In Boston, there are plenty of buses that travel throughout the day. Bus service will leave you at Transportation Center in Hyannis, MA. You need to use the ferry service from that location to reach Nantucket Island. If you use bus service and Ferry to reach Nantucket from Boston, you can get there in only four hours.


If you don’t want to use public transportation, self-driving to Nantucket is also a good option. It will only take two and a half hours from Boston to Nantucket via your car and Ferry.


Once you reach Hyannis, you must book a ticket of Ferry to travel to Nantucket Beaches. There are multiple ferry service providers present in Hyannis.


The aeroplane is the fastest mode of transportation to reach Nantucket from Boston. It is only a three-hour journey if you use an airline to travel.

Best areas to stay in Nantucket

The best area to stay in, Nantucket, depends on you. If you are the one who is visiting Nantucket for the first time, then you must take stay at “Downtown Nantucket”. “Wauwinet” is a good staying area for classy and high-end travellers.

The best place to stay in Nantucket for families is Surfside. The safest area to stay in Nantucket is Siasconset Village.

Nantucket beach closings

Nantucket beaches are three seasoned islands. However, in the winter season, a very low number of hotels and shops remain open.

Things to do in Nantucket

  • Nantucket beach driving
  • surfing in Nantucket
  • Swimming in Nantucket
  • Enjoying Wave Bus Nantucket

 15 best beaches in Nantucket

There are a lot of popular beaches present on Nantucket Island. In this section, you will read about the best Nantucket beaches. The following list of the best beaches will add comprehensive information about

1. Jetties Beach Nantucket

1. Jetties Beach Nantucket

Jetties Beach in Nantucket is one of the favourite destinations for tourists with families and kids. Jetties Beach is also very safe in Nantucket because Nantucket lifeguards are always on duty here. It has a lot of amenities that attract a lot of people. Some of the facilities that are available at Jetties Beach are as follows:

  • Restaurant
  • Rinse off showers
  • Play Ground
  • Changing rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Beautiful view of swimming yachts, Ferries, and boats in the green seawater.

The sand bar at jetties beach

One of the best open-air restaurants in Jetties Beach is “Sandbar Restaurant.” You will get satisfied with its menu design and diversity. This restaurant offers you the following food items:

  • Sea Food
  • Sandwiches
  • Cocktail
  • Fresh Raw bar
  • Burgers
  • Salad
  • Hotdogs

This restaurant opens seven days a week and has three different menus. You can get the lunch menu from 11:20 AM to 3 PM. After 3 PM, this restaurant offers an afternoon menu from 3 PM to 5 PM. The final dinner menu comes into place after 5 PM till 8 PM.

2. Nobadeer Beach Nantucket

2. Nobadeer Beach Nantucket

On Nantucket’s south shore, Nobadeer Beach can be found. This is not a family beach; however, if you are a teenager or young adult, you must enjoy Nobadeer Beach. The sound of waves is very loud. You can’t find basic facilities like a restroom, ground, etc. here. However, you can experience many adventurous activities, like four-wheel drive on the sand of the beach-heavy party scene.

3. Nantucket Sconset Beach

3. Nantucket Sconset Beach

Sconset or Siasconset Beach is a very good beach in Nantucket for those who want to experience calmer feelings. This Beach is located on the Island’s eastern side and thus is a perfect place to see the mesmerizing view of sunrise.

Alongside the Beach, there is a market within walking distance. Where you can find a lot of shops and restaurants, you can also see many dunes covered with grass on Sconset Beach.

Sometimes if you are lucky enough, you can see a couple of seal swimming on the shores of Sconset Beach Nantucket.

4. Cisco beaches Nantucket ma

4. Cisco beaches Nantucket ma

If you are fond of surfing, you must visit Cisco beaches in Nantucket because you can’t find any other surfing beach in MA despite Cisco. Here the beach wave is very strong with a lot of currents. Because of the pounding waves, this area is a favourite destination for surfers and SUP riders.

Another activity you can do on Cisco Beach in the summer season is cycling. Because it has a four-mile-long cycling path located near Hummock Pond Road, on that cycling path, you must visit Bartlett Farm, which is famous for its freshly baked food and fresh fruits.

When you complete the 4-mile cycling path, you will find a parking area at the end. Alongside this parking area is a training centre that teaches Cisco beach surfing.

Sconset Bluff Walk

The east shore of the Island also gives you the opportunity of a bluff walk. This walk can be enjoyed on a public footpath on the backside of the residential houses of Nantucket.

