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Norma Gibson: Ex-wife of “Fast and Furious Star” Tyrese Gibson


Norma Gibson is one of the most well-known ex-wife of famous actor, singer, and songwriter “Tyrese Gibson.” Besides having a good singing capability, Tyrese gained his name in incredible movies like “The Fast and Furious.” Tyrese Gibson is not only a good actor, but he also won many awards due to his talent.

Along with being an outstanding actor, his personal life has been the focus of much attention over the years. Even though they have many issues in their personal lives, people enjoy gossiping about actors. Tyrese had a tremendous and exciting relationship with his wife, Norma Gibson.

In this article, you will learn everything about Norma Gibson, like Nomra’s biography, her personal life, her first meeting with Tyrese, her appearance in different places, and many other things that led to your interest in her. And you’ll also learn about her personality.

Be sure to stay connected, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Who is Norma Gibson?

When Tyrese asked Norma to come, she ditched everything and went to him. She doesn’t even care about her parents or the student life. Norma doesn’t even worry about her studies since she doesn’t have to. She will live with her high-class boyfriend, making her worries disappear.

Tyrese requested that Norma sign a premarital agreement before becoming his wife. After three days of the deal, they married but kept their relationship a secret from the public and hid it from others. They even had a baby together and still don’t tell anyone. About their baby they came to know about him in 2007. They live their life peacefully and happily because they are in love.

When things started worsening

But their happiness does not last longer. Tyrese wanted to divorce her only after ten months of their marriage. Many issues are going on between them, due to which they have to make bitter decisions. Their decision may have looked unhappy, but this is what is suitable for their lives.

Allegations by Norma Gibson

Things are not well between them at all. According to Norma, Tyrese is a very rebellious person who does not even let his daughter go away from that. Norma accused Tyrese of harassing her and torturing her both physically and emotionally. During Norma’s pregnancy with his son, he even hit her. The difficult time for her daughter is an unbearable situation, which makes Norma’s life so difficult that she can’t handle it anymore.

A child’s custody dispute fuels their anger even further. Norma even accused him of abusing their little daughter. She said he pinned her to the ground and pulled his hair so hard that it worsened the situation for Norma. Worst of all, Tyrese punched that little girl 12 to 16 times. This pain is unbearable for Norma, who can’t stand it anymore.

Tyrese response

In response to this accusation, Tyrese said that all of these were made up to ruin his reputation and make him look like a criminal. He denied all those accusations and said he was not the type to do such horrible things.

According to Norma Gibson, there is no way she could ever deny the proposal from her former husband. Because she does not hold American citizenship, she had to move back to London, where she came from. Alternatively, he had no interest in marrying Gibson unless it had to do with their daughter. He practically has to move back and forth for their daughter, or even worse, and he has to move to London for the sake of his daughter. Such a thing is very wrong to be done in the eyes of Tyrese.

The exciting fact about Norma is that she has remained unemployed from when she married Tyrese. She even got an order from the court to earn money for her good. As a result, Tyrese is required to maintain her lavish lifestyle and to meet her expenses. There is a long battle between them in the court, which has done nothing but keep everything on Norm’s side.

Norma Gibson’s Family and Children

The marriage of Norma Gibson ended in divorce on both occasions. Despite limited information about her family, she has a daughter named “Shayla Iyana Gibson,” who was born to her with her ex-husband Tyrese in July 2007.

Norma shares custody of her daughter equally with Tyrese, with a 50-50 arrangement. However, she is not particularly happy with this custody arrangement.

Norma Gibson and Tyrese Gibson’s child custody

Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson divorced in 2014, which led to a custody dispute over their daughter, Shayla Gibson. Their relationship after the divorce has been complicated, especially concerning their daughter.

The media has focused on their custody battle for Shayla, who has been caught in the middle of her parent’s problems. The court system decides who gets to raise her.

This legal situation involves complex emotions and legalities. A significant report highlights Tyrese Gibson’s dissatisfaction with Norma being granted custody in 2014, which he believes is unfair. This feeling was amplified when Norma allegedly didn’t follow court instructions regarding their child’s care.

In January, Norma traveled abroad, leaving their 11-year-old daughter with a friend from the community. Tyrese claimed in court that Norma entrusted their daughter’s custody to her friend before the trip to ensure the child’s safety.

In an unusual move, Tyrese offered to take care of their child while her mother was abroad to ensure her well-being. Even under his care, the situation was challenging because their daughter needed a lot of attention and care, which was lacking after Norma’s departure. Their case involves parental responsibilities, their daughter’s emotional needs, and legal matters.

The custody battle involves loyalty, legal disputes, and the complexities that arise after a divorce, showing the balance between personal rights, family responsibilities, and decisions that affect everyone’s lives.

Where does Norma Gibson live now?

After her custody battle with the “Fast and Furious” star, Norma Gibson chose to step away from the public eye. In 2017, her ex-husband, Tyrese, remarried Samantha Lee, starting a new chapter in his life.

However, Tyrese’s relationship with Samantha Lee took a turn for the worse after the birth of their daughter, Soraya Lee Gibson, leading to their divorce in December 2020.

Jaleel White, best known for “Family Matters,” also had a contentious custody battle with his ex-partner, Bridget Hardy. But with time, they’ve established shared responsibility as co-parents while raising their daughter, Samaya White.

These stories highlight the intricate connections between personal challenges, legal processes, and human relationships. They reflect the complexities of blended families, the quest for balance, and the journey through both progress and adversity in life.


Q:  What is Norma Gibson known for?

A: Norma Gibson gained media attention primarily due to her custody battle with Tyrese Gibson over their daughter, Shayla Gibson.

Q: Does Norma Gibson have any other notable achievements or endeavors?

A: Norma Gibson has maintained a relatively private life, and information about her accomplishments beyond her custody battle is limited.

Q: What led to Tyrese and Norma’s marriage and subsequent divorce?

A: Tyrese and Norma got married, but Tyrese wanted a divorce after only ten months due to various issues in their relationship.

Q: Why did Tyrese ask Norma to sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage?

A: Tyrese asked Norma to sign a prenuptial agreement as a condition for marriage, which is a legal agreement that specifies how assets would be divided in case of divorce.

Q: Did Tyrese and Norma have a child together?

A: Yes, they had a baby together and kept this information secret from the public and others for some time.


Norma Gibson’s story has been a subject of public interest, primarily because of her highly publicized custody battle with Tyrese Gibson. While she may have preferred to remain out of the spotlight, her experiences have shed light on the complexities of co-parenting, legal matters, and personal relationships in the context of celebrity life. In order to remain relevant, it is important to keep in mind that circumstances and individual lives can change over time. It is advisable to refer to current news sources and interviews.

The full name of Norma Gibson is Norma Mitchell Gibson. She is best known for being Tyrese Gibson’s ex-wife. Her native country was England, where she was born.

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