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Jane Dobbins Green: Everything About Ray Kroc’s Ex-Wife


Those people who are consistent and dedicated in their work are the ones who can achieve their desired success; sometimes, it’s better than that. But maintaining what one achieves is the most difficult task to be done. Jane Dobbin’s Husband is one of those persons who go through many struggles, but in the end, they achieve what they strive for.

His personality is an American businessman. Jane Dobbin is the second wife of Ray Kroc, who owns a food chain, McDonald’s. McDonald’s is well known to most people. At this time, this franchise is ruling the world with its unique taste, and whoever eats it probably likes the taste, too.

Unfortunately, they are not together, so Jane Dobbins Green known as the ex-wife of Ray Kroc. Jane Dobbin Green’s relationship is one of the main talks between people even when they are together. But now, when they got separated, a lot of people want to know about that too.

In the aftermath of their divorce, Jane opted to avoid social media as much as possible. She took this decision so far that people now wonder whether Jane is alive or dead.

Keep on reading this article so that you will be able to know more about Jane Dobbins Green’s life and her husband, due to which she came into the public eye.

Who is Ray Kroc?

Ray Kroc is one of the known personalities because of their hard work. He is the owner and CEO of McDonald’s company, which is known around the whole world. Kroc Serves as the CEO of McDonalds from 1967 to 1973. He made McDonald’s the world’s most-known brand and also the most selling in his era. Now, let’s discuss how he is related to Jane Dobbins Green.

About Jane Dobbins Green

Jane Dobbins was born in the United States, and while not much is known about her early life, we do know some basic details. Her ethnicity is white and she is an American citizen. Jane followed the Christian faith.

Unfortunately, information about her childhood, education, and upbringing is quite limited. She has always kept a low profile and remained out of the public eye, unlike her husband, who received media attention, both positive and negative.

It is not known whether she has any siblings or what her family background is. It remains unclear whether she has any brothers or sisters, and her family background is mostly a mystery.


Jane Dobbins is primarily known for her marriage to Ray Kroc, who achieved great fame as the mastermind behind the fast-food giant McDonald’s in 1967. As a salesman at a company, Ray Kroc began his career in Oak Park, Illinois.

Richard and Maurice McDonald introduced Ray to McDonald’s in 1955. Eventually, in 1961, he purchased the franchise from the McDonald brothers for over $2.5 million. The first McDonald’s restaurant he opened lasted for three decades before being demolished.

What set McDonald’s apart?

Kroc’s strict standardization of operations for all McDonald’s franchises, including food portion sizes, food preparation, ingredients, and packaging. The customer service standards were also exceptionally high, even though franchisees had some flexibility in how they marketed their businesses. Thanks to its remarkable success and popularity, over 30,000 McDonald’s locations were established in more than 100 countries by 2004, generating an enormous revenue of nearly $120 million.

While Kroc didn’t invent the concept of a chain restaurant, he saw the potential and turned it into a global phenomenon by offering consistent and clean establishments. He made every effort to keep costs low so that even low-income individuals could afford to dine at McDonald’s.

Jane Dobbins Green’s Relationship with Ray Kroc

Jane Dobbins’ marriage to Ray Kroc was relatively short-lived, and their divorce occurred in 1968. The reason for their divorce was Ray’s rekindled relationship with his long-lost love, Joan Kroc. Let’s explore their love story, from how they first met to the events that led to their separation.

In 1957, in St. Paul, Minnesota, Ray first laid eyes on Joan Kroc, his future third wife. Despite a significant age gap, he was captivated by her beauty. Joan was only 28 at the time, while Ray was 52. As a matter of fact, Joan was already married to Rollie Smith and had an eleven-year-old daughter named Linda. Despite these circumstances, Ray and Joan started seeing each other, and their romantic relationship continued for four years.

Ray’s end of first marriage

By 1961, Ray decided to end his 39-year-long marriage to his first wife and wanted to pursue a life with Joan. He even considered moving in with her. However, Joan had a change of heart, and she chose to remain with her former husband, Rollie Smith. Her parents also disapproved of her extramarital affair. This led to the breakup of Ray and Joan’s relationship, and they both moved on separately.

Jane and Ray’s Marriage

In 1963, Ray Kroc married Jane Dobbins Green and began a new chapter in his life. They spent five years together. However, Ray and Joan’s paths crossed once again in 1969 when Joan was invited to a McDonald’s convention. Their love rekindled, and this time, it was stronger and more determined. Both Ray and Joan divorced their respective spouses without hesitation, and they got married. This marked the end of Jane Dobbins Green’s relationship with Ray, and they did not have any children together.

Jane Dobbins Green’s Net Worth

Estimating Jane Dobbins Green’s net worth is challenging, as her current status, whether she is alive or not, is not known. However, we do know that her then-husband, Ray Kroc, had a net worth of $600 million when he passed away.

When Ray Kroc passed away, he left his entire fortune to his third wife, Joan Kroc. Having received this inheritance, Joan chose to use it wisely and engaged in social work and philanthropy. She was dedicated to making a positive impact on society. After becoming a widow, Joan directed her inherited wealth toward various charitable causes, including promoting peace and supporting admirable endeavours.

Joan Kroc continued her philanthropic efforts until her passing in 2003. Following her demise, her substantial wealth was distributed among various charities, such as The Salvation Army and National Public Radio, ensuring her legacy of giving and making a difference in the world.


Jane Dobbins Green’s life is primarily known for her relationship with Ray Kroc, the visionary behind McDonald’s. In 1968, they divorced after five years of marriage. The relationship’s end was triggered by Ray Kroc’s reconnection with his former flame, Joan Kroc, which eventually led to a stronger and more determined romantic connection between them. Jane Dobbins Green’s association with Ray Kroc and her role in his life were overshadowed by the significant events in Ray’s personal life, particularly his marriages and divorces.


Q: Who is Jane Dobbins Green?

A: Founder of McDonald’s Ray Kroc’s second wife was Jane Dobbins Green.

Q: When did Jane Dobbins Green marry Ray Kroc?

A: Ray Kroc married Jane Dobbins Green in 1963.

Q: Why did Jane Dobbins Green and Ray Kroc get divorced?

A: Ray Kroc divorced Jane Dobbins Green in 1968 because he rekindled his relationship with his former love, Joan Kroc.

Q: Who was Joan Kroc, and how did she impact Jane Dobbins Green’s relationship with Ray Kroc?

A: Joan Kroc was Ray Kroc’s third wife. Her reappearance in his life in 1969 led to the end of his marriage to Jane Dobbins Green, as they both divorced their respective spouses to be together.

Q: Did Jane Dobbins Green have any children with Ray Kroc?

A: No, Jane Dobbins Green and Ray Kroc did not have any children together.

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