Surfside beach water tower

5. Ladies’ Beach

5. Ladies' Beach

Ladies Beach is another beach made for the person who wants a quitter environment around him. Ladies Beach is situated on the island’s southwestern side; thus, it offers a perfect sunset view. Boogie board can also perform at golden hours when the tides are low. However, on this Beach, there is no lifeguard present. So, you must be careful at Ladies Beach.

On the lady’s Beach, you can find a lot of open space, and it is also a less crowded side of the Island. If you feel hungry or want to refresh from soda, visit a Ladies Beach sandbar.

6. Great Point

6. Great Point

To experience a classy feeling, you must visit the great point located “Off Wauwinet Rd”. However, reaching this point of Nantucket is not easy enough. Because you have to do a long sand drive to reach this place where you can find the famous Wauwinet Hotel. You can also find a lot of animals and birds over there, like:

  • Raptors
  • Deer
  • Shorebirds

During the long sandy travel, you can witness a lot of dunes and small sand forests. Additionally, it is also a heaven for fishing enthusiasts. A huge lighthouse also adds attraction for tourists.

7. 40th pole

7. 40th pole

If you are searching for a bathing beach in Nantucket, 40th pole beach is for you. Here you can find dense sand along with calm water. You can enjoy a perfect sea bath here. But you must be cautious when entering into the water. Because on the 40th pole, there is no lifeguard on duty.

8. Surfside Beach

8. Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is perfect if you want to enjoy your time on the Beach with your family. You can find here all the facilities like:

  • Shops
  • Showers
  • Restaurants and other food places

Surfside Beach is crowded with many families enjoying sea views and surfer. You can also get amused with the great dune on Surfside Beach.

9. Children’s Beach Nantucket

9. Children's Beach Nantucket

Children’s Beach is also the best choice for families and children. The calmer water of the children’s Beach always welcomes children and families. You can enjoy your stay at the children’s Beach because of the lifeguard’s presence. Here you can find all the beach amenities like

  • Rinse off showers
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Playgrounds
  • Picnic tables

10. Madaket Beach

10. Madaket Beach

This is the second-best Beach to witness the perfect movement of the sun touching the horizon. Madaket Beach is also located in the southwestern part of the Island. However, you must acquire a permit and have a four-wheeler truck to go there. Because to reach out Madaket you have to cross four miles of sandy road. You can also go there via a bus shuttle service.

Although lifeguards are present on Madaket Beach, you can’t find many beach facilities there. Driving your vehicle to Madaket Beach can be tough because of limited parking slots.

11. Miacomet Beach

11. Miacomet Beach

Miacomet Beach is on the southern side of Nantucket, one of the Island’s sweetest beaches. You can find mostly locals on this beach. Lifeguard protects this Beach. However, Miacomet doesn’t have many amenities.  

12. Brant point beach

12. Brant point beach

Brand point beach is on the northern side of Nantucket and has very good scenery. A historic lighthouse is also a tourist attraction “Brant Point Lighthouse”. You can easily go to this Beach by walking from a town nearby.

You can witness boats surfing in the seawater.   If you are a person who loves to take photos, then you can’t find the best beach rather than Brant point beach.

13. Dionis Beach

13. Dionis Beach

Dionis Beach is another beach on the must-watch list in Nantucket. You can go there by following Bathing Beach Road. At Dionis Beach, calm and blue water always welcome you. On the shore of this Beach, you can enjoy a happy love walk with your partner. Seashells also can be found on the bed of the Beach. You can also capture stunning movement with the camera on Dionis Beach.
This Beach also offers a lot of facilities like:

  • Vending machine
  • Parking area
  • Bike rack
  • Restroom.

14. Step beach

14. Step beach

 Step Beach is located between Dionis and Madatek beaches and did not grab the attention of many tourists. So, that is why it is a less crowded beach with hot and calmer water.

15. White water tower

15. White water tower

White tower beach is one of the best family-friendly beaches. This Beach also has didn’t much crowd. The water of this Beach is calm and hot. You can also find a sandbar over there.


When it comes to Nantucket beaches, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer a peaceful and secluded beach or a lively and bustling one, Nantucket has it all. You can choose between calm shorelines or beaches with crashing waves, and there are options for both amenity-filled beaches and hidden gems. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find the perfect Nantucket beach that suits your preferences.

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Nantucket Beach-Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed on Nantucket Beaches?

Yes, dogs with lashes are permitted on Nantucket Island’s north, south, and eastern coast. Nevertheless, dogs can only be brought to Beach between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

What is the best Beach in Nantucket?

Following are the best beaches of Nantucket:
1. Madaket Beach
2. Ladies Beach
3. Step Beach

Which is the Best time to go to Nantucket?

You can visit Nantucket Island thorough out the year. However, the best time to go to Nantucket is as follows:

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